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Thread: Audacity Issue

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    Question Audacity Issue

    I have a minor issue with Audacity and my keyboard. The keyboard maker says it is an Audacity and the Audacity forum says it is a keyboard issue. I am hoping someone here has an idea.

    I use a dasKeyboard mechanical keyboard. It has the standard keyboard keys on the left, a number pad on the right, and 10 keys in the middle: four arrow keys, Ins, Home, Page Up, Del, End, Page Down. I work with Audacity a lot and use these keys a lot.

    The problem is, Audacity recognizes the keys from the middle but not the number pad on the right. (No, I do not have NumLock on.) So, for example, Audacity will move to the beginning of a file if I press Home on the middle key but will do nothing if I press Home on the number pad. This is true for all the keys.

    I have tried rebooting, unplugging the keyboard, and trying it with the NumLock on. Nothing worked. Any suggestions?

    Ronny Richardson

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    I have a wireless Logitech keyboard. It has the same issue as yours, so I suppose this shows it's not a keyboard issue.
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    Hi Ronny,
    I just tried some of the keys on the extreme-right cluster of my keyboard, and they worked fine in Audacity. Have you tried them in other settings, such as pressing "Home" while in a web browser? Have you tried them with Num Lock enabled? (I'm wondering whether that toggle might be broken.)


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