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    Find - Configuration

    I've been receiving Woody's Office Watch for a long time now but somehow missed all references to the lounge until today. What a fine place this is.

    Anyway down to business.
    Platform: Outlook 2000 SR1a on W2K Prof SP1 on Dell Latitude

    I have a problem in not being able to find how to configure the default characteristic for find in a folder. If you click on find for most mail folders it will search on "From" and "Subject". If you do the same on Sent Items it searches on "To" and "Subject". OK - that's all very sensible so far. But how to I get OUTLOOK to search on "To" and "Subject" for my archived Sent Items. And how to I get it to search on "From", "To" and "Subject" in mixed archive folders.

    I know I can do this using the advanced feature but I would really like to set the default behavior of the simple search. Anyone got any good ideas?


    Wild BIll

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    Re: Find - Configuration

    how about saving an advanced find? you can even copy the find to the archive folder and run it from outlook.

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