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    serious error message (XP PRO)

    There is a new update from MS that will allow me to stop getting the "serious error message" when the cpu reboots.

    I DON'T want to install this update. There have also been other updates that I didn't want to install.
    Is there any way that I can say "I don't want to do this update?"

    I still want to be notified when there is one, but how can I tell it I don't want to install it? There are only 3 options; do it now, do it later, and something else (maybe cancel).

    I haven't been able to find anything that will allow me to say, "I don't want to install this update, but keep advising me when a new update becomes available." Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: serious error message (XP PRO)

    It is an option. If you open control panel and go into system properties. Dig around in there for awhile. It is buried under a tab kinda hidden. I dont have an xp machine right here or I would be more specific. But I have definately seen that setting before in XP.

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    Re: serious error message (XP PRO)

    Do you mean one of the following?

    1, Download the updates automatically and notify me when they are ready to be installed.
    2. Notify me before downloading any updates and notify me again before installing them on my computer.
    3. Turn off automatic updating. I want to update my computer manually.

    None of these do what I am asking about. My setting is # 2 on my cpu. But, the update reminder keeps coming up. I can't find anything that allows me to say, "I don't want to install this particular update."

    This is what I am trying to find. Am I not understanding you?

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    Re: serious error message (XP PRO)

    I do not think you will find this setting on your pc. If you want to pick and choose you are going to have to go selection number 3.

    When you are at the Windows update page you can select the items that you will and will NOT install.

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