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    Track changes in Word2000

    Hi, I would like to know how to get the following options on the reviewing toolbar (as a drop down menu):
    1. Changes with highlighting - which is marked changes
    2. Changes without highlighting - how the document will look with Accept all
    3. Original - how it will look with Reject all
    when editing a document with track changes in Word2000. The "Reviewing" toolbar that I have now has the following options:
    1. Insert Comment, Edit Comment, Next Comment, Previous Comment, Delete Comment
    2. Track Changes, Previous Change, Next Change, Accept Change, Reject Change
    3. Highlight
    4. Create Microsoft Outlook Task, Save Version, Send to Mail Recipient (as Attachment)


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    Re: Track changes in Word2000

    To add a drop-down menu to a toolbar:
    1. <LI>Display the toolbar
      <LI>Open the Customize... dialog (e.g., Tools|Customize... or right-click the toolbar area and choose it from the bottom of the pop-up)
      <LI>Click the Commands tab, scroll down the left list to New Menu and higlight it, then drag the New Menu item from the right list onto the toolbar in the desired position
      <LI>Right-click the new New Menu item and rename it as desired
      <LI>Close the Customize... dialog
    Now, with respect to what you put on that drop-down, these are not built-in commands in Word 2000

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