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    Hyperlink oddities (Word 2000 SR2)

    I've got a few hyperlinks in some documents that refer to web pages. I checked the path to make sure it's not just a display problem. If I have other files open and click on the hyperlink, I am directed to last window that I was in. The link that I wanted is opened, but it's in the back.

    I recently installed Windows 2000. My old Windows NT4 didn't act like this. The link would come up and appear immediately. Are there some settings that I'm missing?

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    Re: Hyperlink oddities (Word 2000 SR2)

    I don't use hyperlinks in Word documents, but I have noticed that Outlook and even IE sometimes do not activate the window in which you are opening a link. Can't figure out why, just one of those things, I guess.

    If this behavior is consistent, and you run the TweakUI utilities, or whatever the latest version might be called, there is a setting involving "stealing focus" that could be relevant. If you search here in the Lounge for steal focus you probably can find a few posts about it.

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    Re: Hyperlink oddities (Word 2000 SR2)


    I have used Hyperlinks to web documents quite a bit in Word documents as you indicated, but my problems have not been quite the same as yours.

    Here are my thoughts in case they may be of assistance.

    I have found that I always want to have the "n" option added to the hyperlink (Check Hyperlink field options) as a default so that the hyperlinked reference is opened in a NEW window, rather than replacing the existing window where the hyperlink source occurred. I always think of it as by default working like IE so that each browsed page replaces the previous one (whereas Word works differently by opening a new window when you have another file to open).

    When I use a hyperlink I want a new window because 90% of the time I want to go back to the window which contained the hyperlink - and without the "n" option I cannot do this.

    I'm not sure if this helps - but what the heck!

    By the way if anyone knows how to generate hyperlinks by default with the "n" option I would be most grateful!

    Good Luck!

    Peter Moran

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