I have 2 machines and had transferred my PST file across from the main machine (running trial ver Off XP + trial Win XP Pro) to the other machine (O2K + Win2K Prof) to try and stop Outlook hanging when I was trying to make amendments in what had become quite a large pst file (450Mb). I had copied it across from the 1st machine, used it for a while on the Office 2000 machine. It works fine on the 2nd machine - no hanging/slowness/any other problems. Having deleted a lot of my old emails then few days later transferred it back across to the 1st machine having done a file housekeeping and defrag on the 1st machine too. (The pst is now 250Mb.)

When opening up my PST file all the appointments (I have my weekly study timetable set up as recurring appointments) have shifted time to 8 hours earlier than set. The clocks on both machines are approximately the same time (i.e. NOT 8 hours difference), though they haven't been coordinated electronically. These appointments had originally been created on the first machine in any case.

Any ideas, please?