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    Elapsed Time (Access 2k)

    I need to be able to click a "start button" and have a timer start, and then click a "stop button" which will stop the timer and display the total time in a text box inbetween the two that possible and if it is, will someone help me out? <img src=/S/cheers.gif border=0 alt=cheers width=30 height=16>

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    Re: Elapsed Time (Access 2k)

    You could use the Windows API GetTickCount function to measure the elapsed time between two events. This function returns a Long that represents the number of milliseconds elapsed since the current Windows session started. It is more accurate than the VBA TImer function. You have to declare an API function in the Declarations section of a code module, as shown in this example:
    <pre>Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit

    Public Declare Function apiGetTickCount Lib "kernel32" _
    Alias "GetTickCount" () As Long</pre>

    <pre>Public Sub TimeSub()

    Dim lngStartTime As Long
    Dim lngStopTime As Long
    Dim dblElapsedTime As Double
    Dim strMsg As String
    Dim n As Integer

    lngStartTime = apiGetTickCount()

    For n = 1 To 1000
    Debug.Print n + n
    Next n

    lngStopTime = apiGetTickCount()
    dblElapsedTime = (lngStopTime - lngStartTime) / 1000

    strMsg = "Elapsed Time: " & dblElapsedTime & " seconds."
    MsgBox strMsg, vbInformation, "ELAPSED TIME"

    End Sub</pre>

    You should be able to adapt this to whatever it is you are trying to time by setting start time when you click "Start" button and setting stop time when you click "Stop" button, then calculating the elapsed time as illustrated.


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    Re: Elapsed Time (Access 2k)

    How precise to you need to be? Create 2 date variables in the declarations section of your form, call them StartTime and EndTime. Create an unbound textbox called txtElapsedTime In the Click Event of the first button, put in StartTime = Now(). In the ClickEvent of the 2nd button, put in EndTime=Now() and also txtElapsedTime = Format(EndTime-StartTime,"ttttt").
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