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    Add Security to Button (Access 2000)

    I have set up a form for my main menu and want to limit access to a button on the form to certian individuals. Is it possible to assign a password to a button which opens another menu?

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    Re: Add Security to Button (Access 2000)

    Other than writing a VBA routine with an embedded password prompt when the button is clicked, No. And even that procedure isn't terribly secure - unless you do some things to button down your database.

    I would suggest you implement Access security. In that fashion, each user gets a prompt when the database is opened, but not everyone has to have a password - only users who have special priviledges would have one. In addition to that kind of protection, you gain the advantage of users not being able to delete or alter table designs, form designs, and so on, and you can automatically track who is entering or editing what data. If you want more info, post back.

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