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    Missing DLL? (Access 2002 SP1)

    Hi all,

    I have an unsecured database sitting out on a network that is accessed by multiple users. This DB has several forms that it runs to allow the users to do searches, add/modify records, preview/print reports. All works well ... except for one user.

    For this one user, he can open up the DB and the initial main form is displayed, but no code will run when he interacts with it. He can click the command buttons but nothing happens. I brought up the Database Objects window and had him interact with tables, queries, brought up specific forms, went into design mode, and viewed the code behind the forms. He can do all this with no problem; but in running the actual form, none of the events that are coded will run (eg. clicking Exit, or Cancel, or Save, or Open Form, does nothing).

    I went back to viewing the code behind the main form and tried to compile it. We then got an error message "Missing .DLL" --- that's it. No indication on what this .DLL is. I am assuming that this missing .DLL is the cause of this problem of Access ignoring the event coding behind the forms.

    We've uninstalled and reinstalled Access 2002 but it did not help.

    Worst case is, this user is my boss. [img]/forums/images/smilies/sad.gif[/img]

    Any ideas out there on what this could possibly be? I initial inclination is a rogue workgroup file out there that has its Admin rights restricted -- is this possible?

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    Re: Missing DLL? (Access 2002 SP1)

    Although the error message is atypical for it, check for missing references. Open any module, and select Tools/References... Uncheck references starting with MISSING (if any), then click OK and try to compile again. BTW, when you get the "Missing .DLL" error, which line of code is highlighted?

    You can also replace the workgroup file (default System.mdw, probably in Cocuments and Settings<username>Application DataMicrosoftAccess, but the exact location depends on the Windows version) on your boss's PC with a standard one (from another PC).

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