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    Macro printing to Adobe pdf file

    I have an Excel 97 work sheet with 39 tabs. Each tab is a performance profile for an individual. At month-end, I print each sheet to a pdf file (i.e., I have Adobe Acrobat 4.0 installed). Once I select Adboe Distiller in the print dialog box, adobe asks me where to save the pdf file. I select the network directory and then the file. Since I'm usually overwriting last month's pdf file, Adobe asks if its okay to overwrite--I select yes. Then Acrobat shows me a preview of the pdf file. I click okay and close acrobat (i.e., if I don't close Acrobat after the 20th or so printing my system hangs as it is out of memory--Win 98SE 256Meg Memory; 500Mhz Celeron). This process is repeated for all 39 tabs. I am starting to learn about VBA in Excel but wonder if it can handle a "hand-off" to another program (i.e., Adobe Acrobat) and then take control again once Adobe is finished to then print the next worksheet tab. Can this be done as an excel marco or do I need the full blown version of VB 6.0 to accomplish this task? THANK YOU

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    Re: Macro printing to Adobe pdf file

    I had a similar problem with Word. All documents in a specific folder had to be converted to PDF files so a group of Unix users could read them. The conversion had to happen on a regular basis. I had to resort to writing a VB app that automates Word.

    You can set up distiller to watch a folder for postscript files and convert them to PDF files.

    I then had my VB program fire up Word, print each document in the folder to a postscript file. Set a timer in VB to check on the printer spooling in Word. When Word was done, shut Word down.

    The distiller would convert all the files in the folder to PDF files.

    Granted, there may be a simplier solution, but I haven't found one or bothered to find out now that this is working.

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