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    Chinese characters - revisited (EXCEL 97/2000)

    A sheet contains Chinese characters (next to English characters). Here's what gives me problems:
    * In EXCEL 2000+, the Chinese characters are visible even though the Cell-font is still set-to Arial
    Even if I re-set the font to Arial or clear Cell-formatting completely, Chinese characters remain visible, don't know why that is (the font does require MS-Hei.ttf installed to be display, but again, I have NOT selected that to format the cell...)

    * In EXCEL97 however, the cell with the Chinese signs displays as "||||" garbage. Of course when I re-format the cell and choose MS-Hei as font, the display is OK

    As in my sheets, I have the user make a choice and then (via EXCEL formulas) display the right language / characters in another sheet, the EXCEL2000+ behavior (how illogical it might seem), is indeed making me happy as also in these destination cells, the Chinese characters display even though these cells too are formatted as Arial.
    The problem is EXCEL97, which (I must admit) behaves more logically and therefore will NOT display Chinese characters in the target cells (even if I do format the source cells as MS-Hei) since these cells are still formatted as Arial....

    My workaround might be to use some code to preset the destination cell font... but why then does EXCEL2000+ work OK????

    Anybody out there who understands this???


    Erik Jan

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    Re: Chinese characters - revisited (EXCEL 97/2000)

    I'm just guessing here - hopefully others can reply with more authority. The Chinese characters are Unicode characters. Support for Unicode in Office 97 apps is limited, but it is much better in Office 2000. My guess is that Excel 2000 can display the Chinese characters in the Arial Unicode font, while Excel 97 can't - it needs a dedicated Chinese font.

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