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    Keyboard layout changes (IE 6.0 SP 1)

    We have two keyboard layouts, under different "input locales", as Control Panel > Keyboard Properties calls them. Perforce, one of them is set as the default. When the non-default keyboard layout is in use, every time we open a new window with Internet Explorer, the keyboard layout changes to the default layout. After opening an IE window, we can set the keyboard layout back, but as soon as another IE window opens, the layout switches to the default again.

    We change users too often to change the default keyboard layout every time. Is there any way to make the keyboard layout remain the same when IE opens? We will be grateful for any suggestions. <img src=/S/thankyou.gif border=0 alt=thankyou width=40 height=15>

    We are using Windows 2000. Maybe this question belongs in that forum, but I'll try to avoid multiple posting.

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    Re: Keyboard layout changes (IE 6.0 SP 1)

    Here is a Free program that might help Keyboard Manager
    <img src=/S/jollyroger.gif border=0 alt=jollyroger width=29 height=18><IMG SRC=> <img src=/S/jollyroger.gif border=0 alt=jollyroger width=29 height=18>

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