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    Print Checked Box (2000)

    Saw a page on the Internet that has the following source code:

    BODY {font-size: 7pt;
    font-family: "Times New Roman";}
    TD {font-family: "Times New Roman";
    font-size: 7.5pt;}
    SPAN.DATAENTRY {font-size: 10.5pt;}
    SPAN.FONTMEDIUM {font-size: 9.5pt;}
    SPAN.FONTLARGE {font-size: 18pt;}
    SPAN.CHECKBOX {font-family: "Wingdings";
    font-size: 9.5pt;}

    The "SPAN.CHECKBOX" produces a small box that can be checked after it is printed. What would I need to change in order to choose any other "Wingdings" symbol? Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Print Checked Box (2000)

    You need to go back to that page and see what the .CHECKBOX class was applied to. For example, it might have been a regular character or it might have been a numeric code, but whatever it was, by defining it as a Wingding it then displayed as a symbol. At least, that's my best guess. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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