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Thread: DirectX 9.0b

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    DirectX 9.0b

    I am running Win98 2nd Edition and Internet Explorer 5. I have been trying to upgrade DirectX version 6.1a to version 9.0b from the Microsoft download site for DirectX.
    I have downloaded the setup file dxwebsetup.exe however when I run the setup file I get an error message about a minute after the download has started - "Set up could not download the file. Please try later or check network connection".

    I have tried turning ZoneAlarm, my firewall, off. I have also tried to download DirectX by saving to my hard drive and also by installing directly while downloading. The resulting error message is always the same. I have been attempting to download at various times for over a day so I assume there is no problem with the Microsoft server. Also, I can download from other sites without problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help,
    John Elliot

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    Re: DirectX 9.0b

    I know it shouldn't matter but have you tried downloading DirectX 8.0a first?

    And just in case here are the System Requirements for 9.0b
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 98, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), or Windows 2000, Windows XP.
    Hard Disk Approximately 65 megabytes (MB) of available space for installation. Once installed, you can delete the installation files. The remaining DirectX files use approximately 18 MB of hard drive space. If you had an earlier version of DirectX installed on your computer, you will see little difference in used space on your hard drive. DirectX 9.0 will overwrite the earlier versions.

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    Re: DirectX 9.0b

    Hi John,

    When you run the update from the MS site, it first downloads anly a small executable <300K, which then initiates the update, downloading up to 31.8Mb of compressed files. I suspect your update is choking on the 2nd part. If you subscribe to any of the PC magazines with CD-ROMS attached, you may well find they've got at least 9.0a onboard. Install that and you'll only have a minor patch to download from MS.


    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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