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    Backwards Compatable (Visio2003)

    I'm am thinking of upgrading from Visio 2000 Pro to Visio 2003 Pro, and have several drawings in Visio2000 ... Will others as well as myself be able to open the Visio 2000 drawings? I have had some problems in the past with this, but found that the self created stencils were the culprit. Would rather be safe than sorry in this case. And will those with 2000 Pro be able to open my drawings done in 2003?
    Thanks John
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    Re: Backwards Compatable (Visio2003)

    Hi John <img src=/S/hello.gif border=0 alt=hello width=25 height=29> Recent experience with stencils (see previous post on Genograms) indicates that stencils made in Visio 2002 are not backward compatible with Visio 5 Pro. I know that with Visio 2002 I can still open and work with documents made in Visio 5 Pro, but have never tested V5 Pro against those documents made in Visio 2002. I am not sure if this helps, but hopefully gives you an indication. <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20>

    Update - <img src=/S/fanfare.gif border=0 alt=fanfare width=31 height=23> I found this site on the Microsoft web. It does not seem to address V2003 vs V2000. Had a look, but I could not find anything regarding V2000 being able to open V2003 documents. LOL

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    Re: Backwards Compatable (Visio2003)

    Visio 2000 and Visio 2002 share the same file format. Visio 2003 has a new file format.

    All versions (except for Visio 1) can open any previous version of Visio and can save in the previous file format. As Visio matured, the file format evolved. When each version was created, they had no idea what the future file formats would be. So it is impossible for any specific version of Visio to have the capability of saving as a version that has yet to be developed.

    Though you can save as a previous version, each time you do it you lose the new features. Bringing the shape back into the later version, does not restore the features that were lost.

    So yes you can open Visio files created in any previous version and you can save as a Visio 2000/2002 file, but the Visio 2000 users can not open a Visio 2003 file.

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