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    Scheduled task with a UNC path

    If I type:<pre>at mycomputer 14:00 otherserverpathbatchfile.bat</pre>

    the scheduled event is entered correctly on my PC. When the event triggers, it is deleted, but does not execute and there is no evidence as to why.
    I saw an article implying that the scheduler wakes up as LOCAL SYSTEM and has no network access, how do I change this?
    Ultimately I want to schedule the following from within a batch file<pre>at myserver 14:00 otherserverpathbatchfile.bat</pre>


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    Re: Scheduled task with a UNC path


    Try this:
    <pre>at mycomputer 14:00 cmd /c "otherserverpathbatchfile.bat"</pre>

    This will run the batch file in a command window and then terminate. You may also want to add a line to the BAT file for testing that dumps text to an output file (such as ECHO SUCCESS! Cut.txt), to provide confirmation of whether the batch executed or not.

    When working with BAT files, I always insert PAUSE statements in the file for debugging so that I can step through the process and make sure that it is working.

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