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    Intranet Publishing Policy


    Please can anybody out there help me find any example/template for an Intranet Publishing Policy?

    Thanks very much,


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    Re: Intranet Publishing Policy

    I'm not clear on what you mean by a 'publishing policy' for intranets. My company has a series of 'staging' servers where web page items are pushed through from development to deployment (where they're live and visible to the intranet users). The developers get an account which allows them to post things to specific sub-domains but there's no formal review board to ensure every page conforms to the rules (it's not possible to do this as it would take a ton of people way too long thereby greatly extending the time to publish content). It's an honor system but most everyone is quite conscientious about following it. We recently went through a total re-design of the Intranet site and so many pages are still in the old format but it is a priority to update everything over time. (We also have even stricter rules for publishing to our external site.)

    We have procedures which we follow to conform to the standards we chose to implement (the required look/feel, what's allowed for web applications, navigation, etc.) Web apps are reviewed for correctness before they're allowed to be published, however. I'm sure the procedure and rules are different for every company (if they've bothered to formalize it).


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