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    Access limitations (2000)

    I am near a threshold for access my data base, I have to reboot just to modify a query or report. I have compacted and made a new front end data base that imported the original data , queries, etc. Any other suggestions would be helpful. I am thinking of converting my backends to MSDE... would that help ( I have 4 back ends with some 40 tables in all).

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    Re: Access limitations (2000)

    You don't indicate what specification limit you are encountering - is it size, number of objects, or some other limit? If it is size, splitting it into a front-end/back-end arrangement should help some, but if the majority of your space is consumed by tables, then that would be a temporary fix at best. Your comment about 4 back-ends would suggest that size may well be the culprit. Unfortunately, going to an MSDE won't help with that limit, as the MSDE size is essentially the same. SQL Server Standard Edition would be your best bet (assuming you have several users) - it would give you a number of advantages, and if you used ODBC linked tables, you wouldn't need to make substantial changes to your front-end.

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    Re: Access limitations (2000)

    I'm not sure I understand what you did. You said you created a new frontend database by importing the data and queries? Do you actually have a split database; that is, a backend with the data and a frontend with forms, reports, and queries?

    How big is your database/databases? I don't understand the comment about having to reboot before modifying a query. If you indeed have a split database schema, then the size of the backend shouldn't matter at all in opening a query in design mode; nor will moving to a different backend database (MSDE or SQL server) provide any help. What error message are you getting that prevents you from opening the query?
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