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    Slow saving spreadsheet (XP)


    we have recently developed a workbook to handle employee weekly working hours. It has 54 worksheets and carries forward a balance of hours over or under worked from one sheet to the next. Other than that each sheet is only self referencing to calculate the time worked each day by adding and subtracting clock-in and clock-out times accordingly.

    The whole (empty - ie before any times have been input) workbook is 425Kb but takes almost a minute to save.

    Can anyone tell me why this is and if there is a way to improve the time? I feel staff will not use it if it takes too long to save their entries.


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    Re: Slow saving spreadsheet (XP)

    Hi Fatherjack,

    Well, it's to do with perspective. Let me explain:

    "Now concentrate this time, Dougal. These (pointing to excel spreadsheets on table) are very small; those (pointing at excel spreadsheets in field ) are far away... "

    But really, it could be a variety of factors:

    Is the file on a network, and is that network generally transferrign data as fast as you would expect?
    Have you tried it on various PCs, using a local copy?
    Are there any links to external books? Any circular references you haven't spotted?
    Have you tried copying each sheet out of this workbook to a fresh workbook?
    Have you tried having a nice cup of tea, or indeed offering one to the spreadsheet?

    HTH ( i suspect it may not, and once again I'll have made a fool out of myself in front of real people...)

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    Re: Slow saving spreadsheet (XP)

    I had this problem saving over a server.

    I could save the file locally and then copy it to the network drive very fast, but if I tried to save directly to the network drive it sometimes took a minute. I complained to IS with no results and "lived with it", even after they reported they had increased connection speed. Then one day it was fixed. I have no idea what they did and never did get any answers, though I suspect it was related to virus settings.


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