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    Performance monitoring puzzle

    [Using Win2000 SP4]


    On a PC running only a 'steady state' program Perfmon shows varying % Processor Time ( 1 % for maybe 10 minutes and then 80 % for another 10 minutes.)
    This is completely unexpected behavior since the program runs steadily and nothing else is running on that PC, etc.

    I need some ideas as to how to determine what's really going on and why the % Processor changes every some number of minutes.



    Two PC's on isolated network;
    A transmit program on PC A is continously publishing multicast UDP data to a receive program running on PC B;
    (The transmit and receive programs are simple Windows socket programs);
    (The receive program merely reads and does nothing with the data).

    Perfmon is being used to monitor % Processor Time, % Privileged Time, Datagrams/sec, etc
    Task Manager also being used.


    The % Processor Time on PC B (running receive program) as shown by Perfmon goes between 80 % and 1 % ((changing every several minutes [10-15 ?])
    while datagrams/sec does not change and the receive program continues to receive (and count) receive packets at a steady rate.

    When the CPU shows as 80 % for a several minute period, task manager shows that the CPU is being used by the 'receive' program (not by any otherr
    Windows program).

    So: Thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone may have

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    Re: Performance monitoring puzzle

    What else is running? Can you post a screenshot of the task manager processes?


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