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    I am running a Dell OEM copy of Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition 4.10.2221 on an Optiplex GX200 (Pentium III, 866 mhz.).

    Today I decided to use ZTree to check for recently installed *.exe files; it was an exercise in trying to find adware, etc on my own. I encountered 4 instances of a file called arpproducticon.exe installed in the last year. To wit:

    C:WINDOWSApplication DataMicrosoftInstaller{6BE2A4A4-99FB-48ED-AE1E-4E850389F804}
    1-14-04 19:04:42 22,486 ra.. ARPPRODUCTICON.exe

    C:WINDOWSApplication DataMicrosoftInstaller{AC76BA86-0000-0000-0000-6028747ADE01}
    1-21-05 12:50:20 23,558 ra.. ARPPRODUCTICON.exe

    C:WINDOWSApplication DataMicrosoftInstaller{AC76BA86-0000-7EC8-7489-000000000603}
    1-21-05 12:50:32 23,558 ra.. ARPPRODUCTICON.exe

    C:WINDOWSApplication DataMicrosoftInstaller{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A00000000001}
    11-25-04 14:42:10 23,558 ra.. ARPPRODUCTICON.exe

    After brief searching, I get the impression that arpproducticon.exe is a file which is used by the Windows XP installer. I am not running XP. I've never installed it.

    Some of the directories contains a series of *.exe files in addition to arpproducticon.exe. Could it be that other products use this executable? One appears to be associated with Partition Magic, a legitimate installation. The most recent instances contain only arpproducticon.exe.

    Can anyone offer an explanation?

    Is my technique of using ZTree to search for *.exe files too naive to be an effective approach to catching newly installed malware? Are there other file extensions I should look for too (instead)?


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    Re: arpproducticon.exe

    Not familiar with it, but found it mentioned here and identified as a "Healthy Non-Pest File".
    I've no idea what an Unhealthy Non-Pest File is, or Healthy Pest File, but it seems like it's OK.


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