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    Blank screen during presentation

    A couple of things:
    1) During a presentation can a black screen be sent to the projector, allowing me to change/adjust slides on my computer, then continuing the presentation

    2) How do you start a presentation beginning with a slide other than the first. ie. if the presentation has been stopped (by mistake) do I have to start over and page ahead till I get to where I want?

    3) Maybe this isn't the place, but Can I set the middle mouse button to blank the screen?

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    Re: Blank screen during presentation

    1) You can black the screen during a presentation by pressing CTRL-B. But if you want to access your system, you should use the projector's built-in screen freeze or curtain feature, if it has one.

    2) To start a presentation from PowerPoint on a specific slide, select the slide you want, and select View/ SlideShow.
    You can jump to s specific slide during a presentation by typing the slide number, and then press ENTER.
    You can also right-click, select Go, the then use the Title or the Navigator.

    3) I don't know of a way to blank the screen using the middle mouse button.

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    Re: Blank screen during presentation

    1. If you are using a laptop you can change the output so the projector gets nothing (Something like function/f5 depending on the laptop). The projector may display "no sync" or something.

    2. Open the slide sorter, select the slide, and then start the slide show. (Disadvantage is it goes back to the slide sorter when the show finishes but you can always put in a black slide after the last one).
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    Re: Blank screen during presentation

    I don't know if you've already thought of this - but check out the Slide Show, Custom Shows menu.
    You can create multiple shows (slide orders) around the same presentation, allowing you to pick the order of show you want when you start your slide show. Useful if you need the same slides in different orders and don't want to use the navigator.
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