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    Cable Down speed

    Can my PC be at fault to cause a down speed of less than 1Mg? If so what could it be? Comcast is suposed to give me at least 3.5 to 4mg, but I get less than 1mg on the down and at least 350 on the up. Win 98 se, 1.1mg proc. 256 ram. Please help. Need advice. It is like having dial up while I am paying for high speed cable. I did a tweak test at and got these results. can you teel me what they mean. I have a feeling Comcast is at fault and would like to have back the speeds of 3.5etc.

    Service: cable
    Speed (advertised) kbit/s:4mg
    Operating System: win98se
    Connection: normal

    1. Your Tweakable Settings:
    Receive Window (RWIN): 8760
    Window Scaling : off
    Path MTU Discovery: ON
    RFC1323 Window Scaling: OFF
    RFC1323 Time Stamping: OFF
    Selective Acks: ON
    MSS requested: 1460
    TT less any hops behind firewall):130
    TTL remaining: 118

    2. Test 146000 byte download
    Actual data bytes sent: 146000
    Actual data packets: 100
    Max packet sent (MTU): 1500
    Max packet recd (MTU): 1500
    Retransmitted data packets: 0
    sacks you sent: 0
    pushed data pkts: 25
    data transmit time: 1.140 secs
    our max idletime: 115.3 ms
    transfer rate: 103866 bytes/sec
    transfer rate: 830 kbits/sec
    This is not a speed test!
    transfer efficiency: 100%

    3. ICMP (ping) check
    Minimum ping: 27 ms
    Maximum ping: 98 ms
    Ping stability:47 53 55 44 83 82 56 58 98 27

    Notes and recommendations:
    We have no recommendations for <64k lines Looking good

    Notes and recommendations:
    Good data stream (no/few rexmits)
    Notes and recommendations:
    Looking good

    total packets: 56 total packets: 104
    ack pkts sent: 55 ack pkts sent: 104
    pure acks sent: 51 pure acks sent: 3
    unique bytes sent: 4380 unique bytes sent: 146000
    actual data pkts: 3 actual data pkts: 100
    actual data bytes: 4380 actual data bytes: 146000
    rexmt data pkts: 0 rexmt data pkts: 0
    rexmt data bytes: 0 rexmt data bytes: 0
    outoforder pkts: 0 outoforder pkts: 0
    pushed data pkts: 3 pushed data pkts: 25
    SYN/FIN pkts sent: 1/1 SYN/FIN pkts sent: 1/1
    req sack: Y req sack: Y
    sacks sent: 0 sacks sent: 0
    mss requested: 1460 bytes mss requested: 1460 bytes
    max segm size: 1460 bytes max segm size: 1460 bytes
    min segm size: 1460 bytes min segm size: 1460 bytes
    avg segm size: 1459 bytes avg segm size: 1459 bytes
    max win adv: 8760 bytes max win adv: 14600 bytes
    min win adv: 8192 bytes min win adv: 5840 bytes
    zero win adv: 0 times zero win adv: 0
    timesavg win adv: 8908 bytes avg win adv: 14431 bytes
    initial window: 1460 bytes initial window: 2920 bytes
    initial window: 1 pkts initial window: 2 pkts
    ttl stream length: 4380 bytes ttl stream length:146000bytes
    missed data: 0 bytes missed data: 0 bytes
    truncated data: 4242 bytes truncated data: 141400 bytes
    truncated packets: 3 pkts truncated packets: 100 pkts
    data xmit time: 0.043 secs data xmit time: 1.140 secs
    idletime max: 163.1 ms idletime max: 115.3 ms
    throughput: 3116 Bps throughput: 103866 Bps
    RTT samples: 4 RTT samples: 51
    RTT min: 0.1 ms RTT min: 25.2 ms
    RTT max: 0.1 ms RTT max: 136.0 ms
    RTT avg: 0.1 ms RTT avg: 61.8 ms
    RTT stdev: 0.0 ms RTT stdev: 29.6 ms
    post-loss acks: 0 post-loss acks: 0
    segs cum acked: 0 segs cum acked: 50
    duplicate acks: 100 duplicate acks: 4
    triple dupacks: 0 triple dupacks: 0
    max # retrans: 0 max # retrans: 0
    min retr time: 0.0 ms min retr time: 0.0 ms
    max retr time: 0.0 ms max retr time: 0.0 ms
    avg retr time: 0.0 ms avg retr time: 0.0 ms
    sdv retr time: 0.0 ms sdv retr time: 0.0 ms

    Speed test done 5min ago.

    2005-04-18 14:55:28 EST: 942 / 299
    Your download speed : 965200 bps, or 942 kbps.
    A 117.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
    Your upload speed : 306983 bps, or 29

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    Re: Cable Down speed

    You asked the same question about 7 weeks ago, in <post#=456884>post 456884</post#>; the problem seemed to be solved there. What has changed since then?

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    Re: Cable Down speed

    I have been in the VA hospital for the last 6 weeks and when I came home last week the problem was back. Comcast seems to be leaning toward blaming my PC which is just as fast as it has always been. I have a good up stream of about 350 but the down is between 450kbts and 1.5 mbs. I believe there is a major repair that Comcast has to make somewhere that they are not doing. I live in the center of town and I am very close to the cable out put. I have asked them to replace the wire leading from the pole to my house but all I am told is that job belongs to another department, and nothing is ever done. As far as the great speeds I was getting before I went into the VA it seems they only lasted a few days.

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