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Thread: Word Tables

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    Word Tables

    Need to be able to search to a blank cell in a table and input a character. It will be the same character every time. Already know find/replace won't work, as you can't search to nothing.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.<font face="Comic Sans MS">text</font face=comic>

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    Re: Word Tables

    Try this:

    Sub ReplaceEmptyCellsWithText()
    Dim aTable As Table
    Dim aCell As Cell

    For Each aTable In ActiveDocument.Tables
    For Each aCell In aTable.Range.Cells
    'Len of end-of-cell "character" is 2,
    'so if Len of cell is 2, it contains no text
    If Len(aCell.Range.Text) = 2 Then aCell.Range.Text = "New Text"
    Next aCell
    Next aTable
    End Sub


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    Re: Word Tables

    Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but those two characters are:

    Chr(13) + Chr(7)

    This bit of almost completely useless knowledge has given me the chance to make another post to the forum.
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