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Thread: Windows98

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    Windows operating system either crashes or shuts down whenever the phone rings.

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    Re: Windows98

    Any other info you can offer?
    i.e. :
    Do you have a modem? - and is it connected to the phoneline?
    Do you have any fax software installed?

    (I can't belive it's this, but I do recall a story about someone's PC shutting down as soon as it started. Turned out they had a 'noise actived' switch on the power to the PC. Every time the Windows delightful 'startup theme' began, it triggered the switch and switched everything off....)

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    Re: Windows98

    It's also possible that you have a wake-on-ring or other power management feature enabled in the BIOS. As a test, you could disable all power management functions in BIOS and see if it still happens

    Better yet, if you could find another modem to test with, you could eliminate the hardware question entirely.

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