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    Paint Shop Pro 10 Updates

    Possible warning! The reason I say this is that I don't know if the gods were just against me and it was my turn or if there was something at the site that I visited that caused my unfortunate circumstance or not! So, with all due respect to Corel, here's the story. Sunday morning (Jan, 29), I visited the Corel web site to download an update to Paint Shop Pro X. I admit that I only scan-read the text and proceeded to the download page, on which there is this quote:
    <hr>Note regarding Download Manager software: If you are using special "download manager" software (other than Corel's) you will not be able to download the trial versions of Corel's products. Please disable any download manager you may be running prior to attempting a trial download. <hr>
    The highlighting is mine, for it seems to imply that Corel IS doing something special for "assisting" with downloads. I DO NOT use any download management software, just plain ol' Firefox browser. I started the download of 10.02 update and the FF download window seemed to be progressing normally. Then I read the news that you have to FIRST install 10.01 (drats, why do they do that!) so I had no "fear" of starting a second download of that patch. I've done double-downloads many times and never had a problem, but I sure did now!

    The second download seemed to start but within seconds my screen went to black and the computer started booting. Soon, on a black screen after POST came a message that "NTLDR is missing. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart." I do have an emergency boot disk for XP, fully updated and functional but when I booted with that, the message changed to "... HAL.DLL is missing or corrupt..." Since my boot partition is FAT32, I booted with my famous Win98SE floppy and could see that both NTLDR and HAL.DLL were present and seemed to be of the correct dates and sizes. Replacing both with "clean" copies didn't help, so I gave in and restored my boot {C:} partition from my last backup, using of course Acronis TrueImage. That presented another set of undesirable circumstances, about which I'll post in the Software Forum.

    My advice is to proceed carefully and not without a good, recent backup, if you go to the following link to download one or both of the PSP updates. A report here would be nice too.

    Edited: My supplemental thread about Acronis' role in the scenario is here: <!post=Two Acronis Products,553,404>Two Acronis Products<!/post>

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    Re: Paint Shop Pro 10 Updates

    Hi Al

    One day last week (not sure which) I downloaded both the 01 and the 02 updates to my office computer (high speed connection) using IE.
    I then copied both to cd and transferred them to my PC at home where I installed them without any problem. <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>

    Have a Great day!!!
    <IMG SRC=>

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