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    Unable to install software on Win2000 OS

    Hello out there,
    I could really use some help solving multiple issues on my Compaq Presario 1800T, PIII-450 with 128Ram, that occurred since I upgraded the O/S from Win98 to Win2000. Everything was going smooth until I tried to upgrade Mcafee Virus Scan and Adobe for Win2000. Prior to commencing the Win2000 upgrade I spoke to some Compaq techs to ascertain if this laptop would support Win2000 and they said that it would even though Compaq did not recommend Win2000 on this machine as it was not "designed to support business or commercial applications" and Microsofts site also claims that Win2000 is supportable on this Compaq. When I try to load any software from a CD or .exe - the process starts, reads the imbedded files, makes sounds like the process is moving then it ceases with a "slight noise that almost sounds as if the system burps and lets out air". Mcafee offered multiple solutions, all of which (including deleting the common files folder and install.msi - they kept providing me the link for downloading the proper install.msi that never worked and was written for Win98) have proved fruitless and when I respond to their suggestions and point out that it did not help and they are not providing me the information that I have requested and need, they follow through like robots and keep sending the same info, as if they are not reading the notes. I have spoken to Compaq (who also provided all the incorrect solutions themselves) not to mention sent me CDs for recovering files and resources that do not work on the laptop. I have also searched the Microsoft websites for the correct install.msi to no avail and am unable to get a straight answer from them or any help. By the time I drill down their last response is that they are unable to provide the correct solution and to seek help from Mcafee and or Adobe. I have tried to reinstall Win2000 thinking that any missing files would be re-loaded or corrected, have verified that my permissions are set to "admin and power user" and have searched for any files on the Win2000 home pages that may aide me, yet with no avail. My last foray was in response to an email from "Tech Republic" that iterated "Using Instsrv.exe to install and uninstall services", but once again was unable to locate this file on the Microsoft site.

    Any help someone could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Unable to install software on Win2000 OS

    is it *all* software or just some software? i have no problems installing adobe acrobat or photoshop on my win2k machine - although it's not my laptop. (my compaq laptop doesn't have dvd movie or sound drivers for win2k)
    I use Norton AV and need to use the NT version - it sounds like that might be the macafee problem.
    Also - do you have 2 logons - one for the admin only and one for your power user/admin acct. Try logging on with the orginial admin acct.

    the Instsrv file you are looking for is in the resource kit.
    not sure if this KB might help explain it's use or not.
    if macafee is the nt version, it would install as a service (which you should do). the adobe program would depend on the program and version.

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