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    Combining Multiple Back End Databases (Access 2003/SP2)

    Here is the situation:
    A client has a database that they've designed themselves. It records hours worked and costs. They like it. They copy the database (front and backend) 2 more times for 2 other locations (3 dbs in total now). They feel this makes more sense than expanding the original db to include different locations/rate structures.
    However, now they want to run reports that amalgamate information from all 3 dbs (so that they don't have to run the same report in each db).

    So far, I'm considering 2 options:
    1) Linking the 3 back ends to one front end db. (But won't this be a pain because of the duplicate table names).
    2) Convincing them that it is better to bite the bullet and redesign the back end to encompass all locations and rate structures. (They think I'm overly fussy).

    Any suggestions that I haven't thought of? Arguments for one option vs another?
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    Re: Combining Multiple Back End Databases (Access 2003/SP2)

    I would go for option 2, that means that all the data is in one backend, thereby making any queries etc straight forward, else you are up for UNION queries everywhere.

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    Re: Combining Multiple Back End Databases (Access 2003/SP2)

    I agree with Pat. Converting to a single backend will be a lot of work, but it will result in a much more flexible setup.

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