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    File & Printer Sharing

    I have two PCs running Win98SE. They are networked and have file and printer sharing enabled. However, every day or so I have problems either with printing or accessing files between PCs. I then find that sharing has been turned off and I have to reset it. Why does this happen? And how can I stop it?

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    Re: File & Printer Sharing

    <hr>I then find that sharing has been turned off and I have to reset it <hr>
    On BOTH computers? Regardless, I've never seen or heard of such a thing happening in all the time I ran Win98SE. If it "didn't used to be that way," I think you're going to need to start digging into what changes have been made to one or both - hardware or software. If it works as it's supposed to for awhile, there has to be some activity going on that's changing your networking/sharing settings. Does it perchance happen only after a reboot? If so, the stuff that runs at startup would be the first place to look.

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