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    CD ROM not working + Driver not loading properly


    I've reformatted the HD and reinstalled Win 95 on my old computer, which I am giving to a friend who only wants email and basic web browsing. The version of Win95 is 4.00.950C.

    I've reformatted and done the reinstallation several times, because I keep getting the following has finally dawned on me that there is no point continuing to reformat and reinstall if these same issues keep coming up (hence this cry for help):

    1. The CD ROM is working only intermittently - it is currently in a 'dead' phase. Unaccountably, every so often when I boot up, it works perfectly, then just stops. That is, it won't even open, and when I try to check it out via My Computer, clicking on the D drive just brings up a 'Retry' box.

    2. The video card software is not installing properly [Gigabyte GA-610 Series 3D (Intel740) video card]. I have tried installing the software from both the original CD, and via the A drive from updated drivers I downloaded off the web onto floppy via another computer, but I keep getting a notice when the installation is apparently complete stating that I should not restart the computer yet because not all the temp files have been cleaned. There is no choice but to restart eventually, and then when I do I get a box saying that various files cannot be found (eg: gfx Cfg.dll, gfxdrv.drv, gfxi2c.vxd, i740.ico and various others). At some stage of the process, I'm being asked for D: Win95. Of course, now that the D drive is not working, I can't put any CD in it, but even on the occasions it is working, I have put the WIn95 CD in there and the required driver files "cannot be found". I've tried everything I can think of, but this has got me stumped. Any suggestions very welcome.

    3. Finally, I have a feeling that some of the problems could be related to installing stuff off the Cd entitled ASUS 440LX/440EX AGPset Mainboard. Although the computer seemed to be working ok after r einstalling Win95, I thought I should install whatever software is on this chipset CD - if it wasn't necessary, why did ASUS provide the CD?! That's my thinking, anyway - but could this ASUS software be causing some sort of conflict with Win95?

    I seem to be so close to having everything reinstalled and ready for my friend to use, but the above problems are starting to look insurmountable. PLEASE, if anyone has any ideas on how to rectify the above issues, I'd be most appreciative if you would share your knowledge with me here.


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    Re: CD ROM not working + Driver not loading proper

    Does the optical drive appear in the BIOS? You may have an intermittent hardware failure, or perhaps a loose cable. Make sure everything is seated properly and check the BIOS to make sure that it's being recognized at that level.

    Have you checked to see if the files for the video card are where Windows is expecting to find them? Once upon a time, I encountered a Win95 box that had a BAT file (or some utility software, I don't recall) that cleaned up the TEMP directory at shutdown, resulting in exactly the same behavior you describe.

    The ASUS disk is there "in case you need it." You'd be better off going to the Asus website and getting the most current releases of the chipset driver and anything else that is necessary. Chances are high that what you have on the CD has been superseded by a more recent release.

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