Changes coming to the Windows Secrets newsletter


In the Oct. 1 issue, I noted that Windows Secrets subscribers will see changes in the newsletter. Here’s what we’re working on.

If all goes as planned, starting in mid-/late November, we’ll publish the newsletter twice a week, which will let us publish trending and time-sensitive stories sooner.

The format of the newsletter will also change, bringing it up to modern standards. Instead of full stories in a long email, you’ll see a portion of each of the articles most recently published on the website, along with links back to the full versions on the Windows Secrets site. The newsletter will also include links to interesting stories in our sister site, SuperSite for Windows.

I’m sure some readers will miss having the full newsletter in their mailbox each week, but this is the first phase in a longer-term plan for Window Secrets. (For those who like to print out the newsletter, there’s some good news: we’re planning to make it easier to print the online stories.)

The most significant of the early changes will be Window Secrets’ subscription model. Going forward, only paid subscribers will receive the newsletter. Subscription payments have always kept the lights on at Windows Secrets and will continue to do so in the future. No matter how you slice it, Windows Secrets is still one of the best bargains on the Internet. It’s your subscriptions that compensate the excellent efforts of Fred Langa, Susan Bradley, Lincoln Spector, and all our other contributors.

In short, we want to ensure that those who contribute funds get even more value in the future.

(Free subscribers will still have access to all parts of the Windows Secrets archive available to them now.)

Another reason for these changes is our integration into the Penton Technology group and its wider resources of news and information on personal and professional computing.

Eventually, Windows Secrets will become the paid section of SuperSite for Windows. As such, we will continue our mission of providing excellent perspectives and how-to information on Windows and digital technology for advanced consumers and computing professionals.

Most important of Windows Secrets’ qualities is that it’s a community. Many of you have subscribed for years, and there’s a strong sense of ownership amoung our readers. We see that in the emails you send us every week. And that sense of community goes two ways. Unlike most other newsletters, Windows Secrets contributors not only provide important guidance and perspective in their articles, they regularly reply to reader concerns and questions, as time allows.

Maintaining our community is essential to Windows Secrets — as is making available to you lucid, timely, and useful information on Windows and related topics. But we also plan to expand the breadth of our computing coverage. We have no doubt that you’ll tell us how to make the newsletter’s content even more valuable to you. Send us your thoughts via email to

Change is always difficult, especially when it works on something old and familiar. But we’ve needed to renew the newsletter for some time. As I noted in my previous column, technology has evolved remarkably over the past decade. Windows Secrets must adapt and reflect how we use digital devices now and in the future.

We thank you for your contributions to the newsletter, and we hope you’ll continue to support our future efforts to make your computing experience easier and more rewarding.

   — Tracey Capen, editor in chief

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