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Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

We don’t usually publish new content during our summer break in the last two weeks of August, but an update to the WS Security Baseline is compelling us to release special content for you today.

Besides that, we’re also releasing breaking news by contributing editors Woody Leonhard and Susan Bradley on ways some Internet service providers may be blocking your e-mail (and how you can work around it) and on the fact that Microsoft has started pushing out Internet Explorer 8 even to people who previously declined it.

Security Baseline gets new list and new writer

As long-time readers know, Windows Secrets periodically publishes a feature called the Security Baseline. This advisory is intended to advise home and small-business PC users on the minimal setup they need to protect themselves against hackers.

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The Windows 7, Vol 3 (Excerpt)

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I recently asked Robert Vamosi, an award-winning tech writer, to update the baseline with the latest findings from around the Web. Robert has written for CNET, CNN, the BBC, and many other outlets. His analysis of the latest test-lab reports will be welcomed by anyone whose security is, shall we say, not up to par.

Advanced Windows users should always conduct their own research on the best combination of security products for their specialized needs. But if your mom and dad think buying a PC in a store and plugging it into the Internet is all the security they need (or you think that’s all you need), take a minute to read Robert’s article in our free content. Or surf to our site’s Security Baseline page, which is updated whenever we find a major change.

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Teach yourself visually windows 7
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