Sync your Outlook and mobile-phone contacts

Dennis o'reilly
By Dennis O’Reilly

Scott Dunn’s Oct. 23 lead story, which described workarounds to help you sync Outlook contacts and calendars with an iPhone, neglected to provide detailed steps for users of BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile, and other devices.

Fortunately, the procedure to merge data with these other phones’ address books requires only the sync software that shipped with your mobile device.

For better or worse, Windows dominates desktop computing. Even though the Windows community is currently split between XP and Vista, there’s enough commonality between the versions — some would argue too much commonality, others not enough — that we can make general statements that apply to both.

Not so with our mobile phones.

There’s no dominant platform for mobile devices. BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile phones, and iPhones all have healthy market shares. That’s good for consumers, but it makes it a bit difficult to describe what works on all those devices.

Fortunately, synching your Windows contact list with a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile is a snap. Simply use the software that ships with the respective devices, such as BlackBerry Desktop and ActiveSync (for XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (for Vista).

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