Disaster Aid, Via Computer

In the last few days, I’ve heard from LangaList readers— friends— from all over the world who wrote to express their shock, outrage, and solidarity with me and with all Americans after last week’s barbaric attacks.

Many have asked the same question raised by Klaus Muensberg, writing from Germany:

Subject What can we do to help American people?

Hi Fred, I’m sure that all of us will never forget what happened on Tuesday, September, 11th in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. We were horrified watching the scene provided by a webcam located at the Brooklyn Bridge what happened to the World Trade Center. We gathered around the PC in the office; except of something like ‘unbelievable’ and such it was quiet. I’m feeling very sorry for the American people and other individuals being trapped there, in the planes and at the Pentagon. Whoever just does not feel this way – such as some mad folks in the Middle East – in some ways supports those terrorists; however, I think and truly hope that this is a tiny minority.

You might ask, why I’m contacting you in this matter. Well, the Langa List is computing-related; however, it is a large, international community of people with ideas and equipment to share their ideas, to address concerns and address them to appropriate people. Last but not least, I’d like to get an idea, how to help those folks that were hit so badly by the attack – probably not so much financially, but in some other ways and simply to let them know, that we do care about them.

For us all, whether US citizens or not, perhaps the best way to help is to make a donation to a reputable relief organization. The US’s largest non-governmental relief organization is the American Red Cross. Their web site is at http://www.redcross.org/ , and it only takes a moment to make a donation via credit card. In fact, on behalf of Plus! subscribers (see http://www.langa.com/plus2.htm#kids ), I just made a direct contribution to the Red Cross National Disaster fund; I then made another donation on my own.

If the Red Cross site is busied out, Amazon.Com is donating its online payment services to the Red Cross; you can donate via Amazon, and Amazon will pass 100% of your donation to the Red Cross: http://www.amazon.com/ . You also can use PayPal ( http://www.paypal.com ), or call the Red Cross by phone at 1-800-HELP-NOW.)

There are other relief organizations, of course, and I mean no disrespect by singling out the Red Cross. But the Red Cross is nondenominational, is internationally known, and its web site makes computer-based giving a snap.

Thank you, Klaus, and all the others— from the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Russia, Yugoslavia and many other locations— who wrote in. And thanks even more to all who contribute to the Red Cross or another relief organization of their choice.

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