Security Problems In Opera

Hi Fred: Oops, another security bug and it ain’t IE this time As long as we write software there will be bugs, whether it is Linux or Windows, Netscape, Opera or IE…

If you are using Opera7 and aren’t aware of these flaws, better check this out:

Thanks, Bob. As Opera has become more popular, it too (like Linux) has come under the scrutiny of both black-hat (bad guy) and white-hat (good guy) hackers. For example, see the following "white hat" posts:

Opera’s Security Model is Highly Vulnerable:

Phantom of the Opera:

Opera Images:

Opera 7:

Sniffing Opera’s Tracks:

Just as Bob says, *all* software contains flaws; it’s inevitable. And once *any* software becomes popular enough to attract the attention of both good and bad hackers, those flaws will come to light.

Relatedly: A lack of security announcements for a little-used program does not necessarily mean that the software has no flaws— although some partisan users of such software will take it that way. 8-)

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