The pros and cons of switching to Windows 7

Woody leonhard
By Woody Leonhard

If you’re still sitting on the fence about upgrading to Windows 7 — after all, it’s been widely available for all of a few hours now — I’d like to regale you with my top eight reasons to jump in with both feet.

I’ll also tell you three possible reasons for keeping the new OS on the shelf — for a while, at least.

After you wade through the Win7 marketing hype, you’ll find a solid core of real improvements in the new release. There are many aspects of Windows 7 that cry out for adopting it and just a few that suggest sticking with Vista or XP.

• 8. Windows 7 is easier on the eyes

No doubt you’re way beyond the stage where fancy wallpaper and cute icons curl your toes, but any way you look at it, Windows 7’s a stunner. From wallpaper that changes itself to the tightly controlled group of icons in the area near the clock, Win7 puts the things you need most where you need them. The OS also moves the flotsam out of the way.

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