What you need to know now about Windows 8

Woody leonhard
By Woody Leonhard

Few Microsoft publicity efforts have ever drawn as much attention as last week’s 20-minute Windows 8 sneak preview.

If you’ve heard that Windows 8 is for the dogs or that it will look like a phone, you haven’t heard the whole story.

Permit me to step you through what we know about Windows 8 and give some insight into what we don’t know. Microsoft has dropped a few hints — some intentionally, some inadvertently — about where we’re headed.

One thing’s for sure: Windows 8, as we know it now, represents a huge departure for Microsoft — a rethinking of the way people interact with their machines. Some of it’s familiar; some of it’s scary. A whole lot of it is very new. Like it or not, Win8 will likely change the way we work through our PCs.

Start with the live-tile phone interface

If you haven’t yet seen the official briefing, take a short break from what you’re doing right now and have a look. Last week, Microsoft VP Julie Larson-Green took the stage at Walt Mossberg’s All Things Digital D9 Conference and, with Windows head honcho Steve Sinofsky providing color commentary, walked us through a slick demo of what we can expect.

As you watch the video, keep your finger on the pause button and watch for these milestones:

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