The best of Wacky Web Week — 2010

By Revia Romberg

We’re not sure what to make of this, but the Wacky column is a Windows Secrets subscriber favorite — measured by the number of hits it receives — proving that our readers have a fine sense of humor.

So to end 2010 with a smile, we’ve put together a special Wacky — the five most popular of the year. We’ll start, however, with one of our all-time favorite videos. And at the end, we’ve tossed in two more of our particular favorites. Enjoy!

Bailey, the black-nosed reindog, plays in snow

Bailey the black-nosed reindog We want you to meet our favorite reindeer — Bailey. He’s not your usual reindeer; he’s probably not even your usual dog.

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With that Christmas classic, “Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer,” playing in the background, watch as Bailey flies through winter snow, leaping and frolicking with the simple joy that’s all dog. Play the video

Copier office prank #1. Office prank busts out more than laughs

Working the 9-to-5 office drill can drive you a little batty — unless you look for ways to liven things up a bit. Just don’t take it too far.

Watch as this guy tries to spice up his routine with a seemingly harmless prank: taking unseemly advantage of the copy machine. What starts off as funny quickly turns into a big oops. Wonder what he’ll tell his boss to get out of this one …Play the video

Microsoft office alarm #2. Fun ways to take revenge on would-be thieves

Working the 9-to-5 Getting ripped off really stinks. While someone else is out having fun with what’s rightfully yours, you’re left with lost time, money, and good humor.

But here’s a way to get a bit of payback — if not on the hard-core thief, at least on those opportunists who think they’re getting something for nothing. It might just make you think twice about playing finders, keepers. Play the video

Drunk squirrel falls out of tree #3. Drunk as a skunk? No, drunk as a squirrel!

While taking a stroll through your neighborhood park, you hear a rustling in the leaves. It’s that always-cute and fuzzy squirrel. Odd, he seems to be having difficulty climbing his tree!

What could be more embarrassing to a squirrel than being so drunk he’s falling out of his arboreal home? It’s like a person who can’t figure out which key opens the front door. It may sound implausible, but watch as this furry critter, besotted on fermented pumpkin, attempts his usually simple climb. Play the video

Pac-Man illusion #4. Pac-Man has now invaded your living space

The best optical illusions are truly mind-boggling. Tricking your brain into seeing what isn’t really there can be challenging — but once you get the hang of it, you have the sensation of a hallucination without having to ingest any controlled substances.

See whether you can guess the technique behind this illusion involving everyone’s favorite yellow dot-eating blob, Pac-Man. What looks to be a simple picture is actually much more. You may think — I mean, look — twice the next time you see a video game come to life! Play the video

Lyrebird #5. The sincerest form of feathery flattery

The old saw that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery can take many forms &#8212 someone who copies your dress, someone who copies your mannerisms, someone who steals your favorite catch phrases.

But what if that someone has feathers and takes on a form of imitation that’s totally unexpected? Listen as this Australian lyrebird imitates the many sounds of local zoo construction. It might make you listen extra-closely to the little sounds around you! Play the video

Fast-talking boy Fast-talking boy gets everything he’s after

It’s hard not to be amazed — and a bit jealous — when listening to people with a glib tongue. Those fast-talkers can connive their way out of a speeding ticket or wrangle their way into a hot new nightclub.

But it’s downright scary to watch a fast-talker in the making. Consider this example: a boy — too young to shave — smoothly convinces store clerks to sell him booze and dirty magazines. After watching this, you might want to pick up the milk yourself. Play the video

Black hole Unexpected gift leads to a greedy end

When an overworked office worker’s copy machine malfunctions, fate gives him a portable black hole — and the knowledge that life might have suddenly taken a radical turn for the better.

In this short film, we’re given a humorous lesson in morality, if not conventional physics. A little free candy is one thing, but will the power of this worker bee’s portable singularity overwhelm his better judgment? Play the video

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