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LastPass problem, Answer from LastPass
Tutorials-how to make them more prominent
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No Attachment Box When Replying to Private Messa
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FAQ: How the thumbs-up voting system works
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Windows Secrets Lounge Patch Watch forum?
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In memory of Malcolm Wagner (unkamunka)
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E-mail delayed by connectivity loss — fixed
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What is "status" ?
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How about creating "Feeds" for the site
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It's very kind of you, but...
You can make 50 more posts today
"We could not find the attachment ..."
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Testing this.....
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Suggestion re. Fast Reply
New users add info to Windows Secrets columns
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Does this mean I'm to blame ?
Why this look in Windows 7?
Are Administrative Edits Documented?
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Problem logging on sometimes.
Add a Tutorials Forum or icon [edited 1 time]
Mark all items as read - New Posts
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Error 503 - No servers available
A Simple Request
Request for simpler reply system
Wow! Windows Secrets Columns Forum
adding photo to profile
can't edit a posting
Real name in list of online users
Windows Secrets Nav Bar
Add info to ... newsletter articles
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Problem with profile photo
Email a single post?
A fix available or not? [SOLVED]
Trying to post a news article.
RAM "Optimizers" are all snake oil and hooey.
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A Tribute To Hans
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Not starting up in the Lounge Lobby — Solved
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Problem with signing onto site?????
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What happened to Google searchability?
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What is wrong with the word color?
So, what happened to my signature ?
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Lower case after periods (make it stop)
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Purpose of 'Feedback' forum
Yesterday's Down Time
FAQ: How to configure images and signatures
Combined profile/settings for Lounge and Newslet
View other lounger's images?
We've doubled the Lounge membership in two weeks
A London Blitz?
Can I fix it?
Signatures in posts
Solved or Thanks
Can't find an appropriate forum
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Sub-forum for Windows Secrets discussion?
Error while unpacking program, code 2. Please re
Forum Notification, one-click method
Error Message #10120
Font size
Registration Blocks InformEnter Firefox Plugin
Identifying a response to a post
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Sticky Threads
please (allow) display (of) more rows per page
Er, signature issues again...
New MOD's ?
December 15th 2004
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"array" error sending personal message
Bookmarking threads
Word Processing Lounge Digest is empty
Locale in Online users
New Posts --
Responses and Indications
Mark all items as read/Mark all forums read
Configuring a poll
Edit your notes - how to create first?
Display name history
Manage Friends redux
New Posts for specific fora
Mark all items as read
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Pruning of Thread Notifications
How to find new messages
email notifications wording could be more clear
KB 955706
Spam filter blocked reply notification
Registration form
Why display real names with posts?
Signatures... again!
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Minimising Lounge vertical space requirements
Please, read twice before replying?
Broken links
"Star post" option
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"[Username] has not set their status"
New Category Suggestions
VMware: Other Technologies Topic
Mark All Forums Read
Jump Forum Box
Thank You section; followup section
When did this get turned on
What happened to my bullets
Rule 18
thanks button
Another social network?
Change your Display Name?
Support for .png images
Menu at Settings, Profile, Edit...friends list
Show "previous post - next post" at the top
Just got on Windows Secrets Lounge
determining read messages
Suggestion Box cleanup
Font sizes too small
Registered Member
Two suggestions from the registration process
Name Change
Date and time format
problems with the Lounge
Favicon not showing in link
List of online users at bottom of Lounge Lobby
Welcome, Windows Secrets readers and visitors
Yahoo Family
Display list of new messages in selected forums?
Email notifications
Announcements forum: Sign In button
FAQ: Get notifications of new threads in a forum
FAQ: Woody's merges with Windows Secrets
Our tiny URL,, makes short work of links
Drop-down pop-ups
Signature Again
A change in URLs is temporary
Deleted threads
No flags in Sig line
Composing post - Other Styles
skins with dark background
Lounge censor — Fixed
who replied last
Signature causing font problems — Fixed
The Thread Description Box
Less white space on message-composition screen
Thanks For Windows Secrets Subscription
Lounge Server Slowing Down?
Subscription auto pruning
Where has lounge search hidden?
Mark all threads read
Notification, but no posting
IPB's Rich Text Editor
Extend subscription offer
Name change
Problem with offer of 9 free utility programs
Problem with Windows Secrets Paid Extension
Problems with Windows Secrets Offer — Fixed
Flags and signature images
Email Notifications
Fixed items in known issues Days 11–15
Manage Notes
Lounge URLs and robots.txt
"Breadcrumb trail" incomplete when search fails
Title tag in signatures — solution
Automatic "correction" of upper case letters --
Acronym tag -- Fixed
Active Posts
Dan - thank you!
Quotation etiquette
What happened to the Lizard?
Multilevel bulleted lists
When you receive the offer via e-mail...
Missing Link to Lounge.
Problem Clearing New Posts Icon
Photo Pop-Up
Signing in
Thread Title in Preview
Top links don't
Trying to post video. -- Fixed
Signature images not showing
Underline Links
Signed In?
Email Notifications
A few emoticons are fixed to prevent accidents
A plan to fix relative times
Daily Lounge Diget
New Posts Icon Color
Re: The Lounge is moving to
The Lounge is moving to
Other styles - tags in the post editor
New Thread (Post) Markers
Followed Forums
Odd thread in Spreadsheets
Broken link in Brian's post on Days 9-10 (Fixed)
Post is cut off and other oddities
"Sign in anonymously" box
Indenting between code tags incorrect
Emoticons - and how they're selected
Re: Fixed items in known issues Days 9–10
Re: Fixed items in known issues as of Day 8
Allow x minutes' grace for correction of typos
Re: Fixed items in known issues as of Day 7
Searching in specific forums
Fixed items in known issues Days 9–10
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 8
Links not as intended in Star Posts for Office
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 7
Current Subscriptions
Folowed Items
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 6
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 5
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 4
"Calendar" tab
adobe acrobat integration?
Times Wrong
Thinly used forums merged into new, fat forums
Blank Daily Digest
Newest Member not accurate
Seeing Views
Top 20 Posters
Seen map seems to be held locally now
Display new posts- but only in 'followed' forums
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Your moderating team
Manage Friends
Forgotten password recovery
"Delete my cookies" link considered harmful*
What is Today?
Comments or Posts?
Time of Messages/Conversations is 5 hours out
View Online List
Editing a post
Inserting pictures in posts
Problems with lists in the plain text editor
Problem with "Other styles" in IE8
Icon should show you replied to a thread
Wider display
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 3
Welcome back, Lex
Substituting characters and smilies — fixed
Links still open in the same tab — Fixed
Who else is reading the current post
"and" in search — temporary workaround
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 2
Last Post who by info
Allow partial birthdate in Profile
Posts in Test Area
Your Personal Photo
Time of posts is 1 hour out
Fixed items in known issues as of Day 1
Display entire thread when composing reply
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Print/Save Thread Format
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Move Outlook Forum
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Your Daily New Topic Digest
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Hunting For Currently Online List, Vip Members..
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Saved Link Gives Internal Server Error
Problem With Code In Posts
Plainskin In Iphone View
Hard To Track What'S New
Links In Posts
View Count Missing
Spreadsheet Icon Missing
Updating Managed Forums
Cannot Edit Caps To Lowercase In Title
New Features Went Live On Oct. 30
We're Up! We're Up!
Re-enable Mail sync
Adding GIF to Signature?
Lounge offline 12:00 New York/17:00 GMT, Thurs., Oct. 29
Lounge offline 10:00 New York/14:00 GMT, Thurs., Oct. 29
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Windows 7 Forum - now open for business!
How do you create a bulleted list
Lounge Hiccup?
Personal request involving forum
Win 7 Forum
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Which forum to post?
One or all of your search keywords were below 2 characters, Searching for an explicit string.
Links in Woody's Digest refuse to open
User System Information
StuartR reaches 10,000 posts
StuartR has reached 10,000 posts...
Quick Access
Email changes to subscriptions
Period of grace for typo correction?
Please notify an administrator if you receive private messages with spam
Please notify an administrator if you receive private messages with spam
Old Smilies ... question
Changes to email notifications
Lexes from the old lounge
Where are all my old questions?
Quotes don't work in search
Retrieve previous post
Page Load Error
How Do I Subscribe
Smileys when I don't want them
Replying to PMs
Email Notification
Spell Check
Wondering about the "Quote" button
Fast Reply - turn off by default?
Some of the "old" smileys restored
Using Forum Subscriptions
Replies to Posts
Joe Perez has passed 10,000 posts
Inhibit smilies?
Access 2007_If.Then.Else statement
Change ID?
Staying logged in
How can I see all of my posts?
Daily digests
Red folders?
Being shut out
Search facility is really rather poor
Wishlist: Better Digest
Code Copyright Symbol Problems
Old Posts
Search failure?
One or all of your search keywords were below 2 characters
[tab] [/tab]
Wales has got talent....
Missing additional responses
My old posts with responses
Digest in HTML
Make Icon a little bigger?
Track a particular thread
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Deleting post on IE8
Search Options
List all my posts/post replies
Receiving replies by email
Subject line of email notifications of replies to my threads
Multiple copies of daily Digest
Might there be...
Daily Digests
Still not receiving Daily Digest
New lounge is slow?
Customizing Titles (?)
Flat v/s Threaded
Forum Subscriptions
Link Problems
Daily Digests in HTML Format
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Forum options
Can anything be done about the font used in CODE?
Composition and review
The Browser Refresh Key
Moderators by Forum
Where are my old posts?
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Thanks Leif
Wish List
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Posting code
What is ICQ UIN ?
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Tip: making clickable links the easy way
error no topics newer than this one
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how do I get automatic email notifications when ppl respond to thread
Marking posts as read - in Subscribed Forums?
Getting access to the Lounge
Attachment - open
Daylight Saving Time
Option to print a post
running out of space on my personal message box?
Compatability view
How do I change frequency on the digests??