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Renaming a sheet through VBA
Macro or vba to copy data from one file to another and then paste into notepad with specific nam
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High low points on a graph
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extracting the matched rows to another sheet
Comparing the columns.
From excel, create NEW Word document, paste data in Word, return to Excel FORM
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Excel problem
how to look and match values from result sheet to another sheet
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Ongoing Merging / Addition to spreadsheet
Comparing the worksheets, copying the result in third worksheet and highlighting the mismatches.
Question about Using Spreadsheet at Same time
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formula to compute product values
listbox to load todays records and yesterdays as well
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Regarding MS Word macro problem of taking automatic screenshot for websites.
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Adjust Pass, Fail formula with NA
Excel USERFORM print to pdf (and choose save location)
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Auto Numbering Rows (Take 2)
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Time Spent in Each Status Calculation
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Automatically change no. when Printing
Creating a Macro Enabled Seating Chart
Command Button Question
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VBA Code to Skip to the Next Empty Row
Formatting text for output to a CSV file
Copy ID's Main sheet
Next index match
Breaking ODBC link in Excel Workbook
Corrupt file in Excel Online
Excel - default application in Windows 10
Locked Excel.
pie chart help
Extracting Specific Name within LineItem
Macro to open specific file
Excel Options Save
Worksheet structure
Make a command button visible on a specific time interval of a day
Display 2 (or more) spreadsheets on my monitor?
unless i run the code using the run button
Macro/VBA Code Help
Changing listbox to textbox
HELP Looking up a specific data and criteria
Automatically filling in time increments
Excel to trigger Outlook reminders to multiple outlook users
Filling in to complete line items in a downloaded csv file.
How to display log entries in a pivot table setup
formatting dates
index, matching error on returning a text value
Corrupt file in Excel Online
filtering listbox using more than one filter
Vlookup to Count the Number Days Between Values with Empty Rows
Sum by Days of Week
VBA code to find and move specific words from a cell.
VBA Code for Transfer data from multiple wokbooks to master workbook
Cell reference in centre footer
Exit VBA on any error anywhere.
Import data based on specific criteria
Macro to delete column based on cell value
Outlook Calendar Reminder from Excel
Checking a range of paired data sets (StartPoint, Endpoint) for overlaps
Adding comments to unlocked cells
I'm Going Nuts! Excel VBA Open Other Workbook, Copy Sheet1, Paste into Active WorkBook etc.
Set as default number in excel file
How can I change Output (a Range Object) of an InputBox as the row changes
Worksheet change code
Excel combination of a case and if then statement
Tidying up Macros
vlookup in VBA
Affix a date to each column header in first row
Set colour of a row of cells to RGB based on the value in Column A
using a formula to subtract dates, always ending up with the last day of the month
Totaling Cells as New Sheets are Created
Copy rows from one sheet to another using certain criteria
Hide/unhide a tab based on a cell
Excel has found a problem and needs to close down
Macro for other files
Finding the date that has the highest revenue
Speed up the Worksheet_Change
Please help me with this excel generator
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Translate workbook
Counting customers in a Bar
Date Question
Simple Database not working-need help to find out why
Count ranges containing non-blank cells
Create basic reminder on outlook
Office 2016 updates
Excel 2007 Insert Sheet is Greyed Out.
Conditional Formatting
How do I combine Subtotal and Countif in a dataset?
how can get a table with nonempty columns from a main table
Conditionally show/hide charts
Importing PDF comments into Excel Spreadsheet?
address of nonempty cell
Conditional Formatting
Excel Help Wanted
Closest Match Formula
Summarizing data from multiple spreadsheets onto one
Excel Charts Displaying Improperly with PDF Printer Selected
Concatenation and dates in multiple formats
Formula column in MS Query
cells with Index/Match formula won't update automatically!
Chart Expert Needed re Bar Chart Colors
Macro to extract data
conditional formatting using formula not working
Date Formula
Set bar chart y-axis min, max and unit
Excel Sort and move row to another worksheet based on column cell value
Multiple spreadsheets, one sheet into a master workbook
Error Message when selecting options > Formulas
Std. Dev. for non-zero values only?
can't figure it out: need help copying cell value to cell bellow with condition.
Pass / Fail for classes
Print Select Pages of a PDF base on Cell Data
Count non-contiguous cells that are not empty
Convert cross-sectioned data into unpivoted spreadsheet
Possible VLookup formula
Cells Range Excel to Outlook for 2013 and 2016
Copy / Append in different workbooks
Extracting data from multiple spreadsheets
Setting up constant in Macro to change all text
VbOKOnly pops up twice!
mailing unsaved excel spreadsheet in office 2010
Is there a way to give the user an option between sending worksheet "Project" in pdf format or Excel
Is there a way to go from userform1 to userform 2 first page
How i can add . full stop after the first letter in a label/Userform?
Userform to add or subtract date from calendar (Datepicker)
Find First Formula In a Range that Evaluates to a Number
Text pattern recognition
An easier way to filter?
List of Shapes in a Sheet (Excel 2003, Windows 10)
Extracting Names when selecting account name
Need application to stop if file exists
Orion and Spreadsheet
allow to fill next row only if previous is filled
Excel 2016 Toolbars
Formula help
EXCEL.EXE*32 remains running after closing Excel 2013 every other time
Using .send or .Display in outmail code depending on cell value
Mass info deletion
Conditional Formatting - works on some cells and not on others
Change sign of cell value based on another cell content
I hope somebody can help me with this.
Move CSV Files from source folder including sub-folders
Microsoft Outlook Message Appears
Last 30 days of data
Lengthy comments within EXCEL
Cumulative networkdays formula
WPS equivalent of Excel Personal.xls file
Send Reminders/Tasks to Outlook from Spreadsheet
Just a small VBA mystery
Set up Wood Round Up file for new year
searchable drop down menu
Replacement for Microsoft Map
Simple if then formula not working
wait a second..
restrict VBA to a specific workbook
Transferring Multiple Lines of Data From Form to Worksheet-Data Expands Down on Worksheet
Macro runs only on my excel/PC not on others excel/pcs
Please Help me rewrite this VBA code! Toggle on/off
Userform keeps appearing every time i clear content using macros!
Background Query Refresh in Hidden Tab
Is there a way to save only one worksheet called "GL" and close without prompt?
Keying in time without using colon between hours and minutes
Count the number of unique entries in a range
Specifying the scope of a macro
VBA to pull data
Copy Fill Color Yellow
I need help with a Userform!
Shading / FIll Radar Chart - Help with VBA Code
Excel 2010 - startup
Excel 2010 Customize Ribbon - Wrong XLAM Folder Reference
Clear data except Formulas & any coloured items
Excel VBA: Formula to Count Specific Values in AutoFiltered Column
Finding single cells that include an implied value within a range-of-values (not range-of-cells).
Hide Row in Worksheet so it Doesn't Show on Userform
Extract Specific Month and Year
Vlookup not working
Need help with finding yearly dates
Randomize Label Info
Calculating Pivot Table Percentages using external totals
Merging Several Workbooks into one
User Registration Routine Crashes Excel 2010
student ranking question
SendKeys question
Logical Formula to lookup value
Global Variable
Error on opening in Protected View
Print 3-up checks from Excel
Regression label position
trendline error
Loop through CSV files, appending selected rows from each to existing Excel file
Macro to send customized mail body for reminders
Copy data from open workbook to closed workbook
Move entire contents of cell based on specific character
Simple SAVEAS to another computer question
Excel 2013\2016 - saving window size with file
Countif & Sumproduct
Finding value in text string
Turn off Chrome Column auto-resize?
Passing Arguments in Functions
Updating files from the Internet - a couple of tweaks
Update Task Reminder Sheet to populate into Outlook
Help with code (or other suggestions)
Excel Pivot Table Value Field Settings for Median
Excel Form Stopped Working Properly
Transferring duplicate data from multiple rows into a single row - Pls Help
Looking for Charting Suggestions
excel copy paste dates wrong numbers
Download Json Data to excel
VBA code in 1 function works; not in another
Combine specific rows from multiple workbook in to one workbook
Excel 2013/2016: How to Save Picture In Cell To Disk
Behaviour different between "Running" and "Stepping" the code
Copy items based on certain criteria
summing by colour on pivot table
Combo Box's Drop-Down List Appearance
Scheduling and Calendar
Deleting potentially lots of rows based on a cell = 0
Converting to CSV Truncates Decimals
Need help with little vba project, xlsm gone wild
Weekday Error
VBA formula needs quotes
Copy codes
Connecting Excel to Power BI Account
Split Excel worksheet into multiple worksheets based on a column with VBA
Using VLookup - Referencing more than 1 column
Excel 2016 Crashes During Margin Adjustments in Print Preview Mode
How Do I Sort a Pivot Table on Grand Total with Multiple Columns?
Copy Values > 0 based on certain criteria
Use of Wildcard in File Name with Workbooks.Open in VBA Excel 2013
AutoFilter by Array truncates
folders and subfolders exdatafiles copy from Sheet 1 and sheet 2 to Master file sheet 1 and sheet2
Can I create a Template form in excel with serial numbers each time template opens?
Excel datasource mailmerge querystring problem
Need leading zeros exported to text file
Generate overview in Word containing different tables and with Excel source
Dynamic Range across rows
Conditional Formatting if another cell is modified
Why? Object Required error
Combo Box on Data Form
Macro to adjust text file and create a 2nd text file
Help with a Custom Formula Conditional Formatting Rule
Find Specific Text in Cell and Return a Specific Value
Vlookup issue
Match Formula Problem
Removing the Read-Only attribute from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet?
Can't Solve a Simple Conditional Formatting Issue: Help?
Combine Multiple Conditional Formatting Rules
Find number appearing in three different columns including a lookup
Calculate commission problem when commission is COGS and based on gross profit
Pulling Information from 1 Excel File to Another
Macro to insert rows & Copy Data
Excel Making Large Addition Errors
Stratify Word Occurrences in a Range
Computing Remaining life and no. of months
Excel not displaying all work sheets
Multicells goal seek
Excel 2010 (Windows 7) Need help with macro to fill down a column
Modify another type of TEXT file (from Quick Books)
Typing Data into a Textbox on a Userform
Macro run from another macro
Convert mins into hours
Identifying text vs. a number in a cell question
Compare 2 values and return back the exchange rate based on the closest date
column charts labels
Find Duplicates and flag it.
Function selection
VBA Code to pull out the data from another sheet basis on multiple criteria's
Prompt for and then fix a TXT file
Downloaded spreadsheet not opening properly
Index Indirect Match Function on Closed Workbook
Excel - Huge Data Pile > Select Info to Email
Excel 2016 Publish to Power bl
Find text string in an ARRAY of cells
Advanced Filter Macro
Dropdown list kind of like a 'select' dropdown in HTML
vlookup on merged cells
Add-Ins strange behavior
Disable cell based on another cell value
Auto numbering rows
Vlookup problem pertining to two sheets
How to sort a column based on the last word in each row of that column
Excel Multiple IF logic scenario.
Excel Multiple IF logic scenario.
Hyperlink with different text
How to set default version: 2010 or 2016?
VBA Language Specification Document
Modify Code to Find Last Row in Range
Displaying whole HTML tables, properly formatted, and top-aligned with specific rows.
Need Formula to read 2017 dated
solve for T
Need help with the graph to not end in zero
Quit without saving
Unexpected new behaviour; XL 2016 opening files via VBA
Logging Data in same sheet when criteria is met
Dependent drop down lists
Counting Formula
Cell Referencing Help
Excel 2010 Issues
VBA Project not showing Visible, etc. oiptions
Problem with existing spreadsheet developed by Zeddy (Take Two!)
Happy Independence Day
Copy Data from one sheet to another
VBA code drops total line of TXT file. URGENT help needed if possible.
control sheet signatures
picking up code from text
Compare actual formulas (formula verification)
Macro to select multiple items from a dropdown with file password protected
Compute variance in two columns
Help with an IF statement in Excel
Compare Two Sheets and Highlight Differences
Macro to open specific workbooks and copy data
Programmatically displaying Add-Ins tab
Sharing a spreadsheet on a local area network?
Sorting question/issue
Macro to pull out data of multiple items selected from dropdown to seperate worksheet
Timer / Countdown code?
Checking Bingo Cards
Calendar dropdown doesn't appear
Help with Formula - Nested?
Macro Required to Extract Data
computing the passing score
Comparing Account numbers
Array Formula only returns value of first incident?
Macro to pull out the graph from excel to powerpoint
Shuffle Data
Linking Excel sheet to shared Outlook tasks
formula help
Macro to open workbook and copy data to appropriate sheet
Spin Button (Form Control) odd behaviour
Changing default cursor in excel - how to ?
Change cell background color if cell is copied.
Macro to compute average till blank cell appears in adjacent column
multiple conditional formating conditions for one cell
Excel 2016 question
Conversion of Raw Scores to Numerical Grade Equivalent
A formula for obtaining a subtotal for a counta formula
Excel 2010 - date field leading space and serial value problems
Excel 2013 - Conditional Formatting - Bug?
Excel - Change cell background color
Hyperlink Range
Macro for update the sheet automatically from master sheet
Macro to attach the excel files that resides under a particular directory
Numbers to Words (money)
Excel - clearing the print area in a workbook called up from another workbook
Automatic Sending of Calendar Reminder in Outlook based from Excel worksheet cell value
Unix time to Excel formula not working
How to copy Password Protected Xcel spreadsheets
CEll Comment Formatting, from VBA
Shopping basket or items most frequently picked together (large data)
Stuck on formula for stock management
Anyone still has any Excel 4 Excel Macro Language examples?
Auto Data Display by Scanning. Please help
formula needed for excel
LookIn:=xlValues not working
change cell color by clicking in Excel 2010
Excel, max if for partial text
Need to create multiple files from a template.
Google Maps distance between 2 points
Goal Seek and Locked cells
Comparing data in columns
Excel Linking to Outlook Calendar
Multi-Sheet Referencing & Validation
Cell does not display formula results
Highlighting rows in excel on mouse over?
fixing formulas that are off by 4 rows
Extracting specific characters (numbers) within a cell
Displaying date across a workbook in EXCEL
Combining code
Code to compute sub-total data two rows after last value in each group
Similar numbers to update other Column
VBA - hyperlink to PDF print
Update the second sheet column
update emails and calendar notifications based on excel dates
Enable/disable one cell based on another cell
copying Data from one sheet to another and counting.
Error message, "This action won't work on multiple selections"
excel 2007 iterative (benchmark?) run
Excel Chart - Non-Linear Scaling of Y Axis
Second instance doesn't load default workbook
VBA Copy data from active worksheet to closed workbook
Copy sheet from many workbooks into one workbook
Shortcut Usage - Urgent
MailMerge - Macro from Excel to Outlook
Search .pdf, .doc, .ppt files for information contained in excel cells and return path
Visual Basic Error - Worksheet Visibility
Vlookup For Multiple Events
Saving a word document from excel using some information from a userform.
How can I get Excel to send automatic emails
Calculating 21 working days bewteen two dates
Excel 2010 Hangs with Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
How to send auto reminder when approaching a date in excel
Need to get this txt file in a more excel friendly format (possible MACRO?)
Formula to change as Pivot table range changes
Excel count by color
Sorting Verses Using VBA
changing a column of numbers to date and reformat to a custom date
Excel - Multiple Conditional formatting to groups of cells within same sheet
Sending EmailS
Macro/Script needed to extract certain XML tag (element) data out and put into Excel Spreadsheet
Excel 2013 - Imported text won't convert to numbers
Copying a desired sheet
code not working in Office 64
Copy Data where value is not zero or Blank
Making Copy Workbook Before Transferring Data
Excel workbook names do not appear
Macro for WebQuery
"global" workbook accessed by another workbook.
Year Change
Macro to expand and collapse
Copy Data from One Workbook and Move it to Another Workbook
Excel appointment calendar AND contact system
Problem with Microsoft Excel 2002 File Saving
Conditional locked cells
Automatically send email based on Excel cell values - Different email address per line (Macro)
Substituting a Name
Text Box Question
Performance issue with Named Ranges
Excel 2016 - does not save!
delete unwanted rows multiple tabs
Delete unwanted rows
VBA code enhancement.
Excel to Lotus Notes 8.5- Multiple Addressees and References
VLookup, or Index and NestedIF's
Macro to autofill
Dynamic ranges - performance comparison
Contents of multiple PDF files copied to Excel
calculating gradient and direction
Macro to Extract reminder dates into Outlook calender
help in unique sequence numbering
Find Specific Text in Cell
Painted Myself into a Corner with VBA Code
How Email Excel Cell values
Change Cell Location Call out Quickly
Updating Existing Excel Project
Concatenate multiple cells based on separate identical cells
Need you help again. ASAP if possible.
Total,Set Range and Publish PDF
Copy specific workbooks from one folder (including sub-folders) to another
Excel Processing After Being Closed-Shows up in Task Manager
Help? Calculating CAGR & my Spreadsheet blew up! ;-)
Copy range worksheets to master workbook?
starting Excel 2013 opens extra empty workbooks
Marking-removing-filtering unwanted data from a long list
Automatically send email in Excel if cell is blank - need your help ASAP please!
Need your help guys. ASAP if possible.
Need help. ASAP if possible