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Marking-removing-filtering unwanted data from a long list
Automatically send email in Excel if cell is blank - need your help ASAP please!
Need your help guys. ASAP if possible.
Need help. ASAP if possible
Please help me with this excel file. ASAP if possible.
When Opening Form Only File, the Worksheet Flashes Before the Form Opens
Show Form Only
Excel 13 on Windows 10 and Toshiba Laptop
Just a test, ignore
SUMIFS with multiple sum_range & multiple criteria ALSO 1 criteria range has two acceptable criteria
Pivot table calculation and sort
Sending Automatic Emails based on cell values
Generate custom code to find matched cells between any two ranges on same or different sheets
Code to select ID
spreadsheet merge/report question
VBA to match two ranges then copy fill color from source range to destination range
Automatic Sending E-mail When Date Has Expired
Drop down list to return multiple values based on another sheet.
Code to Use for Worksheet Where Data Changes Often
Automatically Sending an Email when Conditional Formatting Update
Excel VBA to list and move all files in a directory
convert vertical text groups to horizontal columns
Using a Label Vs. a Text Box to Show Data from Worksheet Cells on a User Form
Excel 2010 Spin Buttons vanishing! Workaround, or try Excel 2007/2013? Mission-critical
Using a formula instead of Goal Seek
Merging documents
Using Subtotal to sum filtered column of numbers but exclude negative values
Data from server application to master file
Open last spreadsheet on startup, or ask which one to open?
compare records with two sheets in vba
How to automate Excel to Outlook task update with VBA
Sending mail depend upon cell value.
Find maximum in chart range
Cannot get Vlookup to Work
How to add years into this vba code?
I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet to keep track of my tips by shift, day week, month and year.
Using VBA to Scramble Rows of Data for Quiz
excel 2013 power map crashing after launching it
Trying to calculate income spread across months
Macro Open One File at a time
Excel 2010 Interface Change?
Link Excel cell(s) to Word without Excel formatting
Increasing memory performance of Excel without moving to 64-bit Office
Excel in OneNote
Logbook Application
Save all Sheets as CSV
VBA using date
Error Handling problem Excel 2013
Create an Org Chart/Vertical Hierarchy tree with VBA
Create an Org Chart/Vertical Hierarchy tree with VBA
Excel 2016: Less fits on the screen, can't reduce
Slicer to print an excel data into PDF
VBA - find matches, then copy/paste comments
Workbook VBA project stays in memory after the workbook is closed redux
Deleting Text from Multiple Bookmarks
Copy paste columns cell data to below column A TO D and fill dates
Excel 2010: Is it possible to save multiple workbooks in a single Excel file (i.e., as 1 workbook)
Row insertion help
Copy value if cell is empty
Averaging time values in Excel
Two open Excel files on a split screen
How to set the SubTotal TotalList using a variant instead of an array
Download from website
Account Family's: Multiple applications
consolidation of excel files for monthly reporting
Finding blank cells and emailing attached person
Generating multiple charts from pre-existing graphs
quick access toolbar height
Save as csv creates trailing space
Inserting file name in an excel file
Listing items in order of preference
Selecting data from a worksheet using a combo box
Exchanging a month number to its assigned month name
Vba code to apply multiple autofile
Delete Button
Division by zero problem
Excel VBA Code Obfuscator
Excel Column Charts with only numbers; and summing multi-row data
Copy a Wks Print Settings to Multiple Wks
ActiveCell.Offset Problem
Lottery Number Picker
Need VBA code to open PDF file and strike one word
Prevent Workbook From Opening (VBA)
Mutiple Criteria
VBA for Text-to-Columns
Macro to delete certain cells if certain value is found
Move a row with Spin up & spin down - Skip rows containing a specific value
Add the values of an online table into a excel Cell
Calculate Average and Total on Budget Spreadsheet
run-time error: 91 in a VBA
Amalgamate Data Formula
Is it possible to make appointments in excel transfer to Outlook?
Can click event be called from different event?
Opening Excel Spreadsheet from Internet Explorer
How to retrieve deleted data in google spreadsheet
Creating a calendar template or macro (Excel 2010)
Index and Match Problem
Match Name and update ID
Alternative to vlookup
Vlookup using Dashboard
Unable to format this column
Combining Multiple IF Statement with AND and OR
Prevent Transfer of Excel Workbook
Working with Shape names
Explanation please!
Excel macro that change formats without request
Vlookup on two columns
Calender in worksheet - How can insert?
Macro for data cleaning
Auto fill Formula
Hairy IF Statement?
Changing Horizontal axis location on Chart
IF test: leave cell as is
Spreadsheet request
capture data from other sheets: which approach is better?
Lottery Winnings Summary Sheet
Workbook Sharing
Copying a cell contents of another location and filling until the next criteria
SUMIF multiple sheets
New tabs in Excel 2016
List the numbers that their sum is equal to the desired value
Excel 2016 vs. Excel 2010
Set up Outlook reminders from Excel 2013 based on date generated by a formula
Excel Sort Issue
Excel2013 - trihexadecimal numbers
Copy VBA variable's numeric value to clipboard
Purchasing Excel and Word
Excel 2010 - Out of Resources Error
Problem with existing spreadsheet (developed by Zeddy)
Excel training tutorials
Form with various kinds of questions.
Added power map add in but no icon in insert tab
Excel keeps randomly crashing
Problem with SumProduct - can I protect a row ?
Trying to fix a formula issue using "trim"
Keep getting recalculating message box when saving
Counting colours from conditional formatting
Need help with modifying Excel WORKDAY function
Formula Rounding
SUMIFS formula-#VALUE Result??
Excel to folders
Auto Update and Auto Sort the Second sheet from the First Sheet
Import multiple XML files into Excel
Numerical sorting question
Help with chart
How do I get a value from the previous monthly spreadsheet to add to the current month spreadsheet
excel bar
Working with a form for quizzes
Custom Sort in Pivot Table
Macro to unzip and copy files
Automation error
Number format question
Opening SAS/ASCII dataset in excel
Grouping changes in VBA
Finding First and Last Items
Using Goal Seek on Multiple Rows
Indirect Validation formula getting corrupted - part 2
Using Check Box to show only rows of data that contain a specific word
Protect Range with Password
Saving a file under VBA with cell reference
Trying to restore automatic download
Bid tracker workbook for excel
Finding rows with a blank first cell and concatenating other cells in the row with the cell above
Outlook reminders from Excel - YES, AGAIN!
Update Data in Worksheet with Userform
How to plot 2 values per row sequentially?
Import xlsx sheet from server to existing workbook, etc.
Save Selection of a Sheet as PDF
Match Columns from two sheets get results
Select unique records and save to new text file
Copying data with two criteria, from a grid work sheet to another worksheet
Pivot Table filter by Year
Can I control printing with a macro
Help needed with a formula combining lookup and if statement - Excel 2010
Excel: Send Range of Cells to Email Based on Contents of Cells?
Excel: Send Range of Cells to Email Based on Contents of Cells?
Help with writing data using VBA
Averages from data in table based on 3 requirements
Blocks on Excel 2013 When Maximized on 28" Screen (Dell P2815Q)
Print list of PDFs from URLs in Excel columns using Macros or VBA script?
Help with sumproduct
UDF to parse formula
Macro to Extract/Update certain data from text file to spreadsheet
Data Recovery Software to repair and open corrupted file
Populating via "Lookup" (Maybe)
Calculating time difference in military time
Want to Learn Excel?
Combining amounts from two different schedules into one schedule
Import a Specific File
Copy value from a internet page
Move Files from one folder to another based on date
Transfer value of combobox in userform1 to textbox in userform2
Pull Out Number if Cell Contains a Number
Macro to open up files and copy to row after last data
Print Macro for several sheets
Create Reminder in Outlook using Data from Excel
Change VBA code to allow both string and integer to be entered into a text box
How to set up a colour code system using excel
I need to Pull data from one sheet to another based off cell value
Search file content for a specific string contained in cell and return the file path in next column.
Copying a file from One Folder to another
Summarising Registrations
How to have user add a line keeping formatting and average running correctly.
Interactive scatter chart with mouse
Conditional Formatting
Macro to show sheet name and value where the is a variance
Changes for Excel 2016?
Delete Unwanted Lines from Text File.
ms excel or open office spreadsheet
Help with Code
Create Excel Form to collect data from emails
Macro or tool to compare two Excel spreadsheets
Strange = behavior has me pulling my hair out.
Create formulas in Excel and populate reminders in Outlook (Excel newbie)
How to automate process of replacing semi-colon within cell with line break (Alt-Enter)
sumproduct vs sumif formula
Opening multiple Excel windows - Excel 2010, Windows 7
Having troubles with conditional formatting formula
"upgrade" of pivot table
Help Import Text File and Create Summary
Formula to compute value in Total row based on Column Heading in seperate sheet
Code to email Sheets
Function for compound interest
Can an Excel sheet show a description of the custom sort levels in the header/footer?
Code to help user memorize stuff
Help with CSV. Copy values from 100 CSVs into an excel
Help with CSV. Copy values from 100 CSVs into an excel
Rounded number format
Excel 2016 default book isn't working
Show or hide rows in each sheet except Master sheets
Running Excel2016 and other Excel versions on same computer
Display only one record before sending email
Excel novice pulling my hair out-Vlookup doing random math & can't find external links
Excel -> Outlook Task Reminder
Can't make date format match downloaded data
Excel Calc to increment a value.
Data Validation - List change
How to assign monthly reminders from Excel to Outlook
Radio buttons on a form
Using the Excel Name box
Prevent Copying of Cells into Workbook
Format cell for dates & e-mail addresses and have cursor return to start position
Excel Cannot Complete Task with available resources
Conditional Validation and No Null Field requirements
Can a Custom Sort created in an Excel worksheet be used in another worksheet?
Microsoft Excel has stopped working
Excel VBA exits on function call
Sort dates in ascending order
Difference between afterupdate and exit
Remove specific conditional formatting
Moving from Excel 2010 to Excel 2013
Pulling data from 11 workbooks to summary workbook
Interior color change event
Excel VBA Code To Change a Frame's Properties
Creating sheets and copying data
Extracting uppercase text from a string
Script or macro needed, or instructions to create same
Emailing Files
Permitting users to edit only their protected tabbed sheet in a shared excel 2013 workbook
Possible to compare data of two sheets with VBA?
Excel - Macro to allow different clicks for different view zooms
Excel 2010 The clipboard cannot be emptied. Another program might be using the clipboard.
VBA Code to convert Numbers to Time
Need formula to eliminate values
Transposing data from a horizontal schedule to a vertical schedule using formulas
Calculate gross after net less a tax rate
Time Stamping For Excel Documents when opened and closed
Trying to work out a formula to sum 7 days of data
Formatting Time in VBA so user can enter am/pm in cell
Excel 2010 File Sharing Violation - or file corruption ?
Anyone else use ASAP Utilites...
Excel Films
Need formula help
Issues opening an Excel 2013 worksheet by right click
Max/Min on Index Match Based on Color
Can't make excel 2010 start with default template
Changing Date format from one to another
Excel Online - Custom Number Format
Date and Time
Assign different values to Yes/No (Yes can be 1,2, or 3, No is 0) and total
Formatting for Word
Export multiple (specific) worksheets to CSV files in a specified directory
Open, Copy, and Paste macro in Excel 2010
Unable to find next blank line and move data
Excel macro to remove rows
problems with vlookup
Problem with updating Charts Excel 2013
Formula to increase % of units based on site type
Trying to capture a constantly updated value, Excel 2013
Hyperlink to spreadsheet tabs
Moving sheet...
Macro to copy values from a closed workbook to the current workbook
Export Excel spreadsheet to fixed-width text file
Condense Text Running Down a Column
How to enter data into a table and have it name and populate a given template
VBA code to apply conditional formating
How to align Bold words to the left or right
Utility or Productivity Suites for Excel
Conditionally format a row in which a cell meets the condition
In dire need for help with Searching in list...
Macro to read filenames from a folder and create delimiter text file
Excel Recent List (Excel 2007 - Win 7)
Macro to moves files based on a period
How to index match MAX or MIN value of a partial text in a table
How to refresh separate-instance workbooks?
Macro Help Please
Need to revise code in spreadsheet
Sorting items by color
User Defined function problem
Macro to use advanced filter to extract data to respective sheets
Convert Formula to Macro
Add Date Range to SUMPRODUCT Formula
Using Data Validation With a Custom Formula
Excel 2010 - startup macro problems
Custom Date Format
Excel dates to Outlook reminder
Hyperlink in VBA
Wood Roundup file
Populate Cells Based on Matched Criteria and Enter Value From Another Cell
Summarizing the totals of a subtotal worksheet
Excel - coloring points from complex selection of points and sorting
How to add a Pop-up message
Filter selection across columns
Text suggestion & Type determination based on predetermined item name list...
Macro to zip files in folder and sub-folder
Alphabetical Sorting in VBA
ClearContent with Range
VBA txt log file maker for 3 separate .txt log files - needs "overhaul"
Result extraction back to "Sub worksheet_change"
Unable to open dbf with Excel
Formula with 2 IF's and 3rd statement instead of 0 ending
Move zip fles , except last zip file
Error invoking Excel from Access 2013
Opening Excel 2013 XLSM opens XLSB? - can't hide
Code not working on most of data set
Expanding formula to a range...
Need help with subroutines...
Code to prevent Duplicate Worksheet Names
Sorting Sheet Tabnames by group type, number and tab colour
Lottery Workbook Update
Simplifying VBA
Decipher Line of Code
Need SheetName handling help :)
I need help with one If statement...
Execute Worksheet_change after sheet was updated via vba...
How to set email reminders from Excel
Macro to move file from one folder to another
Update 2nd sheet when 1st sheet changes...
Combo Box data disappears after first use
Module to print a series of PDF files from within Excel 2010
A simpl(ish) way of getting the nth word
A Bit of Nostalgia While Choosing which Excel to Open a File
Populate Cells with Row/Column Intersection
Conditional Format
Type mismatch help
Front End/Back End solution
Corrupt excel .XLSX file
Import Data date changes
change column or rows without affecting other columns and rows
Macro to delete unwanted Rows
How to pass the result of a Frequency Function to an array
Pivot Tables for excel 2010 total count greater than 5
Number of journeys on a particular day
Clearing Data in same row based on certain Criteria
Vba code help to sum dynamic range of columns
Formatting longer numbers as text gives the 'E' expression
Web Data Query Possibilities
Adding physical dashes into text-formatted numbers
Text box value from a web page copy and paste
VBA Code to Get Value from A Cell in Another Worksheet
VBA to validate the data
JSON format and VBA
Clearing Form After Entering Data
Excel 3d charts
Disabling paste into cells
Delete leading/trailing spaces from a range. Excel 2003 VBA
Fiscal Year
Need chart help
Moving formula from sheet to VBA...
help with time in excel
Trigger A to Z sorting without knowing the exact starting row...
Delete cell contents once another cell has data
my start menu is missing an 'arrow'
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2010)
Making Monopoly game on Excel spreadsheet
how to get the count of passed rows and display in summarysheet
Copy pasting a cell range involving three sheets and batch processing
Convert Data to US Map
Dynamically expanding template, cell numbering & turning formula to value after running.
Move file from One folder to another
Count Time Entries
Is IE Web Browser Excel's only default for web DATA query ?
Formatting Text Boxes in User Form
More than 2 contains filters using autofilter in VBA
sleep diary
Seemingly Complex Counting
repetitive line graphing strikes again
Add text to a formula
Locking Pie chart wedge colours
spreadsheet with minutes
sort into rainbow order; Excel2007+
VBA to color Active.Cell with Arrow key syntax
Converting Google Drive Docs to Google Sheets that I could use and keep up to date
How to send email automatically when cell value changes
Copy and paste cell value based on fill color
Apply a rule to all worksheets
Unknown Files
Using excel to create task reminders in outlook
Date filter criteria not being applied
Excel SUM formula
Index match paradox
Copy Data problem
How To Separate Text And Numbers From A String
Where's help for VBA in Excel
Importing file names and listing
Interrogating data #2
Relative to Absolute Macro for If Statements
Rename the sheet with cell value.
Sorting monthly sales after checking date...
Correct syntax for ElseIf formula
Macro to Open workbooks and copy data to respective sheets
Where do I find a list of all possible actions for .cell
Interrogating data
Worksheet Tab Conditional Formatting According To Date
Sorting a Pivot Table by value - Excel
Reduce stocks of items by 1 when a button is hit
Adding Lastworkday Date
refresh appears to delete rows of cells
Automating single iterations to test random data
VBA Code to send email from secondary account
Showing (or formatting) only columns that have an item in another column
Google Doc Spreadsheet with row protection...
Conditional Formatting - Changing Font Color Changes Font Face
Copy Data to specific rows
Want to add functionality in the macro
Conditional formatting if cell value is < or > value in another cell
Formula to extract new account number
Capturing a count that later changes
Sorting multiple worksheets at once
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2010)
Pivot table: How to count the same variables in different columns
Percentage of total...GOOGLE Sheets
EXCEL: How do I use 'SUMIFS' with multiple criteria but a 'sumrange' of multiple columns.
Excel tables
Unusual Table Lookup
Set up Outlook calendar reminders from Excel for follow ups
Paste an array to another with beginning the next empty range
Problem with drop down and Vlookup (Might use a while loop)
Formula to compute net amount per control
Pivot table sorting
Excel Save as CSV Question
Move a range of cells up or down of another to change sequence of production items
clear contents of a range beginning from last row with null value at a cell in a given range
VBA Code to Open Workbooks saved in a common folder and copy data into destination workbook
distribute data over a length of time
how to create backup file in Office Excel 2007
Additional Help Please
Vba code to merge differnt sheets from different workbook into different workbooks.
Sending emails and referencing specific cells
Sort cells between 2 sheets
Using AVERAGEIF and OFFSET for the range
Sparklines: Conditional formatting?
Excel 2010 - Deleting columns
On Selecting subcategory from the dropdown respective main category should display in the next colum
Not sure what function I need to use.
Follow Up to Jaggi's Closed Post
sumproduct: 0 vs valid value (Excel 2010)
Getting error Excel is not able to complete the task/ out of memory
Code to add data using entry form
Problem with Excel 2003 toolbar buttons
Lock the cell after the date is added.
Problem updating links to another workbook
Closing a thread
Problems moving Excel control sheet
need help to copy data from one file and paste it into another
How to set tip in text box in Excel
2 computers - vba to extract data from access works on one but not the other
VBA to copy the header and copy range
Help with nesting Sumproduct and Countifs
Can someone explain problems with .xlsx files?
Inescapable code
3 Email notification before expiry dates
Is this a Word or Excel issue? Mail Merge font problem.
3 Email notification from Excel before expiry of date
Want to return Data Validation list location
Need Excel print macro to exclude few worksheets from printing
Search / read text file
Convert excel formula to vba code
How to Populate Word Form fields using excel data
Excel 2010 - Formula to get result of basic sum and replicate into every 5th column
Linking spreadsheets to calculate totals
Count by days of the week
VBA code to browse to/open an excel file, select data, then transpose it into the original file
Having an issue with my Pivot Table, wondering if someone can help me and show me the way
VBA to import all sheet