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adding Setup, Uninstall to an excel workbook or Folder
Quirky Sorting (2003)
Numbering with Fill Handle
Calculating last day of previous month
Extract surname in vba
hiding or making a row not visible based on other cell values
Make a cell flash
Time Format
Problem w/ basic Array Formula
Text to Column
Date formula
Upload Calendar
Countif Question
Chart With 1800's, 1900's, and 2000's Dates
Shading not displaying
detrending data
An Easy One
Final value in a column
Find in VBA
Date Format
Comparing fields
Tab Name In Worksheet
Excel to PDF
Shade total rows in pivot table
Custom formatting of numbers
Highlight Filter (Addin)
Calculating dates in reverse; always 'land on' a Friday
Sum Function
Indian Style numerics (Excel 2003)
Text Auto Filters: Print Full List?
Need quick easy Macro
Showing correct value in MSForms.Combobox
Excel 2009 - Diff of two dates
registry key for Show Standard and Formatting toolbars on two rows
Problem opening Excel file
Shell Command
Animate text
Conditional Format - SOLVED
Chart Events in Microsoft Excel
Automating Synonyms from Thesaurus
VBA to create button from the forms toolbar
Favourite Excel Blogs
Adding line in column chart
VBA to update link then protect
Relative/absolute macro recording toggle button vanished
Populate a calendar from a list in excel
Send worksheet in email
Securing cells
mail to link
Create Lotus Notes appointments from an Excel Macro
Selection too large (2003)
Very strange occurrance with this formula
Change calculation default in Pivot table
max entries in filter in 2007
Select non-contiguous cells in 2007
Formatting a cell so "0" doesn't show
Disabling addins
VBA to replace existing report
Long Recorder Macro (Excel 2003)
long long numbers
Delete a named sheet
VBA in Excel 2007
Insert rows where data changes
Check for duplicates in range
text string multiple search
Very Basic Excel Question -- Text vs Numbers
Insert Rows without Formatting
String - Numeric value issues
Find if a cell value Repeats in variable range
Just Changed from Excel 2003 to 2007
Formula (Excel 2003)
Filter Advanced by Month
Personal Macro Book (Excel 2003)
Extracting Hyperlink text Excel 2003
Password Workbook
Insert Hard Breaks
Hard Breaks
Excel color palette
Median, Min, Max
Data mining and extraction in excel 2007
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2003)
Time Format - 12-hour WITHOUT "AM/PM"
pivot table / graph advice
3-D reference formula
Find Dialog Box
Data lables using text instead of values
Worksheet_Change Event
COUNTIF with multiple criteria
Linking Data from different sources
Accessing Excel 2003 workbook's colors in 2007
Dynamic date in chart title...
City/State break with multiple names in city
Vlookup automation (Excel 2003)
Coloring cells
Bolding columns or rows
Calculating Months
Macros saved in a file missing
Question of Power
Userform to open worksheet
Strange .onaction behaviour
long formula (Excel 2003)
calculation automatic / manual
Excel not updating cells
Excel 2003 Toolbars
See The XP Forum
Combo Box
OPEN new session of Excel
Default Open With When Both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007
Compare Cell Ranges in Two workbooks
Find if cell contains a state abbreviation
Pointing to cells with mathematical formulas
Finding median using array formula
Data validation -- multiple choices in a drop-down menu
Auto Insert Static Date
Getting Data into another spreadsheet
Excel Graph Lines
Retrieve email from group mailbox
Excel 2007
Filter by letter
Copy/Paste error
Blank Screen
Using a pivot table in a Holiday Calander
Disappearing cell validation (Excel 2000)
Current Status Cell
Mouse malfunctions
Combo boxes in Excel with multiple values
Export from excel to Outlook contacts
Find which items make up a total
how to activate calendar settings
Broken time sheet
Sumproduct (possibly)
Macro recorder results
The "Freeze Panes" line
VLookup in VBA
Delete multiple columns in VBA
Excel date conversion
Excel XP File Open Screen
Check formula result is zero
Excel corrupt formating
What is the macro code for selecting several objects
Assign Different Colors
Calculate Percentage Series
IF AND Statement to count
excel internal hyperlink tries to open same file in sharepoint
Counting months with DATEDIF
Breaking down a line of text into individual components
Create a workbook in Access automation
Excel 2007 Fonts
student version office
Page Break on every Cell (Excel 2003 SP3)
Foreign Font Problem
large spreadsheet calculate problem
Disabled Application Add-In
Big Mistake - Edit while in Filter Mode
Embedded file
find file path
Excel 2003 macro cell comparison
Macro to check workbook
Making a Hyperlink Index
Advanced filter without extra data
insert icon in form
Using =YEARFRAC for week math
Drop down list
NETWORKDAYS calculating End Date
ComboBox in a Userform
Pivot Tables
more than 3 conditions formatting
Runtime Error 1004 2007
Formula Error Flags (2003 SP3)
collating the data of various products in a single excel sheet
Excel 2008 Different first page header
format number as text won't banish green triangle
Excel Drop Down List Values
IF statement formula
Check for Date in Range
Displaying Excel reports on A3 page
Worksheet Design
Import from Word to Excel
Getting a Number from within Text
Removing Chinese characters from sheets
Extra page prints when columns are hidden
Dynamic Chart with Multiple Columns of Data
Excel Chart XY Scatter
Embed a flash movie in an excel spreadsheet
Force tab
SUMPRODUCT and Lookups
Excel 2002 and 2007
Macro error with date is missing
Calculating time to age 70
SUMIF but different..
Protect/Unprotect sheet (Excel 2003)
Automatically checking for and Registering OCX Control
Add code to "X" on Userform
Find a number as part of a formula
Selection with dropdowns
saving each sheet as a separate text file
XML Maps, Schemas Etc.
Merged cells change to center alignment after save.
Code to create a Folder
Lock Page Setup in Excel 2003
Copy a Worksheet and save as a separate Excel Workbook
Creating subtotals in VBA
Uppercase a range of cells with text
View two worksheets
Sender's Email address
Round Numbers in a Range
Really old dates
On current?
Forms Command button
length of formula
Combining Cells
Transpositional Issue
Colour Ranges
Trick a cell??
Create string of "REFS xxxxxx - xxxxxx"
Another Sumif/Sumproduct Problem
Inserting Rows and Shifting Formatting Down
roundup if cell greater than half
Code help to set up search function
Aligning shapes
vlookup 2000 vs 2007
Reinstalled 2003 problem
FIND Excel(2003)
Restrict selection
Displaying File Properties
Is there an easier way?
sum cells in alternating sheets
Sorting in Excel to show most recent date
Calculating Time
How does one autofilter time?
Replacing numbers with characters in 100ths column
How to get acces to hidden instance of Excel
create sheet based loop in column....
Exporting and Conditional Formatting Formula
Set range, sort & insert blank rows
Question about selecting a group of cells in a macro
Maintaining formula when adding new column
Round down a value in a formula
Large Excel sheet won't fit to 1 page wide x 1 page tall
Data Validaton
Error Message when pasting data into Excel (2003)
Home Cell Location is in Pane to the Right
Trouble with Date Autoformatting
Fixed Cells Movement When Scrolling
Can't select rows, columns or cells with mouse
Formula to Calculate the Standard Deviation of NPV
Directory Listing Tool - Need to create "next worksheet" After line limit exceeded
Equation Editor
Color Coding Tabs based on tab name
Count unique values (Excel 2003)
Code to extract text
Automatically divide all numbers by 100 (2003)
Filter data that is not matching
Update Links From Unopened Files
Hiding Office Live Toolbar
Return Most Recent Date Entered
Print # with Variables
PasteSpecial Problem
Formulas to calculate cost of Capital
Calculating Time Difference
Label captured when Macro run
Extracting data from a text string (XL 2003)
More macro help needed with imported txt file
Need a Counting function
combining two charts?
decimal aligning numbers?
Formatting Pivot table numbers
Everything Opens Read-Only
Cell Highlighted with color
Date Calculations
Excel Sheet in another Excel cell
Shift Pattern
Importing pdf files into excel
Something Funny Going On Here
If else formula
Concatenate a range of cells
Separating info in a cell
Can I add a Routing Slip from within VBA
Word to Excel Conversion
Simplification of Data Entry
How do you Get Look In to include VALUES when using Find & Replace
Match with Trim
Pivot Table Column resizes
Radio Buttons
Advanced Filter? or code to pull a subset
Excel 2003 - new worksheets flipped left to right
excel formulas using subtotals
Lookup for more than a instance in a list
delimited txt file needs to be automated
Check boxes
IP Address comparison
Get and set a pixel colors
Excel Check Box True/False
External References
Macro Recording
List all Sheet Names
Evaluating Cost of Capital projects
conditional formatting error
Understanding Excel Range
Combining data in two columns into one column
Plotting Time Path
Multiple show page results
Discontinuous Criteria Range Designation
Macro to find words, then clear contents
Simple utility macro to define range name
Parse a range for dates and count the number of occurances for each
placing orders in a separate cell
Color cells with macro
Remove Dups macro - Excel 2003
Essbase formulas total zero
Paragraph returns
Macro to summarize daily data in Excel 2003
Data type conversion (2000)
If statement - Excel 2003
Automatically update excel data on Powerpoint
Default Comma Style
Can't remove Sheetxx......
Repeat Sort (Excel 2007)
Populating a report sheet with lookup values
Combination Stacked & Clustered Column (2003)
Page down to top of next page?
PostScript Files to PDF
List Unique Items
Downloading file from http (excel 2003)
save as type:
Auto sum
Match with two columns
Unable to view Tools/Options
Autofill data
Ranking based on a cell value
printing header
Entering symbols in Excel footer
days in the month
How do I create the same range name for several tabs
Modifying a drop down list in Excel 2003
Does External data get refreshed every re-calc?
Interpolating zero values in chart
Finding a value on a cell
Object fill
vba nested if
Make Tabs More Visible
Best Method for distributing custom Macros/Code
Adding number based on row background color
multiple if statements in one formula
Pivot table macro recording
Excel 2002 - Any way to summarize non-static data?
Rectangle Shape: ForeColor
Pivot Table: Highlight Total Row
Formula for Max value with 2 criteria
VBE annoyance
Office Live toolbar
Last value in column
Find and replace Macro
Pivot Charts
Sum of last 10 values in a column
WOW!!!!!! error when double click on xls file
Moving from a Row/Col to another Row/Col
Pivot Table Results
User Form and Multipage
split screen
Excel formula, IF and Rank?
create 48 worksheets same format diff name
Excel 2003 Save As Asks Twice
Page numbering
How to remove bubble?
Linked document in 2007
Scroll the mouse in the Formula Bar (Excel 2007)
Attach custom command bar to the related file (Excel 2003)
Vlookup in Excel XP
Partial penny error
Formula looking at unknown worksheet (name)
Custom Format
Separate characters in a cell and move them into another cell
pivot charts
Spreadsheet flipped
Lost Toolbars
Close specific workbook
Too Many Formats error neccessarily = corrupt file?
Erase the lines in a pivot table
Data Validation
Multi-column printing
vlookup formula doing strange things - any suggestions?
Excel saved as a web page
MS Query in Excel - Create a new column
forgotten password
order text rset similar number
Auto-Delete data on spreadsheet
Calculate Highest Number
selection VBA
Macro for change of calculated item formulas
some cells do not record a digit as a number
ORDER items in combobox... by the first 8 characters
Subtotal Auto Filter
Name Box
Exclude zeros using RANK function
Back button
Opening multiple instances of Excel
Need help. Please take a look at this.
summary of non-blank cells
Default settings not taking
Conditional Statement Formula needed
Importing Chart Colours (Excel 2007)
Counting filtered items
Calculating cululative time
LOOKUP (I Think!)
Lookup Text in a Range
Summarise identical sheets
Interim totals in Pivot tables
Drop Down lists in excel
How to make MsgBox appear automatically at end of macro?
Pivot Table - identifying source data type
Pivot report - calculated item layout
Creating formulas by VBA code
Format to text and remove spaces
difficult with replace...
Removing All Macros from A Spreadsheet
Pivot Table and data selection criteria
Need to determine if a string of text is numeric or alphanumeric
Error Checking
IF / VLookUp
Recognise text as formula
Active workbook path not carrying through in code
Highlight cells based on input
Dual Monitors - Excel 2007
Data types in controls on a user form...
Separating names
Pivot table with text orientation at 90degrees
Omit numbers in vlookup search
Numeric Equation Leaving Alphabetic Solution
Custon AutoFilter
Pivot Tables and Hyperlinks
Query an MS Access DB
Floating object?
Formatting PivotTable Subtotals - Excel 2003
Time calculation in hours (Excel 2003)
Reducing File size
Using the NOW() function
text to 6
Count occurances in range or array by date and time
Count between 2 dates?
Multiple "OR" Statements
unprotect all sheet in "one shoot"
Multiple values?
Color Fill On Spreadsheet
Edit Query
posting a reply.
Printing a named range
List Unique Items In List
Mailing Worksheets
ActiveX control Combo Box won't refresh or resize
Changes to macro
select data and write results to new worksheet in same workbook
count each day
Selection is too large
Banner printing
Color palette changes
Print Button
Financial functions
Impoting a worsheet into a workbook that has the same name
Macro security Excel 2003
Display more than one line in ComboBox
Shell to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
Counting Months problem
Open Excel file on webpage as a separate file
Add addresses using a combo box
Fill array from recordset