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Active workbook path not carrying through in code
Highlight cells based on input
Dual Monitors - Excel 2007
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Pivot table with text orientation at 90degrees
Omit numbers in vlookup search
Numeric Equation Leaving Alphabetic Solution
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Floating object?
Formatting PivotTable Subtotals - Excel 2003
Time calculation in hours (Excel 2003)
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Count occurances in range or array by date and time
Count between 2 dates?
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VBA -To Activate One Open workbook from many
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Formula to calculate Thursdays in a fiscal year, excluding Christmas and New Years
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New sheets and renaming sheets
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Count files in specific folder
Disable 'Save as Web Page'
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Code to insert 2 rows and sum column
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Setting Cell Background/Pattern to graphic file
Concatenate Unique
2007 Page Break Preview page number display
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Change date from m/d/y to d/m/y
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Update AutoFilter automatically when data changes?
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increase named list size? Excel 2007
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MINA - MAXA (Excel 2003)
For Next Loops
Auto Filtering Problem (Excel 2003)
Speed & Efficiency of moving data
Move tab to become last tab in workbook
Rounding number in VBA(2002/SP3)
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"Shared" excel ss blocking functions
Entering fractions
How do you suppress the Personal.xlsb worksheet?
Moving Excel 2003 to Vista
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How do I check 4 a date?
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Embedding music in Excel Worksheets
Simplifing Formula
Macro to Print All Worksheets in Workbook
Help with Userform (2002/SP3)
Sum Entitys below
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Financial Calculations
Excel 2003 - how many fields can you use for rows in a pivot table?
Excel 2000
File Properties information copied to cells
Linking cell in workbooks within SharePoint
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Looking for a probability like formula
Highlight cells with formulae
Copy Filenames to Excel
If and look up functions
Excel 2000 - Save Changes on Close - No Changes?
How do i find if a cell contains one of many words?
Inserting multiple rows
Making worksheets plainer.
Apply Conditional Formatting based on Names
How to change the name of a range in a range formula, depending on a value in another cell?
Nested IFs ( Excel 2003 )
Copy excel chart to Word, Powerpoint or outlook
Data Source Conversion
Copy and Paste Visible
Changing Formula details
How do I Turn off the "Office Open XML Format" Message
text to columns function in macro
Opening 2 workbooks
Share Custom Chart
intercept scrollbar in listview
Instr Function
why space from variable jpoint in string?
Excel: Count Alphanumeric Cells and total
Graphing Log(X)
User log at save
Create 3 new CSV files from existing after sorting
Excel 2007 User Templates - Location and access
Conditional Total - Excel 2007
Excel to TXT
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VLOOKUP+OFFSET outside named range
Importing text
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Conditional Formatting using multiple cell references
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Hide Row With A Zero In A Particular Cell
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calculate sequence of letter (2000)
Suppress dialogue (2002)
Importing text (2007)
Display Excel Worksheets in Posts (2003)
Analysis ToolPak - VBA arguments for Histogram (2003 SP3)
IF then with range of string value... (2000)
Copy Data With Associated Name (2003)
Syncing Tabs (XP)
Countif in an array of a cell (Excel 2003)
sumif with 'or' text conditions (2003)
Reducing file size (2008)
Combining text from 2 cells (2003)
Copy|Paste Special|Transpose (2003)
Emphasise on active row (2003 SP2)
Legend (Height, Top) (Excel 2003 (but all?))
Convert names to proper case (Excel 2007)
Contains Function in a Macro (Excel 2007)
Diable Auto update Links Security Warning (2007)
Professional look & feel (2002)
IF inside a msgbox (2002)
Lookup of Some Sort (2003)
Cells don't delete (2003)
VBA Password (Excel 2003)
Get External Data (2003)
Custom Format (XL2003)
Separating Names (XP)
Cut off last character in a cell (Excel 2007)
sum columns based on (2003)
Excel 2003 - Save As prompt appears twice (2003 SP2)
Formulas (Excel 2003)
Easy way to Trace Dependents? (Excel 2003)
Copy excel chart to power point (from 2003 to 2007)
adding minutes (2003)
Word / Excel cell ref (2003)
Data Validation Function With An If Statement (2007)
Adding spefic numbers in columns (1)
Save copy of workbook (2007)
Keep leading zeros entering numbers (Excel 2007)
Formula that counts down for a period of 24 months (2007)
Formula issue (2003)
Numers in front of existing text (Office 7)
Upgrading to Excel 2007 (2003)
pdftoexcel (2003)
formula help zero's and blanks (2003 SP3)
Excel - Display Month from Date (2003 SP3)
Conditional Formatting subtotals(2003)
Workbook organization (Office 2007)
Expenses problem (EXCEL 2003)
aaaammjj problem (2003)
Formula based on Month (2007)
Error 429 (Excel 2000)
Merge files (2002 / V10)
passwords for each sheet (2003)
Can't see cell values (2000)
SUMM 1 in a string (2000) (758868) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Help with formula please (Office 2000)
Open Web Page via Add-In (Excel 2003)
Years calculation (2003)
Tools > Options (2002)
links and chart problem (excel 2003)
Excel to OL 2007 (2007)
copy from workbook to workbook (2003)
y-axis in graph (2003)
Do Until (XP; SR 2)
FAST find method (2000) (758498) was moved to the Access board
Scroll bar in user form (Excel 2003)
present value of rental payments (xp & 2003)
rows to cols (2007)
Summing rows then inserting rows (Access 2003 SP2)
Access automation to excel locking/unlocking (Access 2003 SP2)
Disable commands in Office 2007 via VBA (2000 - 2007)
Break Link in a VBA macro (Excel 2003)
Insert a row in excel from access (Access 2003 SP2)
Cond Formatting < .5 > .5 (Excel 2003)
custom series (2003 sp3)
data validation with zero values checked (2000-2003)
Suggestion for Hans (any)
Pasting values between multiple Excel sessions (Excel2003)
External source for dropdown list (2002/2003/2007)
Styles in Excel (97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007)
Macro cell formula using a variable (Excell 2003 SP3)
Sum with Criteria across worksheets (Excel 2003)
Code/Function to Look at Previous Entry to Validat (2007)
Split data into separate sheets (2002)
length check (2002)
Macros on Shared & Protected worksheet (Excel 2003)
Looking up in a list (2007)
counting the # of items in a w/s column (xp & 2003)
Line Breaks in VBA (Excel 2003)
Filling up instead of down (2007)
Join two columns (2003)
Data Validation using source from other worksheet (2003 SP2)
format mask for numbers (Excel 2007 )
AddItems to Combobox control (Excel 2003 / 2007)
Sheet Tab Colour (Excel 2007)
Open Files Maximized (Office 2000)
data storage (office 2007)
Formatting numbers in EU style (2003, SP3)
Bar Chart Image (2003)
displaying numbers as letters (2000)
Big Add-in Mess (2007 SP1)
Macro to customize AutoFill (2003/2007)
Open Quattro Pro (2003)
Formulas giving two different answers? (Excel 2003 / 2007)
Solver results are wrong (Excel 2007)
Add a comment (XL2000 SP3)
Disappearing range names (XL2007)
Delete alpha characters from cell (2003)
drop-down influences another drop-down (2003)
Use Excel to convert Word labels into data source (Excel/Word 2000 Win XP)
Tracing a link? (Excel 2003)
counting unmet criteria (2000-2003)
Custom cell format (2007)
countif and '<' (2000, 2003)
Count problem (2003)
Weekday, weekend formula problem (2003 SP2)
SUMIFS Based on Two Conditions (2007)
sum If based on criteria (Excel 2003)
Pivot table number format (Excel 2003)
If contains (2002)
Linking graphics (Excel 2002)
Fill Custom (2007)
Incorporate VLookup into VBA (2002)
Array onto worksheet (XP 2002)
Maximum value when... (2007)
compare datasets (2002)
pivot table running totals calc (excel 2003)
'Can not shift object off sheet'? (Excel XP)
Data Validation List is Empty (2002)
personal.xls revisited (Excel 2003)
Formula (Excel 2007)
Filter reset at save (2002)
Retrieve data based on multiple inputs (2007)
Can't copy and paste from 1 workbook to another (Excel 2003)
It's turning my numbers into dates (XP)
Format a cell to ROUND off a number (Excel XP)
reading an spss file with xl
VBA Not working (2007)
setting gradient stops in a chart (2007)
Net Work days (2002)
Is this possible for Excel 2007? (2007)
Outlook Calendar Invite Button (2003 SP3)
One term for many (Excel 2003)
Networkdays (Excel 2003)
Delete Drop Down (2007)
Excels MOST useful formulas (Excel (All))
Downloading files from a hyperlink? (Excel 2002)
Am I thinking right... (XL97 and >)
Cell value if (2002)
code/formula help (2003)
Run spell check from code (2002)
Font for printed comments (Excel 2003)
Reverse MATCH (Excel2003/2007)
Deleting range names (Excel 2003)
sending email message to many clients (2003)
Copy all to right of $ sign (2007)
Time calculations (XP)
Help with formula, please (Excel XP)
reference tab name (2003 SP3)
Import/Copy From Internet Explorer (2007)
Limits to the Number of Data Points in a Chart (Excel 2003)
Remove page number watermark (2007)
Multi If Statement (Excel 93)
Macro and Sharepoint (2002/2003/2007)
Mysterious changes to sheet (2003 or 2007)
Track Changes in a workbook (Excel 2003)
Used.Range Tweak (2003 SP2)
Listbox control Userform (2002 xp)
SUMIF Visible Cells (2007)
Automated Form (2003 SP3)
Fx using non-adjacent arguments (Excel 2003 et al)
Conditional row grouping possible? (2003)
Macro failing to work (2003)
Conditional Formating with Percentages (Excel 2007)
automating Excel (2003)
Excel 2003 performance (Excel 2003)
Sorting in chronological order (Excel 2003)
Using INDIRECT to specify how many cells to sum (Excel 2003)
GET part of string (2000)
Cannot lock cells??? (Excel2003)
Refreshing data on an excel form (2002)
Private Sub Get_Details_Click() (2003)
Countif across a number of sheets (XP)
Format Negative Pecentage (Excel 2003)
Modify Quick Access Toolbar buttons (Excel (Office) 2007 sp3)
sampling data (2003)
Map colours to Summary Slide (2003/2007)
Show gradation of percentage (2003 or 2007)
Extra zeros (2003)
Formatting graphs (2003)
Countif for non-consecutive cells (Excel 2000)
Name occuring for 2 codes (2003)
Create project plan (2007)
Deleting Rows (2007)
Previous Sort Info (Any)
Set col/row width/height (Excel2003)
How to make bar chart? (2003)
Looking 4 Interesting Excel Trivia (2007)
Percentages on label (2007)
Populating some cells (2003)
Help (2007)
Navigation (2007)
last occurence of a character in string (2003)
Overlap Chart - who's on top? (2002 SP3)
catching a cheater (Office 2003)
count if is blank (Excel 2007)
Formating (2007)
make zero vlaues format as dash (2000)
Upgraded to Excel 2007-Can't find commands (Excel 2007)
Copy Data (Excel 2007)
FIND only 4 left part of cells (2000)
visual basic error message (2003)
Excel Forum (ALL)
Print areas (2003)
Need code to email workbook (2003)
arrray - validate (2002 xp)
Reveal hyperlinks in Excel (Excel 2003)
Strange Behavior (Excel 2007, SP1)
create unique index (2000)
Files won't open right (Excel 2007)
lost names (Excel2007)
Slippery Links (2003 SP 2)
Freeze Panes Scroll Indicator (2003)
overlay charts (2003)
AddPicture w/ Excel 2007 (2007 vs 2003)
Subtotal (MS Excel 2007)
Toggle calculation (Excel 2003)
INDEX() (2003)
calculation (excell 2003)
Visual Basic Editor (2007)
Undo (2002)
Formatting Page Layouts for Multiple Sheets (Excel 2003)
Statistics (2003 sp2)
Read emails marked as unread (2003) (752021) was moved to the Outlook board
CSV File format (2003)
Reverse first/last names (2003 SP3)
Find and update (2002)
Excel slow in Vista (Excel XP)
IF Function (Excel 98)
Pivot Sort Bug (2007/SP1)
Move row(s) based on cell (2003)
Consecutive numbering (2002 v10)
Search cells for specific string of text (Excel 2003)
Verify valid email address syntax (2007)
Insert time (Excel '07)
Extracting string/number from another tab (2007)
Wind chill (2000/3)
Calculating hours (2003)
graph lines (Microsoft Office Excel 2007)
Custom Userform to update sheet (Excel 2007)
Color Index (Excel XP 2002)
Excel for accountants (Excel (All))
copy range based on flag (Excel 2003)
Return Number based on Text (Excel 2003)
Open *.xlsm in Excel 2003 (Excel 2003)
Sum from last row - 'x' (Excel 2003)
calculating increasing rates (03)
Help with chart (2007)
No total! (2007)
Average number not shown (2007)
(Trip planner) Bus Schedules (Excel2000+)
Array (2002 XP)
Add blank item in combobox (2000)
Vlookup (2003)
Shape Pattern (Excel 2003)
Data Filter (Excel '07)
Lookup Using Vlookup and IF (Excel 2003)
NetWorkDays (Excel 2003)
Happy Face Won't Work (Excel 2007)
Column Widths (XP)
New feature with 2007? (2007)
Freeze Panes - top rows hidden (2003)
Some Feature to Share (Excel 2003)
Format a referenced cell (2003)
Pivot - calculate diff (2003 SR2)
Set Attr (XP)
CheckBoxes (XP)
Can you use custom toolbar from Office XP (Office 2007)
Favorites Folder in Excel 2007 (Excel 2007)