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count if using arrays (XP & 2003)
Formatting date - caps (Office XP)
find method (2002 xp)
FIND IN ROW (2000)
256 column limit (2000 to 2007)
import Quicken .QFX file (Excel 2000)
password protect workbook (2003 SP3)
INdex and Match Array (Excel 2003)
MIN MAX Date (2000)
Delete eurotool forever (Office 2003 Dutch)
linking to an odbc tables and queries in access (2 (748412) was moved to the Access board
Sum every 10th cell in a row (Office XP)
Macro to import Data (2007)
Dynamic list with no spaces (Excel 2003)
personal.xlsb not loading at startup (Excel 2007 SP1)
Add-Ins Tab disappearing (Excel 2007 SP1)
Wiggle text (Excel2007)
Template (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Copy a worksheet without data (2007)
Sun Excel problem (2003)
Extract specific name from list (2002/SP3)
Excel File Prints Small (XP SP Unknown)
Help with simple formula (Excel 2003)
Modified use of cell validation (Excel 2002)
Macro to extract Sheet Names I need VBA code that (2007)
File Extension (2002/SP3)
'Invisible' Controls (2003)
Conditional Format Row (Excel 2007)
Office 2007 Ribbon code question (2007)
application.filesearch fails (XL2007 64bit (via Citirx))
Sharing Workbooks (Excel 2003)
Reset Filters at save (2002)
Excel 2003 form (Excel 2003)
Rounding to nearest 1/4 (Excel 2007)
macro problem, XL2007 (2007)
Imported Dates (2003)
Print Loop (2007)
Panes and Scroll Into View? (Excel 2007)
Data Validation list (XP)
date conversion (Excel 2002)
Selection.Interior.ColorIndex (2002)
PickList - numbers (Excel 2000+)
Print Loop (2003)
Rearrange colums (2002/SP3)
formula with empty cell (2003)
Title Bar & Tabs not showing (2003)
If formula Help (2003) fails (XL 2007 (64bit via citrix))
GETPIVOT producing #VALUE (Excel 2000)
Serial number to date (2003 SP3)
Always read only (2002)
Unselectable region (Excel 2003)
Drop Down Calendar (Excel '07)
code (2002)
keyboard shortcut (2002)
vba vlookup (2002)
loop and format (2002)
Conditional Formatting (2002)
' in Macro for Excel Formula (Excel 2002)
Show hidden worksheets (2002)
Help with VBA (2002/SP3)
displaying a custom toolbar (XL2000 to 2007 progression)
Excel Charting 2003 vs 2007 (2003/2007)
How to reference a number without a hyphen (2003)
Crystal Ball from Oracle (2000+)
Radar chart (2002/2003)
Controls (2000)
Data sort (2002)
Chart labels (Ex2003)
Cell Name display box size (Excel 2003)
Conditional formatting with number plus text (Excel 2003)
Insert Blank Row (Excel 2003)
Variable control name (Excel 2002)
VERIFY user in Echenge e mail server (2000)
Subtotal in a Macro (2003)
Formula problem after save (Excel 2007)
Pivot Table (XP)
Hiding row (2003)
Is there a way to total (sum) cells by font color? (2007)
Macro to Automatically Email Excel WS (Excel 2002)
Converting PDF to Excel (2007)
TypeName(Selection) (XP/2003 UK)
General use of Excel Macros (2002/SP3)
format number in column (2000)
WEEKNUM (Excel 2003)
return Array (Excel 2002)
Vat at 15% (Excel 2007)
Rolling Calculation (2007)
Control PPt from xl (2007)
Custom Date (Excel '07)
Chart Series Min/Max Values (2002/SP3)
Future Date (2007)
change font for notes (2003 SP3)
Handling broken links. (Excel 2007)
Formula in MSQuery, as opposed to in Excel (Excel 2002)
Array within an array (2002 excel)
Find and extract string of 16 digits (2002)
If BUT (2002)
Large web query question (2003 sp3)
macro/formula help (2003)
Changing charts with VBA (2003)
IF begins with (2002)
WORKDAY Formula Array (2003)
Protect selected cells (2003)
Min/Max Chart Scales (2002/SP3)
Excel Time Clock Macro (Office XP SP3)
Ignoring Error in Subtotal (Excel 2003)
Offset formula for chart (Excel 2003)
Unavailable character removal (Excel SP3)
Multipage properties scrollbar (Excel 2002)
formula to count names (2007)
Formular help (2007)
Add-in with access import (2003/2007)
Sum based on Value (Excel 2003)
Excel formula (MS office 2007)
.csv export not working (Excel 2003)
Lookup with leading zeros (Excel 2003)
Export Chart to file (2002/SP3)
Listbox forms control (2002/SP3)
Excel Pssword (2000)
Delete button control using VBA (2002/SP3)
find with 2 param (2000)
IMPORT string from txt (2000)
Enforce 4 decimal place numeric input (Excel 2003, SP2)
VBAProject Sheet Names (XP)
Copy Special (Excel 2003 SP3)
Runtime error (2002)
Macro Project??? (Excel 2003)
Cost and Margin (2003 SP2)
Custom Cell Format (2003)
Code change (2002)
Tariff Formula (2003 SP2)
Dynamics array (2002/SP3)
3 conditional format values (2003 SP2)
cell update - generates msgbox (Excel 2003)
Return Data based on Date (2003/2007)
Paste every 7 cell (Excel Xp; WIN XPSP2)
Index & Match Formula (Excel 2003)
Clearing Colors Except Conditional Formatting (2007)
Copying range (Excel 2003)
Insert Replacement Sheet (Win XPSP2; Excel 2002)
combine two worksheets (Excel 2003)
Delete Range of Dates (Excel 2003)
Condtional Formatting (2007)
Validation problem (Excel 2003)
Excel 2003 (2003)
adjust figures (Excel 2000)
Hans may not read this (all)
font.colorindex (2002)
If else... (2002)
ListBox Control (2002/SP3)
HIding Macro Sheet (2002 SP3)
VBA Code to send SMS messages (XL97 and >)
Save workbook EACH 200 (2000)
Replace foreign chars (2003)
Excel to PowerPoint (2007)
Paste and Text Wrap (2003 SP3)
Shape properties (Excel 2003)
deleating personal macros (2003)
Reportees Details / Org Structure (Excel 2003)
Workbook Password (Excel 2003)
Distance between 2 physical addresses (2003)
^ in a formula (XP & 2003)
right click mouse format function gone (MS Office xp1)
Add-in installation (Excel2003)
Day by Day (Excel 2003)
White space around cell content (2007)
excel to Visual Fox Pro? (xl 2003sp3)
Sorting Pivot Tables (2003)
fine name in column, delete entire record (Excel 2003 Win XP)
Can I supress the Compatibility Checker? (Excel 2007)
Generate data on 1 worksheet from 2 others (2007/SP1)
OR inside of AND IF (2003)
Jump to next sheet in workbook (2003)
Macro needed to insert rows and delete duplicates (Excel 2003)
Dialog boxes (2003)
ColourIndex propblem (2003 SP2)
Vlookup (2003/2007)
Future value of investment (Excel 2003-7)
Find part of name within full name field (Excel 2003 / SP2)
Problem with Worksheet_Change event (2002/SP3)
Autosize Comments (XL 2003)
Pivot Table Formatting (2003)
Longer Data Validation View (2003)
One member per dimention is allowed (Excel2003)
Adding a button to a ribbon or toolbar (Excel 2007)
Copy > 65,536 rows into a new spreadsheet (Excel 2007)
How to compact a workbook (Excel2003)
Store commission Data (Win XP SP3 Excel XP)
VBA equivalent to Excel Formula (2002/SP3)
Need Additional Condition in equation (2003)
Pivot tables (2007)
Calculate 2 days back (2000)
Help with Run-Time Error 1004 (Excel 2003)
VBA code (2002/SP3)
Calculate Cells of a color (2007 / 12.045....)
LOOP for maching if algebric summ is = 0 (2000)
Making toolbars available to other users (2003)
handicap2 (excel 2007)
quick copy and paste (Office 2003)
Excel Formula (2002/SP3)
sticky tab (2003 SP3)
Last line number in a text file (2002/SP3)
Capture Worksheet Password (2003)
Slow run time (2007)
Conditional formatting (Excel 2003)
Named range in destination Workbook (2007)
Using Formula in Range Name (2007)
Color a cell (2002/SP3)
Find the two Sunday Dates (2003)
Workbook/Template Path (XL 2003)
Average temperature (2003)
Sin Squared (2003)
Increase number to next whole number (excel 2003)
sorting duplicate values in a column (2003)
Need Formula Help (Excel 2003 SP3)
Reset Filter before save (2002)
Copy down formula (2003)
Excel Chart (Excel 2003)
Macro to make charts same size (2003)
Average Time Function (2003)
Pivot Chart data labels disappear (Excel 2003)
DDE connection error during Mail Merge (Excel 2003)
compile error in hidden module (excel 2003 sp3)
Eject Blank Page (XP)
How to store information (2002/SP3)
Text / Excel Macro for Find and Replace (MS Word 2003 SP2)
Creating combinations (Excel 2003)
Costs by date, name and product (Excel 2007)
Reset VBE (2002)
Excel 2007 (SP 1)
Return Cell Address (2003 sp3)
Changing colors used in Excel charts (2003)
Formating sheets (Excel)
Counting instances (Excel 2003)
proper function (Excel 2003)
Complicated formulas! (2003)
Efficient Formula (2003)
change 'line' color in AutoShapes Cmd (excel 2003)
VBA Cose to change File type (2007)
Find command with text (2003)
Sort by value within a formula (2002 (SP3))
problem with VBA code (2002/SP3)
Checkbox State (2003)
Sum of future data cells (XP SR3)
Summing (2007)
Index/Match/Max error (2003)
Worksheet_Change fired just by dbl-clicking on a c (Excel 2003)
Excel 2003: Can't show a Workbook opened by GetObj (Excel 2003)
Selecting a range in VBA (2002/SP3)
get started (2007)
Transpose information to other worksheets (Excel)
Lost formulas (Excel in Office 2007)
excel importing data (2003)
Loop to update form command buttons (Excel 2003)
Apportioning days by year (2003)
GoTo Statement (XP)
Repeat Find (2002)
scrollbar controll (2000)
Cannot print from Excel (Excel 2003 SP3)
Adding a PERCENTILE function to a formula (2003)
Problem with formula (2003)
formula using earliest date (2003 SP3)
Saving VLOOKUPs values as TXT file (Excel2003)
Lookup with 2 criteria (Excel 2003)
Extract data from a text file (2002/SP3)
ERROR 32809 (2000)
Dsum from Lotus (Excel 2002 SP3)
very slow save file.. (2000)
problem with excel formula (2003)
Text in cells (2007)
Index (2003)
Producing Sorted Alpha Listings by Formula (Excel 2K)
Update Links with out reopening the file (Excel 2003)
Extracting Unique Lists (2007)
USing VBA to Calculate Formula (2007)
Calculating accrued holiday (2003 SP2)
MS Excel Downtime Calculator (2003)
Excel Nest Functions (Excel 2003)
start up switches (2003) (2003)
Assistance with conditional formulas (Excel 2003)
Require entry in a cell (2003 sp3)
Pivot Table (2007)
Ranking Numbers (2003)
sum data based on quarters (2002)
How do you put text fields in an Excel form (Excel 2007)
leave out sundays (Excel 2003)
Updating & Links (2003)
Importing Inputs (2003)
=SUMIFS() in Excel 2003 (2003)
Cursor (2003)
Divisions and Groupings (XP)
Offset formula to choose table data (Excel 2003/SP2)
Cut & Paste Rich Text (2003 SP3)
Return number of line...(.row) (2000)
Bespoke scrollbars in a worksheet (2003 sp2)
Pivot Chart Format (2003 and 2007)
series Plots (Excel 2007)
Append worksheets data (Excel 2003)
Converting functions to array functions in VBA (2003)
Lookup nightmere (2003)
Formula to Extract Unique Data Values (2007)
File Too Big (2003)
Copy Test from Word to Excel (2003-2007)
Alternate columns (2007)
An exploding pie (2007)
controll if Server is Down (2000)
Error in VBA (Excel 2003 SP2)
Conditional Formatting (2000/SP-3)
Excel file opens blank (2003 SP3)
pivot table gridlines (Excel 2003 / SP2)
Instert charth name.. (2000)
Scatter with proportionate bubbles (Excel 2003)
Vlookup (excel 2003)
Windows Properties (Excel 2002)
Data Import External Data (2003)
Detecting cells (2003)
Hyperlink in Excel to send it as attachment (Excel 2003)
Protecting Sheet (XL2000 SP3)
Comma delimited text to Colums (Excel2003)
Avoiding Dates in Excel (Excel 2003)
Select cell within range (Excel 2007)
Range of Cells (Excel 2007)
AutoCalculate & AutoFill (2003)
Mid Function, Substitute Combination (XP)
Combo problem (control toolbox) (2003 SP2)
Macro for SumProduct (2007)
Deleting Rows containing the word Total (2007)
Excel Problem (2003)
diff between defining a name and creating a name (Excel 2003)
Copy PasteSpecial (XP)
Conditional Formatting (2002)
Code Assistance (2002)
Color chart background (Excel 2003)
Integration Spreadsheet to Website (2007)
More Formula (2000)
Sort multiple worksheets (2002/2003)
Formula (2000)
Dicplay Comment (XP)
Pivot Table Totals (2003)
multiple time scales on 1 time scale (XLS 07)
VBA Project locked (2002)
Construct formula (2007)
Help to Debug a line of code (2003 SP2)
Declare range of cells in Macro (2003 SP2)
Viewing 2 files on separate screen (Excel 2003)
Macro to append new row of data to existing file (2003)
Pivot Tables (Excel 2003 SP2)
Copy and Paste Macro (2003 SP2)
Another Menu ID problem (2000 - 2007)
transpose list with offset (Excel 2003)
Dropdown List Linked to Sheets (2002)
Spreadsheet questions (2003)
arrows do not refer to cell (2003)
5 highest unique numbers (2003)
Finding out if a macro was called by a key (ALL)
Highlight when Record changes (Excel 2002)
Replace formatting (Office 2000)
Help automating the printing process (MS Excel 2002 SP3)
task duration cacluation (all)
multiple pivot auto column width adjust (Excel 2003 / SP2)
Row Rollup Function (MS Office Pro 2003 SP3)
Multi Color Fill (MS Office Pro 2003 SP3)
Macro for Multiple Worksheets (Excel 2002)
FindControl not working (Excel 2000 - 2007)
changing a formula to a number (Vista/Office2007)
Formula Assistance (XP)
Replace blanks with a zero in a range (2003)
VBA Color Change (Excel 2003)
Linked Access DB to Excel Spreadsheet (2003)
Ranking horizontally formula (Excel 2003)
Date Revised (2003)
Go To Referenced Cell (Excel 2003 SP2)
Index Match multiple criteria (Excel 2003)
Calculate % of cells that hold dates (2003)
Print Graphs (2007)
Conditional Formatting help (2003)
Revise macro (2003)
Need Urgent Help with Excel (Excel 2003)
Returning an amount or a minimum in a formula (2003 SP2)
Find last entry (2003 SP2)
$700 Trillion (2003 SP2)
Thoughts/Ideas for Macro Library (2003)
Weird Formula (2003 SP3)
Revise macro (2003)
Counting Rows in Filtered Data (2003)
find between two dates (2000)
Selected Range (2002)
Copy Userform to another workbook (2002)
finding certain words in a cell and recording find (xp & 2003)
Excel External Query files (Excel 2003 SP3)
adding time over 24 hours (excel 2007)
Remove Redundant Characters (Excel 2003)
transform value inm momth name (2000)
Re: Macro to warn if Bal > or less than 0 (2007)
File Password to Open File (XP)
Changing the value of a textbox (MS Excel 2003)
y axis labels (excel 2003)
Coding a userform (2003 SP2)
Create fixed formula (2003)
AutoSum? (Excel 2007)
Extracting using the RIGHT function (XP)
Determine Type Of Selection (All)
Printing Freeze Pane headers - every page (2k7)
Caclculate Comm based on Permutations (2007)
Help with Formula (2003)
All Text to Left of a Comma (2003)
FILL combobox with days mased other combobox (2000)
Change format from TEXT to GENERAL (2003 SP2)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2007)
Date Workbook Created (Excel 2003 SP3)
ActiveX controls (XL 2003)
Copy/Paste auto filtered range (2k7)
Importing from Oracle (Excel 2003 SP3)
Use of Enter key (Excel 2007)
Hour and Min Modifier (Excel 2003)
Saving (2007/SP1)
RunTime Error 1004 (XL 2000 SP3)
Conditional Formatting day!! (2003 SP2)
vCard (XP)
Conditional Formatting (2007 SP1)
SUMIF by date range (Excel 2003)
LOOP for 5 columns (2000)
Upgrading macros to 2007 (2003)
Transpose (Excel 2003)
Conditional Formatting for weekends (2003 SP2)
VBA to hide columns (XP)
Formula auditing (Excel 2003)
Add a sheet in the Active Workbook (Excel 2003)
VBA to post an Excel ws to Lotus Notes Portal (Excel 2003)
Tab to control (2002 Sp3)
Changing Range (2003)
Compile Error (2003 SP2)
Debugging (2002)
Count Text Values (2003 SP3)
Need VBA to select next row (2002)
Warning when saving (2002)
Update links (Excel 2003)
Moving to a new machine - copying my environment (2003 sp2)
dubt to call userform (2000)
Conversion from QuatroPro Issues (2007)
print individual consecutive rows (xp & 2003)
Perpetual Calendar (2003 SP2)
Turn off Send View (2007)
Help with Average Function (2003)
Date Matching (2000)
currency format (excel2003)
Matching numbers (Excel 2003)
filtering on Numbers with decimals (EXcel 2003)
Separate out data (2003)
Merge columns/hide rows (Excel 2007)
Inputbox on dataentry (2003)
Copy & paste non blank cells (Excel 200)
Protecting Workbook with Hidden Sheets (Excel 2003)
looping or for next (2000)
Strange Find Behavior (2007)
Recording a macro using a macro (All)
Finding unique records (xp - 2003)
Event results how!? (Excel 2003)
Sorting using formulas (Excel 2003)
Neg numbers to positive in a bar graph (Excel 2003)
Show value based on the sum of multile conditions (Excel 2003)
If Statement (2003)
Filling blanks (Excel 2003)
Force several numbers to equal 100% (Excel 2003)
Can't see chart (2007)
Conditional Summing with 2 variables (XP & 2003)
Returning Muliple Cells Values (Excel 2003)
2007 Pivot sheets Lost (2007 SP3)
Text changes to Formula (2003 sp3)
Excel charts (Excel 2003)
Excel controlling Outlook (Excel2000)
Conditional Formatting menu item inactive (2003 SP2)
Excel for form letter (2003)
Lock Modules (All)
problems with subroutine (2007)
Create multiple hyperlinks (2002)
Clear Values (2007)
possible causes when call macro (2000)
VBA lines delete... slooow (Excel2003 VBA)
Excel error (2003)
Copy Multiple Selections (Excel 2003)
CountIf on multiple fields (Excel 2003)
FORMAT date (2000)
MATCHING excel and Acces (2000)
determine number of rows in a dataset (Excell 2003)
extracting characters from a cell (XP 2003)
Macro to add date to a filename (2003)
Truncate Filename to First Blank Space (2000/SP3)
Open .XLSM from Web (2007)
Date Formula (2K)
Countif (XP)
Formula Help Averaging (2002)
Conditional Formatting (2003)
Positive to negative number (Excel 2003)
20 Q's for today :-) (2002)
Chart (Excel 2003)
Help needed with an IF statement (2002)