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Change Default Colors (2007)
handicap (excel 2007)
consolidate macros (2003)
Extract specific text from a text file (Excel 2003)
File SaveAs without VBA (XP)
Conditional formatting (2003)
No Thank You But I Do NOT Want To Link My Office 2000)
How did I do it? (XL from Office 2003)
Filtering and Sum group of data (Excel 2003)
Macro to change PivotField selection (Excel 2002)
Pivot Table Woes (Excel 2003 - 3)
IS error command to remove N/A (2003)
Area Charts in Excel (Excel 2003)
Help with Combining AND and OR statements (2003)
Select data from a cell if not null loop (2003)
Conditional Formatting (2003)
Freeze Panes (2003)
QueryTables.Add(Connection:= (2003 SP3)
Chart Type Changes (Excel 2003 SP2)
Fractions as symbols (2007)
Change a ComboBox (2003 SP2)
Lookup (2003)
Calculating Average in Pivot Table (2003)
Macro help (2007)
Worksheet Menu Bar (2003)
Need Help of ISERROR Formul (Excel 2003)
Need Help of Matrix (Excel 2003)
Can't amend charts (2003)
Finding Properties of Check boxes (excel 2003)
Message to alert user to insert comment (2003)
Fine-tuning some color coding (Excel 2003)
Remove Custom Toolbar Add In (Excel 2007)
Format column of several columns in several tabs (2003)
Duplicating Charts (Excel 2003/SP2)
Formula to Count Data (2007)
fso error, it ran before (excel 2003, windows vista)
Mandatory field if value selected in dropdown (2003)
Printing (XP & 2003)
Macro to find/repl field codes (MS Excel 2003 SP3)
Scheduled task from VBA (OXP)
Excel Macro Problem (Excel 2003)
Odd or Even Year Formula (2003 SP3)
Hide Column (Excel 2003)
plot titles (2003 SP3)
scatter graph - source (Excel 2003)
Changing Excel import behaviour (Excel 2007)
Calculating time (Excel 2003)
VLOOKUP (2000 SP3)
ISNA Function (2003)
excel sheet disappears in normal view (Excel 2002)
return dateserial... (2000)
Data Validation Problem (2003 SP2)
Unwanted 'Vsync' synchronised 2 window scrolling (Excel 2003 SP3)
deriving the number of hours (xp & 2003)
Conditional Sum (2000 SP3)
Customise Chart (2K3)
Help with formulas please (MS Excel 2000 (9.0.2720
check mark in times new roman (excel 2003)
sum wrong (xp)
Calculate the last day of the month... (2000)
Calculating calendar days from working days (Excel 2002)
Finding the Nth occurance of a character in a stri (Excel 2003)
Security Issue with macro (2003)
Making a spreadsheet into a form (2k7)
Excel 2007 SP1 (Using Names in Chart Series)
Excel reference book (Excel 2003)
Paste formulas only (Office 2000)
How can I identify a command button name (2003)
Entering Password in Macro to appear as ********** (Excel 2007`)
Using tab Key (2007)
Macro? Auto summarize data (2003)
Macro with changing file name (Excel 2003)
Use Ranges on User Form (2003 SP2)
Bold in formula - excel 2003 (Excel 2003)
Drag Handles (2003 SP2)
Text format (2007)
starrt macro when digit 7 character (2000)
User form query (2003 SP2)
can I increment with a text ('H7') cell ref? (WinXP, Excel 2007)
Min Formula range (2002)
Open Lounge Excel Attachment (2002)
Subtotal (professional 2003)
AutoFit Row Height (2003)
Underlining Part of a Cell (2003)
Personal.xls (2000 SP3)
Printing from Excel (Excel 2003)
non consecutive summary (2000 SP3)
HTML Link to a Cell (Excel 2003)
Updating calendars from year to year (Excel 2003)
String parse & extract formula (XP)
Disable/Enable Fill (2003/SP3)
updating rows from another workbook (2007)
resizing a part of a sheet in excel (excel 2003)
Adding Calculated Field in Pivot Table (2003)
excel formula (2002)
Date Calculation error (Excel 2003)
Excel Auto Filter (XP , 2003)
separating text from one colum two columns (2003)
Conversion of output values to SI (Excel 03 Vb)
look up and count (excel 2003)
Shared Workbook Creates Phantom Copy (2003 Sp3)
Losing Comments after Saving (Excel 2007)
formula -balance forward (xp pro)
Using a spreadsheet as a function in itself (Excel 2007)
Initiating web queries (2007)
Buttons on ribbon - concise/detailed (2007)
Type equation into Excel (2007)
Change default comment box (2007)
Adding chart Template to default list (2007)
True False Yes No (Excel 2003)
Formula calculations in VBA (Excel 2003)
Which file stores my Toolbar settings? (excel 2003)
Row of cells has all 0's in them? (2003)
Format, Etc if Cell Has Formula in it (2003)
Embedded Presentation object (Excel 2003)
Rearaging Charts (Excel 2003)
Selecting rows (2007)
Calculating Overtime (2007)
Hyperlinks and Multiple Drive letters (2003)
Selected cell colour (2007)
Result on word in cell (2007)
Excel 2003 Vista SP1 (Excel 2003)
Text to speech toolbar (2003)
Excel Formula (2002)
drop down box of color's (2003)
Number of days (2007)
Sending personalized email from Excel (2007)
email excel workbook (Excel 2003)
Drawing Pictures (2003)
Changing Links (Office 2000)
caculator (2003 sp2)
Pivot table filtered data (Excel 2007)
Display filter value on chart (2003)
Conditional Formatting formula's (2002)
Subtotal Issues (2007)
User Form: can this be done (2003 SP2)
Find Dates in Range (Excel 2000 SP3; Win XP)
Reorganizing a filtered list. (excel 2002)
intercept the last part of file name... (2000)
Formula Confusion (Excel 2002)
Hidden rows (XP)
Making #Value return 'On Request' (2003 SP2)
Automatic Indenting (2003)
Running sum for last three months data (2003)
Sorting questions (Excel 2003)
Blank /Empty cells but can't inserting (XP SP2)
Using Names with long formulae (XP SP2)
Moving/copying files in the 'file open' box (Excel
Help with Graph (XL 2003)
const use... (2000)
Displaying all cells in a listbox (2000)
Formating Times and Calculating Time (2007)
Find Differences (Excel 2003)
identify streaks (Excel 2003 (SP3))
Sorting on Multiple Headings (2007)
Two Way Split Window (Office 2003)
controll input data in column... (2000)
Macro to define Autofilter range (2003)
get a row number (Excel 2003 SP3)
Sort by Fill Color? (2003)
Negative answer to formulas (Excel 2003)
Macro to Delete Rows containing Certain Data (2007)
Maximum concatenate (2003)
vlookup (2003 SP3)
Linking doesn't work (XP)
Edit VB Code (2007)
Conditional Formatting based on another cell (2007)
TOOL BAR (2003 sp2)
List Formulas (XP)
Error 53 File Not Found (2003)
Sorting Issue (2007)
sum different after sorting (2003)
Date/Time format (O2003 WXpHeSp3)
Transpose macro (2003)
Bank Hols by Country (2003)
Tricky Std Deviation, Kurtosis, etc calculations (2002)
Hyperlink to last page (2003 SP2)
trouble removing sticky spaces (2003)
removing empty cells (excel 2003)
Consecutive Page Numbering - Pages out of order (2
Hyperlink formula (2K 9.0.2720)
Excel loses links (Excel 2002/2003)
DDE server and Excel (2000)
Format cell (2002)
Code Help (2007)
Work Rota (2000)
Entering Times Quickly (XP)
Working with multiple sheets (2003 SP2)
find method...two parameter (2000)
Get value from cells range (2000)
Problem with read only message in excel file (2003)
protecting spreadsheet (2007)
print viewable data only (2003)
Remove Wildcard in lookup (2003)
Text to Excel (2K3)
can't print - prompted to save (Excel 2003)
Cumulative time in minutes (Excel 2000)
Can't shift object off page (2K 9.0.2720)
Offset vs Address (Excel 2007)
pulling excel info to a new doc (2003)
Run time Error (2003)
Data Analysis Sampling (2003)
Limit of AutoFilter (2002)
update figs from 1 Jan after 4th anniversary (2003)
New monthly ws (excel/vba)
IF statement problem (Excel 2000)
countif noncontiguous (Excel 2007)
Devide string.... (2000)
Find/Replace differences 2003-2007 (2003/2007)
Match function (2003 SP2)
Cut+Paste won't work (Office 2003 SP3)
Refreshing multiple tables w/ external source data (2002)
Rolling fiscal year contract months (2003 SP3)
Completing a Ranking Column (XP SP2)
Statistical calculations with ranges (2003)
Filled Grid tool (XP)
View Code? (2003)
Transferring formated data to raw data (2003 sp2)
Weird date formatting error (2000 SP-3)
VBA Range Variable (2007)
UserForm (2002)
Extracting records (Version 2003)
concatenating multiple members (2003)
Calculation question (excel 2003)
Networkdays calcs (Excel2000SP3)
Print worksheets to different files (2003)
Auto-update Complements (XLA files) (2003)
Yield functions (2003)
how many sheet .... (2000)
Large format printer (2007) (718055) was moved to the Word board
Select Excel Tab (2003)
Extra Spreadsheet starts when Macro activated (excel 2003)
Format cells based on other cell (2007)
Trace Precedents (2003)
safety for spreadsheet (Office 2003)
If Or Statements (XP)
unique idex in sheet during txt file import (2000)
Character limit in cells (2003 SP3)
If, Then, Copy (2002)
exit without save wbook (2000)
Clock 'Cell' in workbooks (2003 SP2)
Copy to Specific Cell on Double click (Excel 2003)
Need Formula for Count (2003/2007)
Copy Conditional format formualas (Excel XP)
Data validation with fly out menu (Excel 2003 SP3)
2004/2005 (2000)
Error message (XP)
Moving buttons & loss of drill downs (Excel 2007)
add only if date falls within last year (2003)
Calculating (XP)
File Opening problems (XP Pro SP2)
IF Statement (Excel 2003)
Updating Links to a Protected Spreadsheet (Excel 2003)
Use tab names in formula (Excel 2003 SP2)
Result from Lookup shows formula (2000)
set header and footer on created worksheet (2003)
Limit to rows in Vlookup table? (2003)
Charts does not update (Excel 2007 (Mac 2004))
Formulas (Office 2003)
Cant Save (2003)
MS Query from website (Excel 2003)
Nulls in pivot table calculated fields (Excel 2003, XP)
graphics with colored line... (2000)
Pick List In Excel (Excel 97)
Moving Monthly Formula (Excel 3.0)
Visible cells named ranges (Excel2000)
data sum = zero in a pivot table (excel 2000)
Delete Rows Macro (2003)
Query Refresh prompt (2003 / XP)
Cannot complete task (Excel 2003)
Moving sums (Excel XP)
code help (excel 2003)
Fill Cells (2003)
Pivot Table (XP & 2003)
Convert Footy Fixtures (2002)
More that 3 conditional formats (Excel XP SP2)
sumproduct explained with double unary operator (2003)
click event not firing (Excel 2003 XP)
Login-Logout Calendar (2003)
Worksheet Navigation (Excel 2003)
Offset/Match (2003)
Macro Copy/Combine Data
Upper and lower case calculations (2003 SP2)
conditional formatting (xp)
countif question (excel 2003 sp2)
Offset and Indirect (2003)
Make macro toggle? (Office 2000)
Last value in column (2007)
resetting TextToColumns delimiters (Excel 2003, 2007)
FormulaArray (XP)
Occurrences of a day of week (Excel 2003)
Count If Array (Excel 2003)
Auto complete cell using dropdown (2003)
Event to signal row or columns being added or dde (2000 - 2007)
Excel Data Manipulation (Excel 2003)
Import Jurnal excel in to Quickbooks (2003)
creating column size template for extract (2003)
Instructional Minutes (XP)
Two part Macro needed for batch file renaming (Excel 2003 SP3)
trouble displaying a date (Excel 2003)
Find Non Duplicates (Office 2000)
Array formulas in VBA (Excel 2003)
Color Names (Excel 2003)
Use MATCH or INDEX? (Excel 2003)
Macro (Excel 2003)
Lookup formula (2003 SP3)
In a list or not? (Excel 2003)
Text in formula (2007)
Auto Tab Color (Excel 2003)
Filtering data (Excel 2003)
Too many data points (Excel 2003)
Purge Cell when it contains a 'defined' character (2003)
Find Text in cell and copy to cell 7 columns over (Excel 2003)
IF Logical Test (2007)
Formatting to present a ratio (XP SP2)
Can I format a cell to Base 1000? (XP SP2)
Command Button Enable/Disable (2000+)
Export from Quickbooks Pro 2006 into Excel 2003 (Excel 2003)
Workbook Problem (2007 SP1)
reset filter (2003)
Importing an exported WorkSheet (2000 - 2007)
Starting fresh (Excel 2003)
Particular condition.... (2000)
Clear Numeric and Blank Cells (Excel 2003)
Excel as Graph (Excel 2003)
import all hours over 10 (Excel 2003)
Calculating cumulative time (Excel 2003)
Calling a series of macros (Excel 2003)
sort dates in array (2000)
Runtime error 438 (Office 2007 SP1)
Macro to Split Worksheet (2002/SP3)
Code Error (2003)
Excel 2003 question (Excel 2003/sp3)
Fill label caption with range... (2000)
Pivot-Running Total (Excel2003)
Tab Names (Excel 2003)
Help with loop (2003)
If, please! (2000)
Identifying column letter (2003)
Time Calc's I need help with (Excel 2003)
Toolbar assigned a macro (Excel 2003)
running a macro on a cell (2003 SP2)
recalulation speed (Excel 2003)
Macro Works Intermittently (Office 2003)
Cicling all sheets in wbook and fill colmobx1 (2000)
PasteSpecial (Excel 2000)
Excel PivotTable dropping date format in SQL (Excel 2003)
Increase particular number... (2000)
Increase particular number... (2000)
hiding a workbook (Excel2000)
Coding Ideas (2000)
Macros (Excel 2003)
CSV file saving (Excel2000)
Making backups of workbooks (excel 2003 / vba)
Addition every nth row (Excel 2002 SP3)
Consolidating Data from Multiple Worksheets (2003)
Select all sheets in a workbook via VBA (Excel 2003)
Pivotcache recordcount (Excel 2003)
Conditional formatting (Excel 2003)
Auto Sum with Filter (Excel '03 & '07)
HUGE Formula Bar - not shrinkable (2007 SP1, etc)
Count 'text' in a Row (2003)
Conditional formatting Question (2003)
Large Pivot Tables (2007)
Copy totals to another workbook (Excel 2003)
Very strange date formatting (Excel 2003)
Active Window (2003)
Splitting data into columns (2003)
Filter 'not contain...' value (2000)
Comment properties (Excel 2007)
Shared workbooks in Excel (2003 and 2007)
Hiding Cells and Buttons (2008)
Use part of a cell for filename (2007)
User Specific Functionality (2003)
Automate Email Address From Hyperlink Formatted Ce
unable to edit cell comment (Excel 2003 SP3)
AutoFill and form fields (2007)
Personal.xls Automatically Opens Up (2003)
Combine Vlookup & Mod Formulas (2007)
Excel crashing after pasting contents of cells (Office 2003SP2)
IF Statement help (2003)
Excel/MSProject Unexpected Error (Excel 2003)
Empty not really empty (2003)
Macro not found (2003)
pivot table (xp professional)
add new wbook named with nvar (2000)
Formula to deal with blank rows (MS Excel 2003)
Userform Examples / Resources (2003)
custom format (2003 SP3)
Deleting and Replacing Charts (2003)
loop workbook in dir (2000)
Formula excel 2003 (2003)
Can't see addins on the ribbon (Excel 2007)
Formula Help (2007)
Timesheet Collation (2003)
Getting Theme Colors (XP)
Using DrawIcon api (2K or greater)
date format wont group (2003)
Multi-Dimension Visualization (2003)
Userform (Excel 2003)
Why work in my home and not in my office (2000)
Prior To Save (XP)
Userform's Textbox and WordWrap (XP)
check files exist (2003)
First occurence in column... (2000)
Conditional Formatting (XP)
Surpress compatibility checker (2007)
suppress event change in combobox... (2000)
Convert data to chart (2003)
why error 1004 in copy range??? (2000)
code to replace date (2003)
If then Statement (Excel 2003)
deleting rows (2002)
Protection and sub-totals (2007)
Sum occupied cells (2003)
Sorting Tabs (Excel 2003)
File not opening (2000)
Nifty Conditional Formatting Function (Excel 2003)
Excel Auto Filter (Office Basic Edition 2003)
Remove #DIV/0! from fields/cells (2003 / 2007)
Stuck on COUNT (2003)
Vlookup ?? (XP)
Passing Variable to Open Statement (XP)
Delete macro button (2003)
Copy data base on matching criteria (EXcel 2003)
F4 key not working (2003)
Data Link Problem (2007)
Range Reference Types (2003 SP2)
Look Up Specific files (Excel 2003)
Help with code (2003)
SavingBackUp (2003)
Copy Last Row (Excel2000)
Copy Value in Excel to Word (Excel 2003)
Ref to Wkbk Open Event (2003)
Matching Two Table (Excel 2003)
Lookup (?) (2003)
Filter on number (Office 2000)
Stop a Start-up Macro (excel 2003)
Format Cell Based On Its Contents (2003)
Protecting a workbook (Excel 2003)
Excel won't take focus (2003)
Positives and Negatives (2003)
Round all values up to the nearest $1 (2003 SP3)
Snooker scoreboard (2003 sp2)
Copy values as two decimal points (Excel 2003)
Subtract Formula (Excel 2003)
retirement calculator (2000)
Removing Items from a Collection (2003)
Return in Text Formula (XP)
Match/Sumif (2003)
Changing Link source via vba (2003)
(resolved) Delete blank line in text file (2000)
Deleting buttons (2003)
Modify Buttons with VBA (XL2000 SR3)
spaces in formula (Excel 2003 (SP2))
sort by form features (excel 2003)
Sorting items within new collection (Excel 2003)
From/To Range (XP)
recover a closed Excel document (2003 SP2)
recalculate user defined function (2003)
Macro within a cell (2002 Rel. 10)
rename and move new file .. (2000)
use inbuilt vba functions in spreadsheet (2003)
Ctrl F11 (2003)
Missing Tabs & Horizontal Scroll (MS Office Excel 97-2003 worksheet)
Character Limit (2003)
MATCH Function error (2007)
Fomulas do NOT work (2003)
convert (2003)
Lookup to include wildcard* (Excel 2003)
Insert Characters (Excel 2003 )
FORMULA BAR (Excel2000)
Intercep character.. (6.0)
Count Characters (XP)
Sorting based on background color (XP)
NonContiguous selection (2003)
Conditional formatting (2003)
selecting correct range (2003)
sorting (XP)
Removing hyperlinks (2003)
clear popup error msg (excel 2002 SP3 (XP) )
coded in to monthly (Excel2003)
Animated graphics (XP)
Interdependent Data Validation (2003)
VB Code not changing directory (Excel 2003)
IF then on filename (2003)
Don't Chart ISBLANK (2003)
Compare and merge (2003)
Strange Personal.xls behavior or PEBCAK (Excel 2003 on XP Pro)
Copy of one worksheet to tw0 other worksheets bas
Find/Replace in closed workbooks (all versions)
replace names inside formula (2003 / SP2)
Print Graph Macro (2003)
Time calculation (XP)
Concatenating Data in Linked Formula (Excel 2007)