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why error 91..... (2000)
Creating a blank line (2003)
Convertin a texte 1 000 to 1000 (2002)
Chart printing bug (Excel 2007)
filling a blank with tha value of a cell above it
Counting dates within a quarter (2007)
Paste special to create a formula (All versions)
Reference to FrontPage (2002)
Folder location of INI file (2000+)
Find text until last occurrence (2003 SP3)
change cell color (office 2000)
multiple if statements (xp & 2003)
Save csv file as xls automatically (2003)
User Form: findind specific blank cell (2003 SP2)
Matching or indexing? (Excel 2003)
Graph Help Please (2003 SP2)
Combining Worksheet Code with Module Code (XL2003)
Sort Macro (without Range.Select) (xl03)
Save As in 2007 (Excel 2003 SP2)
Find matching combination to a value (Excel 2003)
Labels On Userforms (2000)
Return the last column address (Excel 2003)
Conditional Formatting & wild cards (2003 sp2)
Remove Alphabetic Characters (Excel 2003)
Show corresponding duplicate row number (Excel 2003)
Centering a range on the screen (2003)
Defining Value of a UserForm textbox (2003 SP)
Counting Formula Results (2003 2007)
IF AND OR help (Excel 2002)
Worksheet_Change event (Excel 2003)
Finding a wbk in a known directory (2003)
Bizarre Cut and Paste Bug (2003 sp2)
New Zoom (Excel 2003)
Move scrollbar1 (2000) (692306) was removed
Possible to compare excel files (2003)
Unlock protected sheet and then re-lock (2003 SP2)
Copy cell contents to another sheet, update change (WinXP Excel 2003)
Paste Picture on Toolbar (XL03)
formula help to update one sheet from another (2003 SP2)
Date Formula, Elapsed Y and M (XL03)
open wbook without strat coe (2000)
Pivot Grouping problem (Excel 2003)
Open a workbook to a specific worksheet (Excel 2003)
Page numbers in Excel 2000 (Page numbers)
Convert dates from Text (2003 - 2007)
Formating TextBox on User Form (2003 SP2)
dubt on var dimension... (2000)
Passwording a sheet, not workbook (2000)
UserForm:Update Sheet from 2 Combos (2003 SP2)
Public (2003)
Hidding and protecting cells with formulas (xp & 2003)
Automatic copy down (2003)
Column Headings as Range (2003 SP2)
Macro to open a 2nd Excel Session (Excel 2002)
Show and Hide sheets Combo box action (2007)
Switch off automatic calculation for a sheet (XP S
Multiple if statments in one formula (xp & 2003)
countif (2003)
scroll records with distinct value in column (200
Catching a running date (Excel 2003)
Value Replacement Formula (Excel 2003)
Count distinct value in column... (2000)
Shortcut Key (2003)
Design Advice (2003 SP2)
Streamline Code: use Trim?? (2003)
Limitation on # of Workbooks (Excel 2002)
'subtract' networkdays (2003)
More powerful DGET function? (XP SP3)
Columns to rows (2007 )
Insert formula with code (2000+)
Cascading Combo Box help? (Excel 2004)
Negative Sign to Right (2003)
Sorting and Saving (Excel2000)
Lookup Problem (2003)
Autofilter (2003)
Interest Payments (2K3)
Use checkboxes to sum total (EXcel 2003)
Error Msg (2003)
Applying a 6 colour conditional format (Excel 2000>)
Progress Bar (XP)
Split Screen And Scrolling (2003)
No focus on Excel start (Excel 2003 SP2)
Use of MID function (XP)
Datbase Functions (Excel 2003)
Summing Filtered Items (2003)
Changing range name in a macro (2003 SP2)
Make a decimal number show all zeros (2003)
Macro stops working after row 67? (2003 SP2)
Export a chart (Excel 2003)
Excel Database Function Errors (Excel 2003)
Disappearing formulas (2003/SP2)
Sharing a workbook - your experience (Office XP)
Find & Replace Function (MS Excel 03)
Overlapping Circular References (2003 (11.8146.8132) SP2)
Eliminate counting zero's when using COUNT (2000)
Code Skipping (XP)
Hyperlinks in Excel (Excel 2003)
Intersec col and row (2000)
Range().Copy method freezing Excel (XP)
Filter for a certain value OR blank cell (2003/SP2
VBA to produce a Calculated Comment (XL03)
Insert zero in blank cells (2003)
Excel or Machine (XL2003)
Search in macro question (Excel XP)
Create Audit Trail (Excel 2003)
Extending Months (2007)
Inherrited formula - help to understand please. (Excel 2003)
Function to convert numbers to text (XP)
Formula error? (2003)
Index...Match (Excel 2003)
COUNTAIF (Excel 2003)
Need Macro for Excel (Excel)
Command Buttons (Excel 2003)
Solver appears in Spanish (Excel 2003 / Windows XP)
Recording Macro toolbar's Relative mode button ? (Excel 2003 / Windows XP)
Launch a Program From Excel (2003)
Puzzled with Formula (Excel 2003)
'Exploding' file size (Excel 2003)
Protect Worksheet(s) (Excel 2003)
tabbing in an Excel form (Excel 2003 sp 3)
Display both icons and text on Quick Access Ribbon (2007)
Convert Text to Proper (2003)
Narrator Won't Shut Up (Excel 2003)
A note for Hans & Steve... (Excel 2003)
colored numbers if over 200 (Excel 2000)
A-Z style phone book (2003 SP2)
Using VBA to follow Hyperlink (2003 - 2007)
Date Format Switching (2000)
Extract & Hyperlink to Send Emails (Excel 2003)
Excel File Limitation? (Excel 2003)
press enter and start macro (2000)
Excel Date in a cell in 2 lines (2000)
function test challenge (Excel 2003)
Minimized closes Excel (2002/2003)
Concatenation (xp & 2003)
center userform in vba (2000)
Naming ranges (Excel 2003)
getting rid of characters in a cell (xp & 2003)
user defined types in user forms (2003)
Vlookup (Excel 2003)
Setting the Default version of Excel (2003 & 2007)
CONTAINS function (Excel 2002)
Formulas (Don't know how else to put it...) (Exce
function error (Excel 2003)
cell pointer moves toolbar (Excel2000)
date as text (2003)
Multiple clipboards (Excel 2003-2007)
Page breaks on multiple sheets (2007)
Crystal Report Addin (Excel 2003)
multi worksheet cell reference (2007)
Conditional Formatting on Mixed data (2003)
pause till query executes (2003)
Text book Excel VBA
DIR and SharePoint (Excel 2003)
Floating Bar Chart lookin' screwy (2003 SP2)
Need help cleaning up macros (Excel 2003)
Large printing (2000 SP3)
Accumulative sum (2K3)
View code (XP)
Put comma in function (2003)
Worksheet Names (2002&2003)
Cells with many characters (Excel2003)
Shifting Data (2003)
formula to show whether sheet is protected or not (xp)
Refencing and inserting another cell (Excel 2003)
Summing From To (Excel 2007)
formatting and Vlookup (xp & 2003)
Worksheet Protection (MS Excel 2003)
Locate empty cell after import of data (2003)
Pivot Table (2003)
2000 Text Files to Excel (Office 2000-2003)
Mean Function (Excel 2003)
Precise Date Difference (2003)
Search Form (2003 SP3)
Excel Macros (2000)
Table Function (Excel 2002)
Application Defined Error (2003)
Data Validation lists are REALLY wide? (Excel XP)
Moving chart for last 30 days (Excel 2003)
Range Selection (Excel 2002)
Workbook Population (Office 2007)
Conditional Formatting: Top 4 as a Percent (Excel
Using MSQuery to Link to a UNION Query (2003 sp2)
Last cell of hidden range (2003)
IF statement help (2003)
Spider diagrams (Excel 2003)
Keep Date dependant sum from changing (Excel 2000)
Worksheet changes (XL 2000 SP3)
Unique Entries (Excel 2003 SP2)
Cell colors question (Excel XP)
Inputing data into next open cell (Excel 2003)
Getting rid of #DIV/0! (xp & 2003)
Note in Bar Chart for a Data Point (Excel 2002 SP3
Digital Signature Removed from VBA Code (2003 (SP3))
Slow dialog boxes (XP)
Age Function (2003)
Read Mails from Excel - Revisit (xls 2003)
RESOLVED: Count or Sum Macro Question (Excel 2003)
Formatting comment boxes (Excel 2003)
summ column ... (2000)
How to obtain cell-edit mode? (Excel2003 SP2)
Excel performance (Excel2003)
Object in Excell Moves (2003)
Autofill (Excel 2002)
merging workbooks (2003 SP2)
Searching Workbooks that contain code (XP)
Cannot change column format (Excel 2003)
Excel 2003 Charts (Excel 2003)
Refresh Data mulitple queries (Excel 2003 SP2)
Converting From 2007 back to 2003 version of softw (Excel 2003)
Chart Formatting (2003/SP3)
Creating PDF of Excel file (Excel 2003 SP3)
WB on server (2003 SP2)
Extended List (2007)
Stacked Cluster Graph (2007)
Prompt for custom view on Spreadsheet open (2000/2003)
Finding cells missing formulas or data (Excel 2003)
user form / calander (2003 SP3)
Hiding #Value! (2003 SP2)
Woody's KnowledgeBase (XL 2003)
Comment Indicator (2003)
Change Font Color when criterias are met (XL 2003)
Best way to use Vlookup? (2003)
error 1004 (2000)
Showing minus values (2003 SP2)
Help to adapt a formula (2003 SP2)
Need to tweak macro to export from Excel to Word (Excel 2002 XP SP2)
Addin ribbon with unknown macro? (Excel 2007)
Sorting by last digit (XP)
Finding a Row in a Table - MyDGet (Excel 2003)
formula (2002)
Filtering and Finding Hidden Rows (2003)
Adding Back Certain Numbers (2003)
Making macro toolbars available in 2007 (Excel 2007)
Match/Sumif (2003)
copying numbers (XP)
Yield to Maturity (YIELDMAT) (2003 (11.8146.8132) SP2)
COUNTIF Weekends (2003 SP3)
Invert the selection quest! (Excel 2003>)
Auto Filldown (Xls 2003)
How install add-ins? (2003 11.8146.8132 SP2)
Conditional Formatting query (2003 SP2)
Remove the decimal point (2003)
shape in userform (2000)
Last Rows (Xls 2003)
Rotate Picture or clipart (office 2000)
Clear form button (2003 SP2)
Excel Form Project Questions (Excel 2000 >)
Formula help (XP)
Linked Workbook Updates (2003)
trendlines (MS Office 2003)
Sorting Worksheets in A>Z order (Excel 2000>)
Clear Contents (Xls 2003)
Vloop command not working (2003)
Cell Validation (XP)
Graphs and charts (Excel 2003)
Shift Calendar formula (2003 SP2)
Capture date Macro Runs (2003)
Calculating Range References (Excel (All))
Dynamic Ranges, Dynamic Fills - No Macros (Excel 200, SP3)
Table array row number keeps increasing (2003)
Normal Distribution (2003/SP2)
Conditional format a Highlighted Cell (2K 9.0.4402
Repeat value -1 (2003)
Arrays? Multiple Criteria in Formulas (2003 sp2)
Animate a rolling ball (Excel ALL)
Attach custom toolbar to workbook (2003)
Capture Month for Reporting (Excel 2003)
colour chart line based on value (2002 SP3)
Monitoring file saves (XL 2000 SP3)
Pick Experience Level (Excel 2003)
Formula for number format (Excel 2002)
MAX plus ???? (XP)
Help to Tweak existing Macro (2003)
Format Text Box (XP/2003)
Copy Paste Disabled (2000)
Better Way to code this? (2003)
Intersect questions (All)
Excel VBA Macro Multiple If/Else Statements (2003)
Add a name to a list (excel 2003)
Accruing vacation and tracking vacation (Excel 2003)
Resetting Comment Boxes (2003)
vba copy sheet limit (Excel2003)
Moving (tabbing) between documents (Excel 2003)
count multiple IF conditions (Excel 2003)
No Security Option (Excel 2000)
VlookUp #NA (2003)
Date Modified XL 2000 (SP3)
countif (excel 2003)
Format with concatenated formula (Excel 2002)
find duplicates in lists (2003)
Excel Macro delete lines with a blank address cell (office 2006 and 2007)
Protect Print Range (Office 2000-2003)
Vlookup problem (Excel 2003)
Stacked bar chart to show ranges (2003)
calc $ for future dates (Excel 2003)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2002)
Calendar Object missing (2003 SP2)
Different Conditional Formatting Question (2003)
Proposals per Week (Excel 2007)
Importing XML Files (2003)
Delimiters (2003)
IF/OR Statement (Excel 2007)
Calculate # of months from January (2003/SP2)
Calander object in Userform (2003 SP2)
Sending each sheet to a different email addresess
Moving data to cell according to date (2003 SP2)
Trending (2007)
counting days (2007)
vlookup (Excel 2003)
Comma Delimited File (XP)
Handling of QueryTable-results (XP)
VLookup (Excel 2003)
F4, Ctrl+Y stopped working (Excel 2003)
Conditional formatting (Excel 2003)
picture files (excel)
Unable to open spreadsheet (2000)
'SUM' in code (2003)
Nested IF (Excel 2003)
Excel Accelarators in 2007 (Excel 2007)
Jump to Specific Column (2003)
Checkboxes (2000)
Cell Select problem (2003)
Alternative to Right Clicking in Status Bar (2007)
PasteSpecial Select Destination (XP)
Pivot Table Errors (2003 SP2)
Totals and links (Excel 2003)
Totals and links (Excel 2003)
File name length (2003)
Freeze top and bottom rows (Excel 2003)
Specifying range height for AVERAGE function? (Excel 2002)
Color unique value cells (Excel 2003)
Substituting characters etc (Excel 2003)
Numbers to text without cents (2003)
Best Match Approach (XP)
Sort and Insert blank row (Excel 2003)
Text to Columns (Excel 2002)
Screen Updating (Excel 2003)
Form Question? (e2k (9.0.6926 SP-3))
Problem With Phone Number Formatting? (e2k (9.0.6926 SP-3))
Multi criteria formula (Excel 2003)
Resizing Pivot Charts (Excel 2003)
Populating Cells with UserForm (2003 SP2)
Using wildcards with 'if' (2007)
Write to File with Header (XP)
if or (XP)
In edit mode and key event on sheet? (Excel2003 SP2)
UserForm link to RangeNames (2003 SP2)
Linking Excel to Powerpoint (Office 2000)
filter records (excel 2003)
VBA to change Excel sheet names (XP)
Holiday Calendar Revisited (2003 SP2)
Run a macro on 2 sheets (Excel 2003)
subtotals (2003)
first experience with delimited ';' records (2000)
Look-up?? and delete (2003)
Lookup text & place; skipping blank cells (MS Office 2003)
little corner green..EXCEL 2003 (2003)
control down arrow (2003)
RE-Center Across Selection (2003)
Filter (2003)
Data group unprotect? (Excel2003)
Drop Down Boxes (2002 SP3)
Counting ranges of values (2003/SP2)
Breaking a Worksheet (2003 sp2)
XL File in Memory (XP)
Formula Auditing Taken to a new level (2000, XP, 2003, 2007)
Bell Curve/Trend (2K3)
Unique record and sorting (Excel 2003)
cell names sorting with data (2003/2007)
Save as ACCESSIBLE HTML (Excel 2002/2003)
Stacked chart goal (XP/2003)
exponential fitting (2003)
Row Headers Disappear (Excel 2002)
Filename() (2003)
Excel import (2007)
Days in year (2003)
Match (2003)
Help with VBA code to insert a WB Stamp (Excel 2003)
VBA - Number Sign usage (2003)
Column Chart not displaying correctly (2003 SP2)
Help with IF statement (2003)
Print Worksheet Border (2003)
Help to edit a UDF get collect comment text (Excel 2003)
Automatic entery into a Validation List (Excel 2003)
Lookup (2000)
Paper Size drop-down choices (2003 SP2)
Lookup Table (Excel 2003)
Setting up pagination (2002 / rel 10)
Run Macro when a certain cell value is changed (Excel 2002)
Making a chart (Excel 203)
Setting cell size (Excel 2003)
Pivot Table (2003)
Charting question - Linking (2003)
select and mail (2000)
Date Display (Excel 2003)
Troubleshooting Techniques (2003/SP2)
Macro to Color Cells (2003 SP2)
Microsoft Money (2008 Plus) (679035) was moved to the Software Finds and Wants board
If statement (2003)
Adding A Formula From One Cell To Another Cell (2003)
Determining if a Comment is present (2003/SP2)
Conditional Formatting (202 SPŁ)
Index (?) And/Or Arrays (2003)
Copying Data from an input form to a worksheet (MS
giving name to dates between range (2002 SP3)
fill in missing data (excel 2003)
timesheet help (2003)
Comma Style: default to 0 decimal places? (2003)
Maintaining Custom Views (2003)
Auto Sort (Excel 2003)
Import from Word to Excel (Excel 2003)
The Finer Points of the MID statement (XL 2003)
Automatic Calculation (XP/2003)
Image selected by Random No (2003)
formula to seperate values in cell. (2003)
Auto-Format Excel Cells from Outlook (Office 2007 Pro/Outlook)
Column Chart formatting (2003)
Making long Formulas more readable (All)
Excel Array Formula Limitation (Excel 2003)
Tedious formula (Excel 2003)
HolidayCalendar (2003 SP2)
Popup Object (XP)
priority/cost/benifit worksheet (2003 SP2)
Or() Statement With Text (2003)
Conditional Format (2003)
AutoCorrect Icon-Add to Toolbar (Excel 2003 SP3)
Renaming Macros (2003)
Combobox alignment (2000+)
Line Column Chart with Stacked Columns (2002 SP3)
convert PDF files into Excel (excel 2002 SP3 (XP) )
Defining Ranges (xp)
Array question (Excel 2003 SR2)
delete row with active cell, shortcut? (2003)
Excel files in Sharepoint (2003)
Using ADO with txt files (2003)
delete dups (Excel 2003)
calculation of dates (XP & 2003)
Embedding Powerpoint Presentation in Excel (2003)
Date Calculation (2003)
pivot table (excel 2003)
Best way to clean up text (XL 2003)
User Control of the Formula Bar (XL 2003)
Invalid Multiplication result (Office 2007-latest
What COM addins are loaded? (2000 or above)
Fitting words vertically in the same cell (2003)
Build Macro Toolbar depending on File (2003)
Cleaning up a huge list (2003 SP2)
protection (Excel 2003)
Unique within group (2002 SP3)
Excel and StarOffice (XP)
'If cell empty, get data elsewhere' (2
calculating nested IF(AND sequence (Excel 2003)
If then help (XP)
next letter (2002 SP3)
Flush mouse-click buffer (2000+)
Take last entry of list and copy to bottom row (Ex
Open Embedded OLE object from Command Button (Excel 2003)
Control Toolbox ComboBox (2003 XP)
Changing Chart Location (2003)
Macro - Chart code (Excel 2007)
Help with using lookup command (2003)
validation list (2003)
Viewing Sums In ToolBar (2003)
Calculate Based on Cell's Format (2003)
Macro to Delete Foreign Characters (Excel 2002)
Autofit Row in VBA (2003)
Dynamic Ranges (2003)
Lookup(?) question (2003 SP2)
syntax for filtering on multiple names (2003)
AutoFilter Displaying Numbers (XP)
dates and tabs (2003/SP2)
excel for mac file open macr (excel 2004)
Personal xls Calendar Control (2003 SP2)
Set zoom (2003)
Find, Cut and Paste (Excel 2003 SP2)
Effect of manual/automatic calc Solver (2003 SP2)
Cumulative Growth Formula (Excel 2003 SP 2)
Number of Rows for Macro (Excel 2003)
Update links from password protected workbooks (07
Copy/Paste AutoFiltered Range (2003)
Invalid sheet name error (office 2003 SP3)
How to Draw a half Circle in Excel (2003)
Enter and display Minutes (2003)
Filter by Fill Color (Excel 2003)
Fill Cells based on data validation (2003 SP2)
Combo boxed used to fill in list (2007)
count if - using macro? (EXCEL 2000)
Using Range names as copy or print designations (Excel 2003)
Pass Fail (Excel 2003)
VBA Question (2003 SP2)
Grading Schemas (Excel 2003)
IF B9 is populated, then insert it,else insert B8 (2003/SP2)
Loop to populate TextBox (2000+)
Unit Grades (Excel 2003)
Macro - delete rows with zeros (Excel 2002)
Remove Personal Information (2K3)
Find and Copy Unique Entries (Excel 2003 SP2)
Difference in numbers (XP/2003)