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Embed Word in Excel (2003)
HolidayPlanner - DeductDays (2003 SP2)
File Open Delay (2007)
Advanced pivot table fields (Excel 2003)
HolidayPlanner (2003 SP2)
documentation (Excel2003)
goto the next if value is present in column (2000)
question about SUMPRODUCT (2002 SP3)
Passing Variable into Dim Statement (XP)
Remove data in cell After certain point (2003)
Lease expiry dates (2003 sp2)
Finding the 7th space in a string (xl 2003)
Create mailto: URL with multiple recipients (2007)
toolbar and statusbar (2000)
Multiple If's (2000)
GetOpenFilename (XP)
Text/Cell Manupilation (2003)
Accounts Spreadsheet (2000)
Text Box Position Measurement (2003/SP2)
Toolbars (Excel 2003)
Executing an Excel Formula in VBA code (2000)
Data Validation dropdown list (2003 SP2)
Suppress first page (Excel 2003)
CONCATENATE with a CHR(13) (xl 2003)
Sheet Contents (XP )
Cant change date format if in UK English (2003 SP3)
Insert File in Userform (XP)
Pivot Table Totals on Chart (2003)
Converting Excel files (Vista)
Formatting from Macro (Excel 2003)
Overlapping charts (Excel 2003)
REPT function (2003 SP2)
Print Legal (XP)
Bubble Charts (2003)
Remove Characters (Office 2003)
Excel 2007 & 2003 (2003/2007)
Formatting cells with colored ovals (2003)
How to count instances of a character within a cel (2000/2003/2007)
New Worksheet (A2K)
Moving Comments (2003 SP2)
Showing two data series on a continuum (Excel 2003 SP-2)
Repositioning Drop-down Menu (Excel V2002)
variable (office Xp/ 2007)
Find file with attached toolbar (Excel 2003 SP2)
Automatically change 'Smith, Bob' to 'Bob','Smith' (2000)
lunch macro from other PC (2000)
Referencing Document Properties (2003/SP2)
VBA code for Selecting All Worksheets (Excel 2002)
Fill Color (XP)
Using cell color to input data (Excel 2003)
Excel Print Area (Excel 2002 SP3)
summarising cell value (2007)
VBA code for closing a file without saving it (Excel 2002)
Formula over 23 sheets (2003 SP2)
two decimal points not working right (Excel 2003)
Pivot Table Select Data (2003)
Format After Formulas (2003)
Option/Radio Button (2003)
Total cells in pivot table (Excel 2003)
Find Dialog (All)
Split Screen (XP)
Help with two series stacked column chart (2003)
Move row based on total (2007)
Fill In blanks (Excel 2002)
Unlock a VBAProject (2003 SP2)
AutoFilter Formulas (MS Excel 2003)
Inserting formula in cell (2003)
Auto_mania (2003 & 2007)
Checkboxes (2003 SP2)
Screen Print Problems (XP/2003)
Proper case/multiple words (2K3)
Page numbers (2003 or 2007)
add comment (excel200)
Extracting parts of text strings (2002 and above)
CAPS LOCK (2007)
Looking for extra row (2003)
Pivot Table Grouping (2003)
Linking template form to one or more worksheets (Excel 2007)
formula (first letter of a cell) (2003)
Delete Sheet in Code (2003)
Macro to Delete Same Range - Many Sheets (XL2003)
Using a password in a macro (Excel 2003)
Formula help to calculate inventory days (2002 SP3)
ADODB Mistery!!! (2000) (670373) was moved to the Access board
Shift Pattern (2003 SP2)
populate a form combo box from an external source
Macro Error / Print Hidden Sheet (XL2003)
Sorting More Than Three (Excel2000)
Excel for Mac--Incredibly Slow? (2004)
Dealing Cards (XP)
Userform ComboBox Text (XP)
Help needed with Automating report (Excel 2003)
Assign a shorcut to a non recorded macro (2000 )
Excel lostfocus (Excel2003)
Need Help with 'OFFSET' function (2003 SP3)
Copy Powerpoint Datasheet (Excel 2003 SP2)
Tick box to print worksheets (2k)
Trivial shortcut (2003)
Lost filter arrows (2003)
Birth Dates (Excel 2003)
Disappearing files (2003)
VBA Macro Code Definitions (1)
Remove protection from workbook (2007)
Cell Referencing (XP)
Unselect multiselection in listbox (2000)
Pivot Table Data Restriction (2003)
ComboBox Challenged (XP)
Array UDF (Excel 2003 SP 2)
ComboBox2 Change (XP)
instead to write value in cells... (2000 sr 1)
my vba not svae modified (2000 sr 1)
NPV meaning (2002)
Add-in (MS Excel2000)
Slanted cell borders (Excel (All))
Disappearing Tool (Excel 2003 SP3)
Macro - Copy and fill down (2003)
counting cells (office 2003)
Toolbars (2003)
macro to format part of a cell (2003)
ComboBox from ControlToolbox (XP)
Add Historical Data to Chart (Excel 2003)
add check boxes to a form (2003)
delete all rows which have merged cells (all)
Help with formulas (2003)
Delete Rows not SS# (Excel 2003)
reverse text (all)
Another Pivot Table Question (2003)
Pivot Table Drop Down Question (2003)
Changing text to a specified number (2007)
Excel 2007 (Office Xp/ 2007)
Message Box Response (XP)
Formulas (Excel 2003)
Cell Borders (XP)
CountA formula (EXCEL XP & 2003)
Max Increase (Excel 2003)
Counting cell contents by groups (2003)
ComboBox Refresh (XP)
Time is NOT a time (2003)
Excel and pdf file properties (Excel 2003)
Yes / No Message Box Question (Excel XP)
save doc file with password.. (2000 sr-1)
Convert String To Formula (2000 SP3)
Names in formulas (Excel 2003)
Data Labels on bar chart (2003 )
Rotating Text Box (XP)
Conditional Formatting (XP)
Macro?? to access Webpage for data extract (2003 )
Calling all Excel Experts (Excel 2002)
Name of fields in ADO (2000)
Help Please - Format Comments (Excel 2002)
Nested if formula (2003)
Highlight Differences (Excel 2003)
Application.GetOpenFilename (XP)
Error in 2007 (2007)
Multi-Valued Bar Chart (Excel 2003, Off Prof 2003)
Printing Question (Excel 2003)
Formula not adding up (2003 sp2)
Total Months (Excel 2003)
IF & AND Condition (Excel 2003)
Date round (Excel 2003)
Dynamic Footers (MS Excel 2003)
Globally Remove all Sub-Totals (XL 2003)
Counting text values for conditional formatting (2007)
send doc before to print... (2000 sr-1) (667584) was moved to the Word board
Stuck in select mode (Excel 2003)
Remove white space in chart (2003)
Leaving a mark... (Ex2003)
Refresh QueryTable Code (Excel 2002)
Negative time Calculations (2003 SP2)
Pivot Table Field Name Not Valid (2002)
dividing numbers/inserting spaces (Excel 2k)
Sharepoint 'features' (2007)
Excel '65535' bug (2007)
Time Format (2003 SP2)
cicling label caption... (2000 sr-1)
Filter Criteria (Excel 2002)
Convert HTML to Excel (2K)
Font size (Vista Excel 2007)
Printing content of a cell in footer (Office 2000)
Suppress 'locked for editing' message box (Excel 2003 and 2007)
VBE script (Excel 2000)
MS Query (Excel 2002)
Hide column if summ is ZERO (2000 sr-1)
ComboBox / Formula problems (2003 SP2)
Get a Value for a Toggle Button (2003)
Parse a text String (xl2003)
Force 2 lines in Message Boxes? (Excel XP)
Microsoft Query refresh (Excel 2002)
Using the End key (2003)
List feature (2003)
Selecting columns with VBA (2000 +)
Replace (Office 2003 )
Finding Duplicates in Data (2003)
Filter with var (2000 sr-1)
Shared Workbook - Read Only (2003)
code help (xp 2003)
if formula (xp2003)
Macro that Prints to Another Printer (2007)
Delete Excel Files - Macro (Excel 2002)
Different Conditional Formatting Question (2003)
Conditional Formatting (2007)
Really Dumb Question (2007)
Sheet names (Excel 2002)
File Preview (Excel 2003)
Conditional Format with dates (Excel 2003 SP2)
VBA Pivot Table? (2003)
Combo versus Listbox (XP SP2)
macros (office Xp 2003)
amortization table (2007)
Summarize data from multiple sheets (2003 SP 2)
VBA and .FormulaArray Return (2003 SP2)
Write a query (XP)
Sorting alphabetically (XP SP2)
Not Picking the Right value from Matrix (Excel 2003)
Using a Pivot Table to analyze my wireless bill (2002 (10.3207.2625))
Convert Access to Excel (Excel 2003/2007)
Lookup Function (2003)
Set Print Area Code (Excel 2002)
vlookup help please (XP SP2)
Conditional Count Unique (2000 SP3)
Counting highlighted cells? (WinXP/XLXP)
non-zero MIN (Excel 2003)
Refresh All Pivot Tables (Excel 2002)
COPY FILE (2000 sr-1)
Data Labels in Scatter Charts (2003)
Code Help - Plot Charts (2003)
code help (2003)
Formula Help (XP)
Excel starup page (Excel 2003 and 2007)
IF Calculation (2003 SP2)
Pull apart a cell (2003 sp2)
Getting different formulas to work with each other (XP SP2)
VBA to change graph option to interpolate (2003)
Checkbox is too small (2003 SP2)
loads multiple copies (203)
Analysis Toolpak automatic translation (EXCEL 2003)
Automated find and replace, array to array (Win 2k, Office 2k)
prob with vbcr vblf (2000 sr-1)
Run Multiple Macros (2003)
Reversed Dropdown List? (2003 )
UP AND RUNNING! (Excel 2000) (665338) was moved to the Lounge Matters board
Copy data in HTML format from Excel -Outlook Mail (Excel 2007 )
Link Excel data to autoshapes (2003 SP2)
Excel XLS Comparison Tools (2002 SP-2)
Usining Yes/No (XP, SP2)
Total many sheets to one (M$ 2003)
Printing to one page (2003 SP2)
Formula tidying/amending (2003 sp2)
Data Cleaning Function (MS Excel 2003)
Converting Excel list to XML (Excel 2003)
Getting the col num inside a range (2000)
Formula Nightmare (for me) (MS Excel 2003)
Cond Format with formulas (2000)
Mail merge in Excel (2003)
Update closed workbooks (2000 up)
Personal.xls (XP/2003)
Excel Import - Clean Blank Data (Excel 2003)
macro print excel spreadsheet (excel in MS Office
Latest date in a series (Excel XP)
Run a macro from a specific cell (Excel 2000)
Missing Charts oprtions (2007)
Nice Excel Resource (...)
Charting Data Using Line-Column on 2 Axis (Excel 2003 SP2)
Combine multiple worksheets into one (2003)
Blank Rows (Excel XP)
IF Statement and LookUp Together In Excel (Excel 2000)
trendline on stacked chart/graph (2002 SP3)
Hyperlinks (XP)
Using Validation (2003 sp2)
Office 2007 Themes (2007)
Page Numbers (Excel 2003)
Detect Shift key when running macro (2000 up)
Counting conditionally formatted cells (XL2003)
array formula killing me (2003)
Lost Columns (2K SP3)
Excel version of IF - WHERE (2004/11.3.3 (061213))
IRA Minimum Distrubtion Calculator (MRD) (2000 (9.
Automatic Formatting (Excel 2003)
Cell Source (Any)
Conditional Formattting (XP/2003)
DDB Half Year Convention (2003)
COPIED FILE (Excel 2000)
Avg non-zero values (2002)
multiple nested if statements (xp and 2003)
Events in Interfaces (XP SP3)
Sheet Protection / Forms (XL2003)
vlookup problem (xp & 2003)
Spanish Functions (Excel 2003)
Row header to Column header? (03)
Date - Month and Year (2003)
Conditional Format Day Formula (2000/2003)
max/min in array formula (2002)
Limit on array as chart series? (Excel 2000)
Counting upper and lower case cell entries (Excel 2003)
Transferring Toolbars to Another Computer (2003)
Macro to delete rows (XP/2003)
Save As dialogue box (2007)
If Formula (2007)
service schedule (2007)
Tab Name Change (2003)
Total puzzle (XP)
For each sheet... (2000 sr-1)
Linked data / formatting (2003)
know when the process is finished.... (2000 sr 1)
Different First Page (Excel 2003)
VLOOKUP Error (2003)
Opening Excel files with 2003, not 2007 (2003 & 2007)
sumproduct (xl2003)
ref a formula as text (2002+)
changes to saved workbooks (2003 Service pak2)
Kill Macro Warning (Excel 2003 SP2)
Generating an MSP schedule plan (mpp) from an XL (Ms Office Excel 2003) (661607) was moved to the Project board
Countif in Macro (Excel 2002)
Pivot Table Macro (Excel 2002)
selecting non-continuous cells in Excel (2003)
Revisiting Some Excellent MP3 Code (XL 2003)
Opening multiples files at once (office 2000)
Personal XLS macros and Visual Basic in 2007? (Office 2007)
Launch Method (2003/SP2)
Nested functions (2002 SP3)
Multiple Charts (2003)
multiple look up (excel 2003)
sort item in combobox... (2000 sr 1)
sumif total (Excel 2002)
Recover picture (XP/2003)
Hide columns in Workbook (2003)
Automatically storing date with VBA (2003)
Adding a clock to Excel (2003)
Count Date occurance (2000/2003)
Filtered record count (2000/2003)
animated dynamic treasury yield curve (2003)
Formula for Complex Rent Calculations (XL2003)
Atan and Atan2 (2003, xp)
Conditional Formatting Formula (MS Excel 2003)
Australian dates converting to American dates (Excel 2003/Windows XP)
series order problem (2002 SP3)
IF Nested Loop for tarrif bill (2003, Xp)
Add columns in complex workbook (2003 SP 2)
Decimal place data entry (2003)
Excel 2007 (07)
Grouping in password protected document (Office 2007)
Triangle Circle Diameter (2k3)
calculating rate (xp sr2)
Importing ThisWorkbook Code (XP)
Combining Data Sets (MS Excel 2003)
% of Row in Pivot (Excel 2003)
Edit Color of Marker Points in a Scatter Plot (200
Auto Increase sheets by a percentage (2002 SP3)
Setting a cell value (Excel 2002)
Chart specific values (2K3)
Index (Excel 2000)
Open a folder macro (Excel XP)
KB936507 security patch (2003 sp 2)
Remove item from Validation list after selection (Excel XP [2002] Win XP S
Combo Box Behaviour (XP 2003)
Hyperlinks dont work when workbook is emailed (Excel 2007)
Save Worksheet as new work book (2000/2003)
Nested IFs versus Macro (XP)
max/min values and corresponding times (2003)
Macro to Locked Spreadsheet Help (Excel 2003)
COUNTIF (2003)
Using proper words in formulas (XP 2003)
Multiple Criteria Formula for Conditional Format (MS Excel 2003)
Setting Min/Max scrollbar values dynamically (2003 sp2)
Excel formula (2003 Service pak2)
if statement (2003)
VBA find last cell (2002 SP3)
Roll-overs? (11.3.5 Mac)
Custom Colours For Cell Shading (Excel 2003)
Font Size (XP 2003)
Complex problem (excel 2000)
counting records (Office 2003 SP 2)
Random Number (Excel 2002)
Exceptions (2002)
'Stuck' formula (2002, rel. 10)
Subtotal function in Excel 2007 (2007)
Deriving a formula from data (2003)
Monitor for external file update (2003 / SP2)
search files (Excel 2007)
Euroconvert (2004 for Mac)
fit record in word document (2000 sr-1) (659600) was moved to the Word board
merge in excel
match&max (excel2003)
Macro error when Sheet is protected (Excel 2000)
'day of the year' and max/min (2003)
Logic Based Color Display (Office 2003)
Total to display in a floating window (Excel 2003)
Formula Arrays (2003)
Cannot start Excel (2000)
Save Error (2003)
Conditional Formatting with Dates (Excel 2000 SP3)
Need a IF AND formula (Excel 2003)
find Unique values (Excel 2003)
Export to Word, seperate by commas (2003 SP2)
Mmonth calculator (2000 sr-1)
Excels default template (office XP SP3)
Time and averages (Excel 2003)
adding cells in a column (2003)
auto reply to an excel message (2003)
error trapping dialogue boxes (2003)
Reference A Selected Range In Code (xp)
Sort on Color (2003)
Open files (2003)
marking equal ranks (excel 2003)
Images in Excel (2003)
combine/merge multiple workbooks (2003)
vba Code For 'Are You Sure...' (XL2003)
Pricing File Help (2003)
Date conversion issue (Excel 97)
Settings shifted in Excel 2003 (Excel 2003)
cicling all commandbutton (2000 sp 1)
Removing unwanted cell date formats (XP SP3)
Formula Help (2003 Service pak2)
Find Customers (Excel 2003)
Formula, please? (xl2003)
Removing Multiple Hyperlinks (Excel 2003)
Time scale in graph (2003 sp2)
Event handling - column deletion (Excel 2000/2003)
filtre cobobox with value in other combobox (2000 sr-1)
why this macro not cicling .... (2000 sr-1)
MS Query (XL2003 sp2)
Formatting Pivottable Objects with VBA (Office 97)
Conditional Formatting (Excell 2003)
suggestion....very important. (2000 sr-1)
First of Year formula (Excel 2003)
Hyperlinks (Excel 2003)
Word Table to Excel Spreadsheet (2003)
mysterious format change (2003/SP2)
Slow Moving Spreadsheet (Excel 2003)
Conditional Format based on date (2003)
Analysis toolpak add in won't stay loaded (2003)
Error 400 (2003)
Character Counts (XP)
Programmatically add code to ThisWorkbook? (2003)
Calculation (Excel 2002)
include formula from add-in? (2k, 2003)
Spaces as Symbols (2003 sp2)
static date (office 2003)
default decimal places (2003/2007)
Next Line in an Array (XP)
Wild Card use in Excel (2003 SP1)
Find a Target Average (Excel 2003 SP2)
Conditional Functions (Excel 2003 SP2)
Solver Macro (2002)
Combo Box (Excel 2003)
Copy Range automatically (Excel 2003)
Number keypad for fractions ? (Excel 2003)
Formatting Cells (2007)
Custom Function, SumBetween (Excel 2003 sp2)
Fit to page (2002)
Colorize listview item (2000 sr-1)
Conditional Formatting (2007)
Sumif And Formulas (2003 Service pak2)
Hidden link and Updating Issue (2002)
footnotes (2003)
Formula to indicate non-blank cells (Excel 2003)
combo box (2003)
Data don't display (Excel 2002)
Recursive file list (2002)
Quick sorting (2002)
Copying from array (2002)
Where's the macro? (2003 (any))
countif (Excel 2003 SP2)
Break long line of code (2003)
Insert row and copy from cell above (2000/2003)
IF(AND) formula ? (Excel 2002/2003)
Number of page... (2000 sr-1)
Merge / purge (Office XP)
copy to clipboard (2000 sr-1)
Networkdays (Excel 2003)
Close all workbooks (2007)
Copy Sheets (2007)
ordering item in listview (2000 sr-1)
Help On Line Graph (Excel 2003)
Listview... and font size (2000 sr-1)
Report Manager (excel 2007)
lookup and sum formula (2003)
PivotChart Selections Missing (2007)
Remove character from the entire column
vlook up or if function? (2003)
Substitute Formulas with code (Excel 2003)
userform disappear... (2000 sr -1)
COUNTIF with Multiple Criteria (Excel 2003)
Big chart (2007)
Pick from list (XP)
Insert Name Define Problem (Excel 2002/2003)
Numbering Worksheet Pages (2002 SP3)
MIN not MAX array (2K3)
preference based assignment (2000 sp3)
Format Cells in Excel (Excel 2003)
suggestion for dll use(2000 sr-1)
week days (2003 Service pak2)
Tip: Freezing rows/columns (2007)
Time in minutes and seconds (2K3)
TOC in MS Word (2003) (655765) was moved to the Word board
Excel-Counting from mulitple cells. (2007)
Macro to run automatically (Excel 2003)