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Need further modification in the below code.
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VBA - select Cell containing named range
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help and guidance needed after self inflicted havoc
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if function help needed
If function with input in form of dates and texts, use if function to calculate daily allowance
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need schizophrenic formula [work both directions]
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Sports Pool Web Download
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which is faster?
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dropbox list limitations, work around
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Fixes for MS14-082 - fixes?
A conditional formatting puzzle
Thank You And Have A Peaceful X-Mas and A Peaceful 2015 As Well...
display down
Colors in charts
From cell in sheet 1 look up in sheet 2 and pull 2 cells
Formula Help
Sum of N Largest Numbers in a List
I have no idea what i need to solve this query, WhatIf? SumIf? not sure
RetiredGeek I need your help,,, immensely
Adjust salary cell to reflect employee absorbing all of the FICA
EXcel 2013 - Code seems to be bypassed if I don't put a break in
Adjust salary cell to reflect employee absorbing all of the FICA
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sorting macro
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Run Time error 424 Object Required
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Add order number
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Lock and copy files
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Lotus 1 2 3 opening Problem
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View side by side in Excel 2013 not same as 2010
Arrange Web Imported Data Horizontally Excel 2007
Macro to open Files
Another if statement
how to exclude values that appear as #value
vlookup for name
Merged Cells causing issues
Cursor movements in excel 10
Divide into Group
macro text box for opening 4 digit file number
If statement
Classify Data Based Upon Cell Value
VBA Error Handling
Macro to copy data from one folder to another
Vlookups, IF, Match and Index query
XY Scatter with vertical bars in background
Excel 2010 Condition Tab coloring
Import, Append and Split
Problem with a table
Automatically Number Column
Different versions of Excel
print set up multiple sheets
Filtering a Pivot table via macro code
When Copying Worksheet to another Workbook Percentages convert to Decimals
Learning VBA - Resource Guide
Posting a row of Data Into Range until full
Trimming VBA Code
Help, please, with VB Headers/Footers on certain pages only.
Need help with cell content
formula is OK, but am i making a mistake?
Learning to write macros
How to look up data for a cell in a Pivot Table
Excel Employee Database that will work with SharePoint
"Smart" Sorting and Ordering of Rows in Excel
Debugging code
fast vba method to set background colour for record rows by Country
Activating desired cell
Open URL in user form excel 2007
Can't open Excel files with Windows Explorer
(Macro) Move Specific Files from one folder to another using a list
VBA for Automatically Resizing Rows if Data is Entered
VBA for Excel Spreadsheet using Conditional Formatting
Create an Object from Data
Importing several excel files into one to create a bar graph from all the data
Graphic behind cell data
Insert Special Characters
Help Me Figure Out a Formula
Excel VBA Macro to set chart axis max and min values using max/min formulas
I need help with a gas mieage formula.
US to UK dates
Append new row of select data from one sheet to another
Email Alerts From Spreadsheet
find first and last values with conditions
Copy filtered rows to another sheet skip last row
Excel left margin boxes 1 2 3 4
Problem extracting data from a table when you don't know where the lookup value is
Custom Format Placeholder
Odd lapsed days algorithm needed.
Data Submit Macro - Preventing Duplication?
VBA for currency symbols used on a single sheet in different locations
Line chart-changing x axis data
Barcodes in Excel
Spiff up my Lottery workbook
Print Macro with seperate headers
Help with Calendar Error
Auto-execute VBA code on workbook open
Userform chart from data sheet
Formatting numbers with VBA
Stop VBA when user selects Cancel
Sumif Formula that includes < or > sign in the criteria range cells not the actual < or > function
Excel 2010 copy/paste giving incorrect results.
need help to balance a long spreadsheet
Blank Cells Match Formula Explanation
Physical test with run time
vba to automatically adjust "print" and include borders
2 column to grid layout
Start menu drop down won't open for excel
attendance list
Problem with Excel 2007 macro
Excel 2010 Pivot Slicer
Change options so worksheet always includes folder, workbook name and tab
Investment Value
Excel incorrect result after cross-sheet sorting
Won't Print Excel 2013 Documents
Values of drop down list dependent on values of another list
modifying existing cell
Formula Problem
Symptoms of Excel Freezing with "Send Error Report" option
Copying specific account numers and values
Tuning Excel 2007
breakout stacked data to single rows
Need help extracting a date from text.
Extracting unique numbers
Need Help With 2 Excel 2003 Formulas
Modifying a macro
Average Elapsed Time
Create a custom number format
Formula Help
replace "0" with text
Excel on a different computer
Name Worksheet based on Cell entry
Word 2010 - Lost access to my other Workbooks
Date percentage calculations
VBA for updating Chart Axis based on cell value
Index match formula for point scoring
Excel WB that has required cell input!
copy/append select data from open workbook to closed workbook
Macro to create a pivot table
Formula returns Fx, I want Ax
Aggregate daily data to new sheets monthly, quarterly, yearly
Excel 2007 charting problem
Spreadsheet app
Function to convert number base
VBA Question: Combining commands to copy data to different workbooks and different sheets
Highlight text string in cell
Comparing 2 columns of data
Excel code requiring input in textbox
Opening up files in folder and sub-folder
Formula returns color to "yes" and"no"
replace default grids
Excel Changed?
Calculating Days In Cumulative Between Categories.
Help Me Figure Out a Formula?
Round times to the NEAREST hour
Plug date into cell
Macro to open up specified Files in Directory and Sub-directory
dialogstyle not working
Opening up all files in folder and then running Macro in opened workbooks
link date in a cell with outlook reminders
Merging adjacent unlocked cells in a protected sheet
Filter, select, copy, paste
Macro that adds one row label
Microsoft Excel 2010 "Not Responding message"
Track Real Time Changes In The Stock Market
Formula to calculate values > 0 on row 5 on Pivot Table
Communicating and Sharing among Excel Workbooks while running Web Query Macros
Page x Watermark
Excel 2007 HYPERLINK Character Limit
Add In MS Date Time Picker missing for XL 2010
Excel time sheet updating
Trying to create a cashflow formula but need it to also take due date and todays date into account
Rounding Difference CsV File
Vlookup with Offset
Wandering cell comments in Excel 2007
Copy excel files and folder structure from subfolders with vba
Macro to open up file and update files
Macro - copy cell value to a specific cell in another worksheet based on cell number INDIRECT
office 2003
Excel- Auto fill specific info from one doc to another
Excel Web Browser - Plotting Multiple Markers on Google Maps using UK Postal Code
Macro to extract sheet and email
VBA to select files from a list
Text to Columns Annoyance - Excel 07
Order of events for opening a workbook
Conditionally Void a Cumulative Sum
Add Signature to HTML email using VBA
Excel 2010 VBA to PowerPoint
Using If,And,Or statements
SUM cells across columns where letters represents values in lookup table
Reversal of a, Add-Sheet-Name Function
Return Column Number to use in a Range VBA
what am I missing?
VBA: changing a formula when columns are inserted / deleted
Excel Crashes with Exception code: 0xc015000f
Conditional Formatting to format only part of a cell with strikethrough?
Consolidating Data where the descriptions are common
Macro for pulling data rows
How much processing power do I need?
formula help
Dynamically move charts on over time as the data changes
#VALUE when referencing an unopen link
Macro Security Issue
Excel formula to find same date as last year
Is there a version of "MATCH" that works with multiple columns?
VBA Move a renamed sheet to a master sheet...
How do you protect cells in Excel so no one can over type them
How do you use a formula in Conditional Formatting?
Excel Formula help
Copy & Paste
Calculate the implied CAGR from three years of known cash flows
Copy filtered rows from several sheets to one sheet
Lookups/Summing in Workbooks
Change variable length of numbers to three character text
Amending User Form to set number of times data to be copied
Creating records in Excel 2000
Excel 2013 Help Needed
How to loop a macro Mac Excel 2011
Cells are up to date
Macro to list items from range is skipping columns
Reference to specific table cell from outside the table
Excel VBA to Save As a PDF
Need help with a frequency formula
Animate the drawing of Excel 2013 Scatter Plot Point by Point
Macro challenge! how to pull information across with certain limitations
How to create Lookup Tables?
Color code tabs by date
Find and Replace non numeric values in a range of cells with a 0
Query Outlook GAL from Excel using the 'Alias' field?
Change the default behaviour of the "save" button?
Excel 2010 not saving JPG image compression
Multi data validation in Advanced Filter
Problematic update of table from source
Macro to clear data on all sheets
Conditional Formatting
Making complex rolling list
Lookup (?)
excel stats formula
Test for instance of Outlook running
Excel 2013 - Conditional Formatting - Bug?
Adding Outlook alerts and email functionality to Excel spreadsheeet
Macro to copy Numeric Number and character
email a schedule
Converting Quatro Pro files to Excel
Spreadsheet "locked for editing..."
calculate time zones
how to solve this problem, getting this message in win - compile error in hidden module:modlmportxml
Pivot Table Ageing
Excel freezes and file disappears
LOOKUP into variable sheet name
Conditional Formatting
formula help
Data Validation
Displaying two values and making a time calculation in one cell
Userform textbox auto fill
Scroll Half Of The Worksheet
Looking for a Macro or VBA to help with my problem