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ISERROR ?? (Excel 2002)
Concatenation with Cell Format (XP; 03)
Cell problem (2003)
Lookup Help (Excel 97)
parent/Child/Job number Relationship (Excell 2000)
Date Formula (2000 / XP)
Alternative to xlusrgal.xls (Office 2003)
Find max based on condition (Excel 2003)
Is there a better way of doing this? (Excel 2003)
Combo Boxes (Office 2000 )
Save As moves Macro... and VBA 400 error. (2003)
Derive New Lists from Existing List (Excel 2000)
#DIV/O Error Formatting (Excel 2003)
password protecting worksheets (2000 SR2)
cell with numbers and text (2003)
Summing in an Array (97 SR2)
Conditional Formatting Formulae (2003 SP2)
StatusBar says FIX (Excel 2003)
Userform memory (Excel 2003)
Multiple Consolidation Ranges (2003)
Counting asterisks (Excel 2003)
making a list of cells (2003)
merging Excel files w/o breaking links (Excel 2003)
Identify 'Color as Displayed' (Excel 2002 SP-2)
Understanding Data Connection Wizard (2003 SP2)
Autofit text in textbox (2000 sr 1)
Excel to Access (2000)
Creating Pivot Tables in VBA (2003)
Double WindowDeactivate (2002)
Subtotal (Excel 2003)
save copy without a sheet (2000 sr 1)
Vlookup... (2000 sr 1)
Modify on this code... (2000 sr 1)
Conditional formatting - show (WinXP /O2003 SP1)
sumproduct (excel2003)
Range Name Count Limit (XP)
Formatting part of cell (Excell 2003 SP2)
Copy row with criteria (2000 sr 1)
number generator (Office 2003)
Inconsistant Trendline (2002 SP3)
Output Worksheets to a new Workbook (Excel 2002)
Need Help With Formula (Excel 2003 SP1)
sumproduct formula (excel2003)
Starting a New Process (Excel 2000 & 2003)
Charts in Excel (Office 2000 )
All Spreadsheet in Folder Open when Excel is Open (Office XP)
Duplicate Rows (2002)
Moving 'find' results to new cell (Excel 2003)
Summing only Columns with a month in it (XP)
Excel file as a source for bar code label (Excel 2002)
Excel questions. (2K)
deleting rows problem (Excel 2000)
COUNTIF gives different results in Excel 2003 (Excel 2003 v XP)
Bizarre printing problem (2003 / XP)
If MAX then formula (2003)
file size (2003)
date formate (2000)
Curve Through Data Points (Excel 2003)
Format date 06 in 2006 (2000 sr 1)
Formulate Conditional formatting (2K)
running macros from a different file (excel97)
Space in letter shows as box (2003)
Percentile Array Formula (Excel 2003 SP 1)
If Cell Contains 'cancel' make 1 , if not '' (XP Excell)
Comment Boxes (Excel XP)
Count if checkbox or radio button is indicated (Excel XP)
Conditional Count -- Use Arrays? (2000, SR1)
sort containing hidden rows (2003)
Changing values in a chart (Excel 2003)
Open excel files in Works (office 98)
Array Formula, conditional on two cells (2003)
Changing legend in Excel (2000)
if existis a filtered column ... (2000 sr 1)
Data range blank in Excel (2000)
To Array or Not to Array (97; Sr2)
Countif syntax (Excel 2000 SP3)
stacked bar chart grouping (Excel 2003)
Vlookup/Calculating Decimals (XP)
Shifting Data (XL 03)
Rank Only Specific Values (2000)
time line charts (XP)
adding mulitple multiple rows (xp)
File Save (97: SR2)
Unique Items in a list (2000)
Opening as Read Only (Excel 2003)
Help with pivot tables (200)
Define your own category for UDF (97, 2000,xp,2003)
INDIRECT function (WinXP/O2003)
Conditional formatting...beyond basics (Excel 2003)
Column Copy/Paste (XP; 03)
Exchange Data between Sheets (2000)
Macro in thisworkbook (2000 sr 1)
numbers (2000)
hyperlinks (excel 2000)
Restrict use of macro (Excel 2002)
hyperlink parents. (excel 2000)
Access Query Questions (Access 2003) (556326) was moved to the Access board
Net/Gross Formula (Excel 2003)
Copy Entire Page Setup (XP: 03)
Cells Select/Paste Value (XP; 03)
dynamically set items in Combobox (Excel 2003)
Matching Dates (Excel)
use variables in formulas (excel 2000)
Printout of each item from an Autofilter list (All)
Pivot Table to Sheets (Excel 2003 sp1)
Date Format/Display (Excel 2K)
filtre and delete (2000 sr 1)
Deducting time from time (2003)
Data anaylisis Formula (Excel 2003)
Different COM addins both cancel Save event (Excel 2000 - 2003)
Pivot Table Refresh (Excel 2003 sp1)
Worksheet Breakout (Excel 2003)
Watching the content of another cell (2000, XP, 2003)
Class help (Excel 2003)
Macro structure
Using TreeView-Control in UserForm (XP)
MMULT Function (2K & XP)
# of Uniques in Filtered List (2000)
Conditional Formatting Erratic (2003 SP 2)
Cycle from Sheet to sheet (Excel 2k)
Excell X Y Axis # format (2003/11.6355.6408 sp1)
save as... (2000 r-1)
Timeline (2000)
language selection (excel 2000)
Menu and Toolbar customization problems (Excel 200
Save to TXT (2000)
Project locked (XP)
Rounding in Excel 2003 (Excel 2003)
subtracting dates (xp)
Upgrades (2002/2003)
Taskbar displayed name (2002 / SP3)
adjust cicle for sheet (2000 sr 1)
sendmail method (2003)
Error in pivot table (XP)
lookup requiring two values be matched (2003)
Weeding out duplicates (Excel 2003)
Sheet Protection Status (2003)
Hyperlink (Excel 2003)
Simple code needed (2K)
ADO Provider string for Excel db (2000)
moving Database Queries to a new computer (Excel 2003)
#NAME for UDF (Excel 2003)
Toolbar cannot find macro (Excle 2003)
Min,Max,AVG (MSO03)
Formula to find non-text item in a range (XL2003)
major security to open a wbook.. (2000-r1)
Pivot table wrong value (2000 (and 2002))
making a ramp chart (excel 2003)
Formula Help (MSO2003)
File name in header (2000)
variable copy behaviour (XL 2003 SP2)
Titles (Office 2003)
suggestion.... (2000r-1)
SharePoint and iqy (2000)
Use Excel for form letter (2003)
Sum if Color Blue (2002)
Advanced Filter crashes (2002)
Auto text (2000)
Refreshing a link to Access (2002)
function call (Excel 2003)
xls.2 ??? (2002)
two workbooks refering to cell references (excel 2003)
validation in sheets (excel 2003)
Adding Empty Cells to Pivot Table (2000)
hummmmm gosth in macro... (2000 sr 1)
DAO error (2000 sr 1)
Reviewing Toolbar Revisited (Office 2000-2003)
sheet becomes protected on its own (Excel 2003)
Getting Server Host Name (Excel 2003)
Corrupt Styles (Excel 2003 SP 1)
Call line of code (Excel 2003)
Lock worksheets (Excel 2003)
Chr(13) in mailto: (excel97)
runtime erro when starting up excel (excel 2003)
Formatting a form to look less like Excel (Excel 2003)
Gradient Fills (Excel 2002 SP2)
Export-import module (Excel 2003)
LOOP (Excel 2003)
insert hider inlist box (2000 sr 1)
UDF : =GetSheetName() (Excel 2000 >)
Search String for Text (03)
Countif and not (2003)
Insert leading 0 between text and numbers in a col (Excel 2003 sp1)
Fast Tips for Function Palette, Arguments + Nests (Excel 2000 >)
3D Array (Excel 2003)
How to use value into userform... (2000 sr 1)
debug.assert (Excel 2003)
run macro do until value change in column (2000 sr 1)
Inserting a picture in a cell (2000)
use CHOOSE to select different range (Excel 2003)
Prepaying Installment Loans (2000)
Lookup is not working (Excel 2003)
Enter Value in column based on text entry (Excel 2003)
Neg Value to Positive (Excel 2003)
Add Item (Exc3l 2003)
userform particular (2000-sr1)
double clcik to delete.. (2000-sr1)
pagesetup.zoom (2000 sp3)
Adding custom menu ONCE to control multiple files (Excel 2000)
Data Sort (2000)
Assign a UDF to a new category. (Excel 2003)
Filtering for duplicate records in a list (Excel 2000 >)
Formula to tell me when Row of Numbers Turn Pos (2002)
Copied worksheets linked? (Excel 2003)
Get list of Worksheets from all Open Workbooks (Excel 2003 SP1)
Converting time total to decimal (2002)
Make a loop (XL XP SP-1)
Christmas tree graph (2000)
Calculating a date with a DOB value (Excel 2003)
IF then COUNT (Excel 2003)
Insert Text box next to axis value (Excel 2000 >)
template storage (excel 2003)
SUMIF Function (Excel XP)
Some sort of lookup and total function? (2000)
calculation using xls functions (Excel 2003)
Grand totals (2002 SP2)
Formula to subtotal page (Excel 2003)
Formula to pull top 5 numbers (Excel 2003)
Directions to do Random Sampling (2003)
Assign a shortcut key to a custom menu command
instead variuos line one line (2000 sr 1)
Carriage return in a cell (Excel 2002)
match Excel list from Access (Excel 2003)
Wrapping text (Excel 2002)
Excel Worksheet Names (Excel 2003)
Summaries (2003)
Variable help (Excel 2003)
Datepart function (XP)
Inventory Methods (2000)
Cancel the Selection Change Event (Excel XP)
camera icon wont delete (XP 2002)
formula help please (Excel 2003)
Excel VBA (Excel 2002)
link PPT chart to Excel (PPT 2003)
using the const option (excel 2003)
Key Assignments (Excel 2003)
hide empty range from Chart legend (Excel 2003)
Adding digits in a cell. (Excel XP)
Error Trap Doesn't (Excel 2000)
IF formula (XP)
combine worksheets (2003)
SUM can find a total of up to 30 arguments (Excel 2002)
Excel haning while browsing folders (Excel 2003 (11.6355.6360) SP1)
copy range (Excel 2003)
drop-down on data form? (xp)
update links (Excel 2003)
cut string of text (excel pro 00)
Date Format (2003)
Can't add values to chart (Excel 2000)
Macro that changes name field (2003)
Excel Sorting (2003)
Prints to File (office 2003)
8 hour day (2000)
controll days i userform (2000 sr 1)
Calculation speed (2000 SR2)
look for sheets existence if there add to array (xls 2003)
worksheet only visable in full screen view (2000)
worksheet names as numbers (2003)
Change the format (2000/xp)
copy file via SHELL (2000 sr 1)
Protect Cell (Excel 2003)
Read/Write From ASCII-File (xp-pro - office 2003)
Excel--Runtime Error 91 (Excell2000)
macro to move line (Excel 2003)
Hide rows after testing 2 cells (2003)
Adding times (Excel 2000 SP3)
[Group] on Title Bar (2002)
Why error '91' (2000 sr 1)
Backup file *.XLK (2000 & XP)
Sorting linked data (Excel XP)
Autofill across row from a column (Excel 2000>)
copy information from one sheet to another (Excel 2000)
Resize shape to fit inside cell (excel 97)
Enabling Insert Toolbar (2003; sp1)
Numbers as text (Excel 2003)
Splitting data in a cell (2003)
Totals don't match (2003)
Converting results to values (Excel 2000)
Show comment on click ONLY (Excel 2000 >)
Worksheet name in a formula (2003)
Removing ANSI Char (2000)
Very hard for me.... (2000 sr 1)
Workbook_Open Fails (2000 SP3)
assign currency notation (Excel 2003)
Count cell contents if ... (97+)
Compare and Merge Workbooks tool (Excel XP)
Adding + or - (Excel 2002)
Align text in list box... (2000 sr 1)
Controll date in txtbox (2000 sr 1)
Excel - Outlook linkage (Excel 2000)
Unable to Subtotal in a Data List (Excel 2003)
Still on vlookup (2000 sr 1)
Be sure the dir existis... (2000 sr-1)
Positive/negative (Excel 2000)
IF does not return what is expected (Excel 2003)
add to column value, delete original column (2000 SP3)
If Statement (E2K SP3)
Need some help with a formula (Excel 2003)
Problem searching for *** in Excel (Excel 2003)
count months (2000)
Controlling Pivot Tables from VBA (2000 (9.0.4402 SR-1))
Conditional formatting (Excel 2003)
Count Blank/Empty Cells... (xp-pro - office 2003)
CSV format problem (2000 (9.0.4402 SR-1))
Transposing data (Excel 2003)
Shapeless Flowchart? (XP Pro)
hyperlink (Office 2000)
Indicate when data in a cell is changed (Excel 2000)
Parsing Names (excel 2002/xp)
Links (2003)
cicling a value for all other value (2000 sr 1)
Default Excel Workbook (Office 2003)
Find and replace - sort of (Excel 2000)
XL Hyperlink (WXpHe Off2003)
Automatically enter blank row every other row (2003)
timeline with conditional formatting (Excel 2003)
Create a Mode Formula for Text Values (Excel 97)
search directory and copy to folder (Excel 2000)
Name sheets with macro (2003)
Code Help (Excel 2000)
turn a list of names into folders (excel)
Chart Legend Better Formatting / More readable (Excel Office 2003)
Code help for Option Group (Excel 2000)
data (excel 2003)
Page of Pages in a Cell (xp-pro - office 2003)
Lookup (2000 SP3)
making a global excel menu button running specode (2000-03)
Parsing Names (Excel 2002)
Code that does folder file organizing and making (excel)
Word Table to Excel (2003)
not enough system resources to display completly (Excel 2000)
Days without (2000 sr-1)
A Better Way to Calculate (Excel 2002)
Non-Printing Character Problem (Excel 2000)
Accccccc to fill list box item (2000 sp 1)
Save Icon Disabled (Excel 2002)
pre-1900 dates? (xl2003 sp2)
Format Numbers (Excel 2003)
Pivot table slicer display bug? (2003)
Open Excel - I get a message (Excel 2003)
Shorten text in a field (2003)
partial date in formatted cell (2002)
Finding the name of a chart (Excel 200)
For each next control (Excel 2003)
Export to a Web Form (2003 SP2)
vlookup cant do decimals (excel 2000)
Lookups (2003)
Setting the Link Property to Manual (Excel 2000 SP
Intercept value already present (2000 sr 1)
Move value from listbox to sheet (2000 sr 1)
Rounding (2003)
Background Image (Excel 2000)
Custom menu (XP)
Intersection of cells (WinXP/O2003)
Calculate Cell With 2 Values... (xp-pro - office 2003)
Filter Question (2K)
Dynamically changing series in a chart (sort of) (
Array Code for Range (XP 03)
Fill Cell (XP 03)
Which version of 2003 (2003)
Using Parameters With Web Queries (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Excel columns with + (Excel 2000)
excel macro containing quotes (2000,2002,2003)
Excel Dates (2002, 2003)
Automating Formulas (2002/XP)
Both Y-axis on right side of chart (2000)
Particular Userform (2000 r s1)
Chart with negative #'s (2000)
TOOL BAR (2000 (9.0.3821 SR-1))
Not show selection in blue... (2000 sp 1)
msgbox, yes no (2000 sp 1)
chart help (2000)
Conditional chart formatting (2000/2002/2003)
Summing Transit Times (Excel 2003 SP1)
sumproduct (Excel 2000)
VBA error message on selection of range (Excel03)
Last Question In 2005 (xp-pro - office 2003)
Conditional histogram colors or borders (Excel 2003 SP2)
Number of Copies (print) (2003)
fill cells from sheet to other sheet (2000 sr 1)
Cursor Direction for Workbook (2003 SP2)
Organigram in Excel (xp-pro - office 2003)
no permit editing into combobox (2000 sr-1)
Conditioning Format with formula in it (XP)
Find last row of named range using VBA (Excel 2000)
hilight always the first item... (2000 sr-1)
custom color palettes for forms (Excel 2003)
Finding Duplicates (Excel 2003)
Bowl Game Tracking (2003)
Copy from Internet (2003)
split value over 2 lines (2003)
Questions re: tabbing in a protected worksheet (2002)
xy chart (excel 2003)
String search (MSO2003 wxPhE)
Vlookup.... in textbox (2000 sr 1)
Excel 2002 Automatic calculation problem (Excel 2002 SP3)
Select Colums to print (Excel 2002)
Hyperlink Formula Error (Excel 2003)
Valdation boxes (97)
Precedents/Dependents (any)
Sharing QRY (2003/SP2)
goto a column (2003)
Formula needed for comparing change in bond prices (Excel)
ERROR 424, ACCCCCCCC (2000 sr 1)
Why not work vlooup function (2000 sr 1)
New graph instead of a Venn (office 2002, 2003)
ListBox and Macros (2000)
For...Next Loop Question (2003)
Counting cells (excel 2003)
What Macro? (Office 2000)
userform modify... (2000 sr 1)
Leading Inverted Comma (XL2000 SP3)
DSO Calculation (Excel 2003 SP1)
Dropdown Elements (03)
Do not print using VBA (Excel 2002)
Country Codes In Formula?? (xp-pro - office 2003)
This is a big problem.... (2000 sp 1)
Delete all record in mdb (2000 sp 1) (543676) was moved to the Access board
XLstart locations & files (2003)
Advanced Filter With Hyperlinks (xp-pro - office 2003)
Modifying Excel VBA Code (Excel 2002)
Clear cells with count... (2000 sp 1)
Listbox multiselect (Excel 2003)
transpose macro (2003)
For Next loop (2000)
Formula explanation (Excel2grand)
Matching Text and Deleting Rows (Excel 2003 SP2)
Compile error? (excel )
Show only filled lines (2000 r s1)
stop macro in Wbook Open (2000 r s1)
Adding fields (XP)
Events not firing (2000 sp3)
vlookup problem (Excel 2000 sr1)
If (B3 contains 'text') (Office 2003)
License Agreement (Excel 2000 SR1)
not possible now, vba not save the change (2000 sr-1)
wow!!! toll bar are hided (2000 sp 1)
multiple inputs (2003)
Flow Chart and Labeling (2002)
Count color (2003 SP2)
Max value for visible cells only (2002 SP3)
custom button for histogram (2003)
Show formula result with text (2003 SP2)
SheetSelectionChange (Excel 2003)
array formula worked nad then failed (2003)
Import ASCII File From Main Frame... (office-2003 xp-pro)
vlookup with formats (2003)
User defined chart (2002)
Extracting Names from a List (Excel 2003)
order of data table items in a a chart (2000)
Advanced Filtering (Excel 2003)
Separating data in a cell into component parts (XP & 2003)
Phantom Formula (Excel 2002)
WorkBookName Custom Function (Excel 2000)
A type file for Excel (2000, XP, and 2003)
DTPICKER (Excel 2003)
AC.....#N/D (2000 sr-1)
function call (Excel 2003)
Footer in a Chart (2000)
Rearrange pivot table (2003)
Excell Column/Row Formatting (2003)
Countif range falls between 1 and 4 (Office XP)
Toggle Macro Security (Excel XP >)
IMPORTANT - Prevent duplicates bug! (Excel 2000 >)
Dropdown lists (XP)
Simplying mulitple graphs (2000/2003)
pagebreak line on all sheets (Excel 2003)
Password protected links (2003)
Colors in Excel (Excel 2003)
Macro problem in 2003 (2003)
Conditional Format-Change Colors Of Cells IF (2000)
file naming and printing (2000)
Transfer custom views to other workbooks. (Excel XP)
Disallow Range Names (Excel 2000 >)
Enhance Excels Context Menu! (Excel 2000 >)
custom printing with checkbox (2003)
Determining Zoom Percentage (2000, SP-3)
SQL.REQUEST Connection to Oracle Query (2003)
Auto Saving (2K & XP)
Functions (Office2000/Excel)
Formating cells to show Calculations (2003)
Change order of information in cells(excel 98) (windows 98)
Creating a user tool to match and combine lists (Excel 2003)
cut string (2003)
Word (shared) in Excel filename (2000)
Display Table Title in Freeze Panes (XP / 2003)
Import row to first available row (2002+)
Personal.xls (2002)
Password Protect (2000)
Pivot Table Grand Total (2003)
Indirect with spaces (2003 SP2)
Work menu for Excel? (like word has) (WinXP XL2002)
copying hidden columns (2003)
format if cell contains a formula (excel97)
Running Balance (2003/any)
Sumif with multiple criteria (XP)