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Help to generate random letters. (Excel 2000)
Summing Only Numbers (2000)
Lookup nth Occurrence/Instance (Excel 2000 >)
assign macro to the label in userform.... (2000 sr 1)
Rounding up times (Excel 2003)
Determine if a cell is null (2002)
doing a multiple lookup (2003)
Mainframe FTP to Excel (2003)
Need Clever Sorting Help (2003 sp2)
Target Line (2003)
Formula problem (Office XP)
Populate a cell with color based on a dropdown lis
News for those as blind as me...recommend formulas (Excel 2000)
why error... (2000 sr 1)
set range app error (Excel 2002)
Comments in protected sheets (XP on)
show userform always in front (2000 sr 1)
Pivot Tables with merge cells (2003)
Status Bar with Filter (Excel 2003)
Running Balance (2003)
Groups Columns both ways (Win XP XL2002)
how to make pie chart from a list? (2003 SP1)
suggestion or best way... (2000 sr 1)
Exclusion Filtering using the Advanced Filter tool (Excel 2003)
Name Labels (Excel 2000 >)
Applying names (2003)
Some help with selecting cells (XP)
issue with opening workbook (excel 20000)
Update sheet (2003)
color count set range (Excel 2002)
conditional formatting (office xp)
ineste a fixed name read... (2000 sr 1)
extract hyperlinks from cell (office 2000)
Conditional formatting (2003)
Number Formatting (2002)
List (03)
Automation error (Error 440) (Excel 2003 SP1)
Duplicate Comboboxes (2000)
Change Button text color (2000 sp3)
finding the bottom of a lit (xp)
macro to hide columns (2003)
Scheduled task, enable macro?! (2000)
display number as hour and minute (Office 2000)
Delete line if.... (2000 sr 1)
save graph to bmp (2002 (SP3))
AutoCorrect not working with lowercase (Excel XP)
Excel Macro Genius wanted!
dubt.... on Time event (2000 sr 1)
export value only if ... (2000 sr 1)
table of cimparison color (2000 sr 1)
Selecting cell range and increasing month (2000)
ile is alreday opened from.... (2000 r s1)
Cell Content (2003)
force enalble securiry level vba... (2000 sr-1)
Sheetname from formula (2003 SP1)
'Cannot Quit Excel' ??!!! (WinNT4, XL97)
timetracker (2000)
RE: Formatting Cells (Excel 2002 SR3)
How to start macro at every month......... (2000 sr 1)
Hiding Worksheets (Excel 2000)
Excel, cascading combos issue (2000/XP)
Display text field in Pivot Data Items area (Excel XP)
Excel Past (2003)
array to calculate maximum and date of maximum (2003)
Is this comparison correct (2003)
Excel Combo Box (Excel 2002)
Copying hyperlinks (2003 SP2)
insert worksert after the selected one (2000/2003)
How to create Events (XP)
Seperate Data (Excel 2002)
Spreasheet crashes (2002)
Excel file bloat (again) (2000 sp2)
Moving characters in a cell (2003 SP2)
Relationships (536109) was moved to the Access board
Find assigned macro for a picture (2000 sp3)
Advice on import (XP)
trasfer range line with a condition.... (2000 r s1)
Assign Code to Shape (03; SP1)
Add to shaperange (2000 sp3)
Type 8 InputBox Error 424 (All?)
Lookup (Office '03)
Inverse logarithms (2003/SP1)
Choosing a workbook from a form (2003 XP)
Links (EXCEL XP)
Sorting Sheets (2003)
Fake Data from Rand() (WinXP XL2002)
Designate a list (Excel 2003)
Excel 2003 (2000)
Multi Column listbox (Excel 2000)
Update mdb from Excel... (2000 sr 1)
Link to Access (Excel XP)
selection on filter... (2000 sr 1)
Headers/Footers using link (Excel 2000)
Random Numbers (2003/sp2)
Excell runs 'debugger' at startup?!?!?!?!? (Office
Is this outline? or subtotal? (all - I guess)
Select home cell on worksheets (Excel 2000)
Drop Down List Question (Excel 2003)
insert controll in MDB.... (2000 sr 1)
SaveAs (Excel 2000)
Row height issue! (Excel 2000)
Underline rows in range (WinXP XL2002)
Macro attached to button (Excel 2003)
How to get all running Excel Instance (2000)
Prevent users to connect to a running Excel-instan (2000)
average vs. avg (2003)
VBA Code to change values over 40 (2003)
Count if not <space> (Excel XP)
If is present exit sub (2000 sr 1)
send to back (2002 (SP3))
Create a Summary Page (2000)
CountA in footer (WIN XP/Access 97)
Copying from a Web Page (2002)
format date (Excel 2000)
Sorting data (Excel 2000)
VLOOKUP round up (2000 SR2)
Select sheet via Option Button (XP / SP2)
Page setup: difficulties with header and footer (X
format cells based on selection (Excel 2003)
picking info from a cell (xp or 2003)
Triggering a macro (Excel 2000 SP3)
See Form Controls in VBA? (2000 sp3)
Cant figure out the formula on this one - RESOLVED
Order Form/Catalog Page (Excel 2002)
Cleaning out a workbook (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Scaling Pivot numbers (Excel2003)
Copy code into new wbook (2000 sr 1)
Renaming Sheets by appending a string (Excel 2002)
Pivot tables and calculated fields (Office 2003)
selecting range description (Excel2003)
Need help with a formula (Excel 2003)
Suggestion.. (2000 r s1)
saved workspace (xl2ksp3)
Format Font ? (Excel 2003)
Average Formula (XL 2000)
formatting cells (2002)
License Agreement (2000 SR-1)
Prevent Duplicate Entries (Excel 2003)
Macro to put data on different tabs (2000)
Macro to move cell contents based on a condition (2003)
Excel date formula (Excel)
Workgroup Templates (Excel 2003)
Graphing Help (Excel)
read distribution list (2000 sr 1)
Is a formula in cell (Excel 97 sr2)
Make Break Recombine (Excel 2002)
Filter for >=Today() (Excel 2000>)
Change Drive & Toolbars (2003)
Test cell content for data-type!! (Excel 2000>)
Goal seek many cells! (Excel XP)
retruve data from a closed wbook (2000 r s1)
Complex Excel Formula--need help! (Excel)
Computing permutations ? (2003)
re:post 531028 (Office '03)
Pivot Table Columns (2003/SP1)
Limitless Autofilter Criteria (excel97 plus...)
why the not work the dupes controll... (2000 sr 1)
Save a Workbook based on a list (Excel 2002)
Extract Text ? (Excel 2002)
make excel do dirty work (excel )
Color alternating rows (2k)
Single Dimension Arrays (All)
Converting to Date (2003/SP1)
Subtract times (2002)
Autofill selection of Non-contiguous cells (EXCEL 2000)
Highlighting Rows (excel 2002/xp)
Filtering in Excel (Excel 2000)
Move Screen- Selection at screen's top-left (Excel 2002)
Worksheet (97 SR2)
X axis label won't display properly (2003)
add color depending on the statment (Excel 2000)
This ones a cracker! (2000/03)
Rounding Currency (Excel 2003)
IF formula (XP)
Sort Issue (2000 sp3)
excel (addinf temp symbols and other measurement units)
VLOOKUP Function (Excel 2003)
Concatenation of cells, automatically please (Excel 2000, Win 2000)
why error in.... send xls (2000 sr-1)
How to override events? (XP SP3)
How to fill in a different direction (2003 sp2)
Merge and Center (Excel '03)
Save as based on the content of a cell (Excel 2002)
Count line filtred... (2000 r s1)
Stacked Bar Charts (2000)
issue with naming cells and using there ref (excel 2000)
inseret number serial date (2000 sr 1)
concatenate cell + function (XP)
Visual Basic for Excel (Microsoft Excel 2000)
Invisible Fillcolor in Cells (XP SP3)
Option Button Trouble (XL2002 SP-1)
Used range (XP)
Title in chart (Office 2003)
If Function?? (Excel XP)
find value and stop macro.... (2000 r s1)
file protection (xp)
selecting specific worksheets (Excel 2000)
Combo box display (Excel 2000 SR1)
WHY!!! error.. (2000 sr 1)
DCOUNT (2002)
Using Cell Info in Conditional Formatting (Excel 2000 >)
What the difference (Excel 2002)
Trigger a macro from a formula result! (Excel 2000 >)
ControlSource field being cleared (2000, SP-3)
vlookup information (2003)
Adding a graphic with an IF/THEN formula (Excel 2003)
Numbers above/to the left of columns (Excel 2003 SP2)
Dropdown list formatting (2003)
Parsing (2003)
Chart Range ? (Excel 2003)
name cells and change cell ref to name in formulas (excel)
Day() function problem (2000 sp-3/ 98SE/ VB6)
Reconciliation (2003)
Formula Help (2003)
DSUM doesn't work (Excel 2000/2003)
Tab name (2003)
Copying Report Manager (Excel2003)
Which is faster? (XL2003)
Calculate score correct out of total (WinXP XL2002)
Floating date (XP)
Corrupted file? (2003)
object invoked has disconnected (2000 - SP 3)
If the range of the cells are blank then: (excel 2000)
accounting/managment (2002)
VLOOKUP & Automatically Adjust Row Height (Excel 2003)
Sorting in Excel (Excel 2000)
Conditional Format ? (Excel 2003)
Macro to Select & Print Selection (XP)
Changing Sum Problem (Excel 2003)
Page Breaks (2002)
Search and sign (Excel2003)
Need formula to... (2000 sr 1)
check for macros (excel2000+)
chart range based on cell? (Excel 2003)
conditional sum (2003 sp1)
CurrentRegion (2000)
convert chart to gif (2002)
Determine Excel Version ie 97, XP or 2003 (03; SP1)
Excel Tools menu disabled (2002/XP)
userform wuth a required selection (2000 r s1)
formula for count (2003)
Using dropdown box in spreadsheet (2000)
XML Mapping and related details (Excel 2003)
Unable to read file when saving (97)
Default Margins (2003)
Printing crash (XP Pro)
WEB SAVE (Excel 2000)
Copy Chart Formatting (2003 SP1)
Excel formula needed..... (Excel 2000 with all updates)
create search feature inside worksheet (excel 2003)
Steve's Rant (all, worse luck)
Mileage Report (2003)
Conditional Format on Course (Excel XP)
No multiple user warning (Excel 97)
move cursor in cells (2000 sr 1)
Protecting Column or Row (Excel 2002)
Column Headings (Excel 2002)
Find (2003)
Concatenation Function Question (Excel 2003)
Suppress File Open (XP; SP3)
error message regarding a macro (MS Excel 2002)
devide calendar in variuos steep... (2000 sr 1)
Merging Cells (2000)
Custom Format ? (Excel 2002)
Macro on all open books (XP Sp2)
missing excel tool bar (2003 possibly)
Link to cell with comments (Excel 2003)
Percentage Sum? (Excel 2003)
contiguous range -text (Excel 2000)
Text Wrap Redux (2003/SP1)
Requery autofilter?? (2000)
grab table from site and insert and find (excel)
checking if wbook is opened or free (2000 r s1)
countif (excel2003)
Viewing Cell Properties (ALL)
Hyperlinks (Excel 2002)
Playing a wav File (xp)
Excel Charting Fun (Excel 2000, Win2K Pro)
Recover Excel Worksheet Saved Over (XP SP2 Excel 2000)
IF STATEMENT (Excel 2000)
Counting unique items (2002)
IRR (?) (2000)
date time convertion (xl2000)
copy formula down more quickly (WinXP Excel 2002)
Between Formula? (Excel 2002)
MSQuery not working (2000sp3)
Opening selected Folder (Excel 2002 SP3)
Combining data into one sheet (2002 SP3)
Adding varible to a string??? (Excel 2000)
Results of Formulas Don't Update (Excel 2003 & 2002)
Excel linking with Outlook (XP)
simple vlookup query (WinXP Excel 2002)
Cursor jump to specific letter (Excel 2000)
naturally not work.... (2000 sr 1)
Lookup Table / (Excel 2003)
Appearance Problem (Excel 2002)
Validation of a Numbre (XP: SP3)
Combo Box - Macro (XP)
Mulitple calculated fields (pivot?) (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Data Doesn't Scroll (XL 2k3)
data will not fit (excel 2002)
Deleting Sheets (2000)
Pull data from several worksheets onto one (2002)
If Only ?? (Excel 2002)
Filling in other sheets (2002 SP3)
Scatter Chart ? (Excel 2002)
Possible? i/o error in VBA... (2000 sr 1)
Drop down macro (2003 SP 3)
Macro Needed to make make command button visible (
Adding Logic to Button in a Form (Excel 2000)
ComboBox Challenged (XP; SP3)
Do....Loop Woes (xp)
Format toolbar on protected sheet (2000 sp3)
Lookup date (Excel 97 SR2)
Selecting column (Excel XP (2002))
Task Pane (XP Sp2)
Fill Excel Listbox from Access (XP; SP3)
Border style (XL)
Table terror (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
ADD-IN Name Does NOT Appear In Tool Bar... (xp - office 2003)
Formula Bar Display (2K)
copy line with 2 condition.... (2000 sr 1)
Using an array formula to select values from a tab (Excel 2002)
Largest number (Excel 2002)
Missing number from list (Excel 2003)
Password Protection (Excel 2002)
mail merge 0's (Excel/Word 2003)
Displaying each pass of a bubble sort (xp)
Another Lookup Problem (Excel 2002)
why no stop.... (2000 sr 1)
Always create backup (2000/2002)
Apology for duplicate post (Office 2003 SP2)
Sum (array) v Sumproduct (2002 sp3)
Connected shapes (Excel W2K03)
Worksheet.Calculate Method Failed Err Msg (2000)
not valid qualifier (2000 sr 1)
Walk Through A Maze (xp)
counting cells which contain numbers (Excel 2002)
Missing Controls (2000 sp3)
Deleting Custom Headers/Footers (2003)
Keyboard shortcut to change worksheet (XP)
Bar Chart Question (2003)
removing a circular reference (Office 2003 SP2)
removing a circular reference ()ffice 2003 SP2)
sum/sumif (2000)
Lookup Problem? (Excel 2002)
links to other files (Excel'97)
MMULT function (XL2003)
Anchor Graphic (XP)
a movable table (excel)
Formatting (Excel 2000/2003)
Need a macro (2000)
Conditional Format ? (Excel 2002)
Excel Find across all sheets (Xp)
Windows Explorer & Excel (Office 2003 - SP2)
Excel Timer Control? (2003 on XP)
References and Sorting (2003)
Pivot Table - Calculated Field (2002)
Remove Password after opening w'book (2000)
Why 2000 not is found (2000 sr 1)
Update cells with force input (2000 sr 1)
Shortcut for date and time (2000)
Covert Formula to Value on the fly (Excel 2003)
Unconventional Table (Excel 2000)
Formulas with previous workbook references (excel 2000)
Average Formula Problem (Excel 2003)
SUMIF Function Dilemma (Excel 2003 SP1)
Import from clipboard (2002)
Do not want #N/A showing in cells (xp & 2003)
XML (2003)
Workbook Title/Name (2002/SP3)
select only a module and userform.. (2000 r s1)
formating in millions (2003)
New VBComponent (XP; SP3)
Adding up Vlookup (XP)
Not In Range (xp)
LARGE Function Dilemma (Excel 2003 SP1)
Sheet Protection (XP:SP3)
Word document to excel (excel 2000)
sava wbook with cell name (2000 sr 1)
Macro not import correct lines (2000 sr 1)
spinner (2003)
2 condition not.. (2000 sr 1)
Conditional Format- Formula is?? (Excel 2002 sp2)
Excel Lost its Memory (97 SP2)
Before Save (XP; SP3)
Hightlight Rows Problem (Excel 2000)
work with sheet from another... (2000 r s1)
Last Name, First Name function in Excel (Excel 2002, 2003)
Append text repetition (2k)
a print macro (Excel)
Simple (?) Question About Wrapping (2000 Sp3)
when cell data matches, add up cells to the right (excel 2002)
List Pull (v2000)
Sorting a Text Box (XP)
list box formatting (2003)
Create Outlook task from Excel information (2003)
Custom Function Similar to SUM (XP; SP3)
Getting external data ( )
LOOP (Excel 2000)
Time in increments (Excel 2000)
User Defined Function - problem with Parameters (XP)
case is.... (2000 sr 1)
Find value in hide sheet and put into other sheet. (2000 sr 1)
Excel Add-ins (2000/2002/2003)
Treemap Charts (All version)
VLOOKUP help (2003)
Insert value into cell ... (2000 sr 1)
Recopy line into other sheet with index in column (2000 sr 1)
SaveAs Code (2003)
Extracting data from a PT (Excel 2003)
file system object (2000)
opening Excel spreadsheet (Excel 2003)
Cell format for hidden rows (Excel2003)
Listbox, ComboBox or ? (XP; SP3)
adding a cell and linking to other sheets (2000/2003)
Me Reference (XP;SP3)
Sorting - List of Characters (2000)
10points - 12 points (Excel 2002)
If and VLookup formulas in same cell (XP & 2003)
Dating Problem (Excel 2002)
Links & Insertions (2000)
Using a Form with Print Options (Excel 2000)
Image Control (xp)
why not work... vlooukp (2000 sr 1)
Insert Blank Line Before data (2000 sp3)
Gap in dropdown list (2000)
Split screen (Excel 2000 SP3)
Arrange vlookup (2000 sr 1)
FileCopy to web folder (xl2000)
Input mask for date in Excel? (Excel 2000)
pivot table of only visible data (Excel 2000)
Cannot rename series on chart (2000 SP3)
Pivot Table not updating (2000)
Reference another sheet (2000)
Don't want NA visible (Excel 2000)
Sheet format page (2000 sr 1)
Lock cell based on contents of another (Excel 2002)
If statment that displays Text from cell ref (Excel)
Decimal to Binary (XP)
Populating a worksheet from another w/s table (XP & 2003)
Label Caption Property (2000)
v2000 (Graphic Handling)
Overwriting filters on a an excel spreadsheet (office 2003)
LOOP sheets (2000 sr 1)
Adobe PDF Printer (2003)
Drawing multiple borders (2003 SP1)
SOLVED all sheet hided in one 'shot' (2000 sr 1)
email (2003)
Marketing and business charts? (2003)
list sheet hided... (2000 sr 1)
Get from table. (Excel)
How to format cell to input only a range of number (2000/2003)
Array Formulas (All version)
Excel 2000 hyperlinks (2000 Sr2)
Conditional Array (2000 SR2)
Behavior change (2002 SP3)
Create a Word Doc from within Excel (Excel 2002)
Chart title link? (xl97/WinNt4)
create sheet based column and TEMPLATE sheet
Error Handler Query (Excel 2002)
explain a formula? (all)
Row Calculation Query (Excel 2003)
Show comment... (2000 r s1)
Need Help With Formula (Excel 2003 SP-1)
Computer Freezes Closing Excel (Office 2000)
Comment Boxes (Excel 2000)
Sorting Numbers (n.n.n) (Excel 2000)
ComboBox or Something Else (XP:SP3)
fill child table from master (excel 2000)
checkbox formula (2000)
tables on graphs (Excel 2002 (SP3))
cut sting at , (excel 2000)
Digital Signature Probs (XP)
Attaching toolbar only to one workbook (2002 2003)
SUMIF based on empty cell (2000)
Vlookup from Pivot Table (Excel 2002)
Transform string in code.... (2000 sr 1)
Breaking news on Excel 12!!!!!!!!!! (Excel 12)
Conditional Formatting (2002)
Equivalent Code (XP; SP3)
6 Unique Random Numbers (XP; SP3)
TextBox Centering on UserForm (XP; SP3)
Calc # Weeks Based on Date Cell (2003)
Comment Boxes with Freeze Panes Alternatives (Excel 2002 SP3)
Stakced Bars with Line? (XP)
Add Excel link to Explorer favorites (excel 2000) (519551) was moved to the Other Browsers & Email Clients board
Hyperlinks off by 1 (Excel 2003 sp1)
Formula assistance please (Windows XP)
Transposing alternate cells (2003)
refering to named ranges in code (XL2000)
ISNA Problem (Excel 2002)
Protect drop down menus (2003)
If Then and Percentage formula (2002 SP3)
Saving a Range as HTML (2003 SP1)